I didn’t say anything when I heard this, nor did Xiaoling.

Just as we were running towards the car, wei li suddenly stopped for some reason.
Seeing this scene, telling the truth also gave me a fright.
It’s horrible that wei li is still there.
Xiaoling stopped panting and looked tired.
Three steps and two steps, I ran to Xiaoling’s side, and I stopped after running to Xiaoling’s side.
Xiaoling looked at me and said, wei li, wei li, why didn’t he run away?
Li Wei stopped and stopped very strangely.
I said to wei li, wei li, what’s wrong with you?
Wei li didn’t speak, but remained there and motionless.
Xiaoling said to me, wei li won’t? What happened?
Xiaoling words just say that finish wei li slowly turned his head.
When I saw wei li turn his head, I suddenly felt a sense of foreboding!
I was startled when wei li turned to face us.
Wei li is pale and stare big eyes but can’t see a little black eyes.
Isn’t this what the ghost in red looks like?
I gasped at the thought.
Is it broken?
Maybe wei li was possessed by a female ghost?
At this moment, I saw the blood flowing from wei li’s head, which was very scary.
This …
This …
I couldn’t help shivering.
The gurgling blood is dripping, and the bright blood-red mass on the ground is not dead.
Soon wei li was lying in a pool of blood as a child.
Seeing this, Xiaoling and I both unconsciously took a step back behind us.
How come…
At that time, I also felt a little lost.
We saw wei li lying in a pool of blood and the ghost didn’t see him.
The atmosphere of tension and terror gathered towards us.
I quickly turned to look at Xiaoling around me.
I shouted at Xiaoling and said, run …
After saying this, I stretched out my hand and grabbed Xiaoling!
I took Xiaoling’s hand around wei li’s body and then continued to run towards the car.
But I suddenly found a problem that I can’t drive …
Where is Xiaoling?
I grabbed Xiaoling’s hand and said, can you drive?
At this moment, Xiaoling shook her head and said to me, No, I won’t …
There’s wei li, but wei li is dead.
For a moment, I felt that everything was messy.
What should I do?
Since neither of us can drive, what’s the point of running towards that car?
I quickly changed direction and ran towards the school gate.
It seems that we guess that this ghost must be restricted by the ghost king, otherwise this ghost can’t have killed wei li.
I took Xiaoling by the hand and continued to run away in the direction of the school gate.
But at this time, I suddenly felt that holding Xiaoling’s hand was not like …
It was at this time that I quickly turned and looked at Xiaoling behind me.
Shit, it’s …
I suddenly feel confused.
Just now I remember grabbing Xiaoling’s hand. What could be a female ghost?
I quickly let go when I saw the female ghost behind me! Then continue to run towards the school gate with all one’s strength.
But no matter how hard I try, the ghost is still behind me
Am I going to die this time?
Wait. Where’s Xiaoling?
Xiaoling’s name suddenly flashed through my mind.
However, it was at this time that Xiaoling shouted at me.
I quickly turned my head and found that the female ghost had disappeared.
What the hell is going on here?
But when my head turned back, the ghost in red was already in front of me, and I was so hungry that my nose almost touched her nose.
At that time, I quickly stepped back behind me.
It makes me wonder when I actually became a female ghost holding hands, which makes me very confused.
However, the ghost is now in front of me, and I didn’t think much about these broken things for a while.
Female ghost’s hand suddenly reached out to my red nails and looked unusually sharp.
Just …
It won’t just be a female ghost, that is, nails are inserted into wei li’s head, and blood keeps coming out of wei li’s head … and finally he dies.
I can’t help sighing at the thought of this.
This …
I quickly dodged when I saw the sharp nails!
I dodged and retreated behind me.