Niu Mowang said, "It’s either strange or I didn’t believe it when I heard it. I didn’t believe it until I met the devil incarnate that day."

"Did you ever know about nature?" Niu Mowang asked for enlightenment.
Enlightenment "nature knows"
Niu Mowang said, "If you and I monks leave the Tao of nature, they will stop. You know how big this nature is." Wu nodded his head and he naturally knew these truths.
"Nature is born in heaven and earth, and all things that can change are endowed with nature."
When Wu heard this, he suddenly gave birth to a question. Ventilation once said that all who have the breath of life are hidden in nature. How did Niu Mowang say that all who can change have nature? Who is right?
The breath of life is all in plants and animals, except for other things, which can change. This covers huge waves like clouds, such as Dishuiyan. These are all living things. Is it impossible to be in nature? At this time, keep in mind that ventilation is still needed for consultation in the future.
Listen to Niu Mowang and say, "Since nature has its highs and lows in all things, there are also qualitative points. Let’s not talk about these things for the time being."
When Wu heard about the human body, he thought of the koo who died in more than 2,000 mortals. These things were created in their bodies and they didn’t know it themselves, but they were really in a fog because they lost their lives.
Niu Mowang asked Wu Dao, "Have you ever heard of saving nature?"
Enlightenment "save up?"
Niu Mowang said, "It’s lucky to suck yourself up by creating a demon body."
Enlightenment: "If we lose nature, we must lose this person’s life."
Niu Mowang nodded. "It’s just like this. Not only can life be reincarnated, but it can also be reincarnated by livestock and reptiles."
"Isn’t this a bad move?" Wu angrily said that he had heard about it in a ventilated place, but at this time, his anger was beyond words, but he couldn’t help it.
Niu Mowang said, "Do you really want to kill people by yourself by absorbing the ever-changing methods of nature?" On the day of Wu Zheng’s enlightenment, thousands of ordinary people did not know that they had been hit, and other powerful witchcraft was really killing each other and dying. At first glance, it was really no wonder that others.
Wu thought for a moment and said, "This day is also a confused day."
Niu Mowang listened to Wu and actually complained about the sky. Although he was bold and unrestrained, he did not dare to curse and abuse him so much. So he said, "Brothers, let’s live together, let’s talk about this day."
Realizing contempt, I laughed. "If there is a heaven, if there is kindness, you can naturally distinguish right from wrong."
Niu Mowang also laughed. "How much do you know about heaven? Which rule requires kindness on this day?"
Hearing this, Wu was shocked. Although Niu Mowang casually said a word, it was the truth. Will it be like him to decide? He figured it out. He smiled and said, "I’m talkative, big brother."
Niu Mowang said, "Saving nature is not the same. Today, there is another topic called nurturing nature. Have you ever heard of it?"
Wu shook his head. I think the gods attach great importance to nature. Otherwise, how can they give birth to so many means of extortion?
Niu Mowang said, "Nature’s mysterious practice may not be able to manage the extreme. This kind of cultivation is to slowly cultivate all kinds of nature into the human body or the demon body, and then harvest them when they are mature, which is different from planting crops."
It’s unheard of to realize the great wonder in the heart. Except for the seven gods and apes, how can there be a species of nature?
Niu Mowang said, "On that day, the devil incarnate, according to my guess, was someone else to raise this nature and plant a field."
Wu couldn’t help asking, "If you harvest the fortune, where should the devil go?"
Niu Mowang said, "That’s why those who save and nurture nature are different from each other, but they put all kinds of things outside their bodies into the demon body, which didn’t hinder the devil incarnate. Even if his body is also a kind of creature and he is harvested, he can still reincarnate the demon, and it seems that he knows his fate, but he still dies in spite of his grief."
Wu asked in horror, "What if he is reincarnated?"
Niu Mowang said, "It’s not easy to find the land of nature. When the devil incarnates, the shemale is still the object of others’ planting."
Wu stayed for a long time and hated, "I really hate it. If I teach this man to discipline him, he will be skinned and cramped forever."
Niu Mowang said, "But don’t be angry with the devil in the world. You know that if you don’t give up nature, you will be ten times more cruel. It’s a wise choice to wait for him."
Enlightenment: "Life and death can’t live independently, and it can’t be stable for a moment. Is it easy to endure?"
Niu Mowang said, "Brother, don’t be reckless. This means of nurturing nature can not be made by ordinary immortals. Every time it comes out, it is too much to gain. Jin Xianxiu has tried his best to get the mystery and find several good fields before he can display it. Besides, he planted it himself. What are you doing?"
Enlightenment "but I want to take care of such a heroic color when I can’t see business."
Niu Mowang thumbs up. "Brothers’ heroism is really rare, but the celestial immortals are deeply rooted and complicated. If you hit one, you will get into a nest, but don’t easily get caught up in others’ way."
Wu laughed and said, "I’ve already made regret now, but I can’t come." Niu Mowang said, "What’s the matter for heaven to kill a few stars? After a few days, the six vacancies were filled."
Enlightenment is another surprise. Today, Niu Mowang’s words really benefited a lot. He finally recognized that these 20 stars are the only ones. I don’t know if you can find someone to replace them at will, but it’s a mystery.
Niu Mowang knows a lot about this. I don’t know how long he has lived in heaven before he can find out such a secret. If you ask him at this time, he will not easily tell you the time to find it, and he will ask questions.