Sneak over and suddenly show up, trying to scare her and satisfy her bad taste

In this atmosphere, a woman would scream for her life.
The other party is a humanoid aphrodisiac, the first goddess of Jiang Da.
It would be very interesting if she could be frightened and lose her temper.
The result was so unexpected that she didn’t even blink.
Isn’t it too hard to give noodles? This woman won’t be afraid!
Why is she so scared?
Hang Yu had a slight fear, but did not show that "the teacher asked me something?"
Hang Yu has some fears about Su Yunbing.
Is Su Yunbing afraid of him?
But Su Yunbing is a very clever woman.
If she dares to go to the appointment, she will be able to protect her confidence. She said in a firm tone, "I am very optimistic about your and Pang’s entrepreneurial projects. I sincerely hope that I can set up a workshop to buy your company at a price of 10 million yuan. What do you think?"
Hang Yu didn’t expect the other party to be so direct.
The mouth is 10 million?
It’s super rich and beautiful!
Said Mr. Su’s family was rich, but now it seems so.
Hang Yu shrugged his shoulders and remained unmoved. "If Mr. Su came with the purpose of buying us, I think there is nothing to talk about."
Rejected? This is expected.
But HangYu tough let Su Yunbing some accident.
"I hope you will reconsider. I have the ability, connections and resources so that you can go further."
Su Yunbing will refuse when he sees Hang Yu.
She pushed the black-rimmed glasses, and the speed of speech suddenly accelerated to grab the front.
Of course, I can understand if I don’t agree to the acquisition, but as I said just now, I personally am very optimistic that you are still willing to pay 10 million to buy 50% of your shares, and you and your team must stay.
Su Yunbing is quite proud.
As if someone has no ability, connections or resources.
Isn’t Hang Yu bragging and forcing him to call Lao Zhao and sell him three or two spar? Will you still be short of this money if he arrives in the account for ten million minutes?
"Teacher Su can’t talk about this."
"Forty percent … I believe you have foreseen the future situation, so you should know that you need a strong backing when you are born in the competition between two people and various forces." Su Yunbing said slowly, "I can be your backing and I am willing to support your development and growth!"
Why don’t you say you can support me?
You really don’t need such a thing as backing.
Hang Yu still shook his head and said, "Teacher Su, this era has changed. Who says salted fish can’t turn over? I don’t know who we must rely on to live. "
"Thirty percent!"
Su Yunbing is determined to become a shareholder.
But I have to say that sincerity is still sufficient.