"Sister, why are you here?"

"I didn’t come here to see if you gave something you promised me to someone else."
Chapter XIV Wild Ginseng
"Hey, where can I say it’s for my sister? You can’t give it to anyone else."
Say that finish, pointing to the things on the table, "It’s just that I’m ready to send them to you when I get ready." He said and handed them to his sister.
Li Qin took it and looked at it and asked, "How is this? Why is this all dark? "
"You don’t care what color he has."
"This ointment should be applied to your face before going to bed every night. Be careful not to apply it to your eyes and mouth until it is washed off with dry water. This pill is also taken every night before going to bed. This is just as good as my brother-in-law’s. This is specially made for you. Others may be allergic."
"Ok, I know." Li Qin nodded with satisfaction and then put the medicine bottle and porcelain jar into his bag.
"You haven’t eaten? Let’s go to my side for dinner. "
"Elder sister, I won’t be there today. I’m a little tired today. I’ll cook some food myself. Wait a minute, elder sister."
He walked over and pulled the cupboard door and took out four strings of paper from the closet under the cover of the cupboard door. Sugar-Coated Berry wrapped the cupboard door and handed Sugar-Coated Berry to his sister.
"Elder sister, I promised Yuanyuan and my family to buy them Sugar-Coated Berry. You should take it back to Yuanyuan and make it clear that this is my uncle’s purchase. Don’t let me go over to Yuanyuan and say that I don’t keep my word."
"You just spoil them for a day." Put Sugar-Coated Berry in the bag. "I’ll make it clear to them when I get back that this is your purchase. Are you sure you don’t want to eat at home?"
"Elder sister, I really won’t go. I’ll just make something to eat myself."
"All right, then I’ll go back. Please make yourself something to eat quickly. I have to wait on the three people at home when I go back." Then I walked out.
Li Chu followed the elder sister to the door and sat at the door to see the sister and the brother come out. "Li Zhu, you can go now? Why don’t you sit down more? "
"I’ll stop by to see Xiao Chu. It’s nothing. I’ll go back."
"Alas, Lord Li, take your time."
Third aunt also came out to say hello to Li Qin.
Li Qin came by bike and pushed the bike to Li Chu and said, "Come on, don’t send it. Go back and get some food. Come over for dinner during the break."
"Good elder sister, I know your road is slow!"
Li Qin said goodbye to three uncles and three aunts and rode away by bike.
Li Chu chatted with Uncle San and went back to cook.
When he entered the house, he thought about taking out a sign-in from the kitchen to send noodles, and then he took out some vegetables and two eggs. He prepared a bowl of noodles and then made a nest of two poached eggs. He patted his forehead and remembered that he had not signed in today. Sign in quickly.
Sign in and reward a hundred-year-old wild ginseng
Seeing this, Li Chu almost didn’t pop out his eyes and quickly took it out of the bag. He was good at it. Well, it was nearly 2 taels, which is almost 1 gram
This is still processed and dehydrated. If it is just dug out, how heavy is this thing? Look at Li Chu’s drooling. This is a life-saving thing!
A wooden box was taken out of the box and the wild ginseng was carefully put in.
In front of this wooden box, ginseng was also released. It was left by the predecessor, Master. When Master died, he left him a little. Five years old wild ginseng was as big as a fingered egg.
His master saved many people with that five-year-old wild ginseng.
Later, the little Li Chu left was finished, and he crushed it into powder and added it to the medicine for the elder sister and brother-in-law
Li Chu was wondering where to find some wild ginseng some time ago. I didn’t expect that Tong gave him such a big surprise today.
It took half a day to calm down the excitement, cook, cook, and eat the most.
After dinner, Li Chu ran to the gate and the people in the courtyard smoked a cigarette and started chatting.
Then I saw the rain column coming in high spirits
The third uncle saw it and asked, "silly column, what’s so happy to find a wife?"
Rain column hey hey smiled. "Today, the factory upgraded my chef level modulation to level 9, and my salary will be 275 from next month."
"Oh, this is a great event, silly column. Should you treat me?" This old Yan buckle three words to take advantage.
A few people here are like pillars of congratulations.
Yuzhu’s mouth is almost wide to his ears.
A grandfather next to him took the message, "Zhu, this is a good thing. Go to the backyard and talk to the old lady. Let the old lady be happy, and the rain will see you there. You just had dinner with us."
"Oh, thank you, uncle. I’ll see the old lady." I said hello to everyone and walked to the backyard. If I don’t leave, uncle San will definitely pull him and let him treat me.
"Hey, this silly column runs really fast. It’s such a big event that you don’t even ask everyone to eat dinner." Three big ye smashed it and smashed it.
A few people chatted for a while and watched it get dark before they dispersed.
When Li Chu walked back, he looked at the back of an uncle and thought for a moment. "Please wait a moment, uncle."
Yi Zhonghai, a grandfather, stopped and turned to look at Li Chu. "What’s wrong with Dr. Li?"
"A big ye you wait for something? Is my aunt home? "
"Nothing. Your aunt should be at home, Dr. Li. What do you want?"
"There’s a little thing I want to discuss with you two-I’ll be there after you go back first."
"Ok, then your aunt and I will wait for you at home."
Into the door Li Chu took his cup and drank a few mouthfuls of water.
I just stopped an uncle to help him see Li Chu. I remember that an uncle and an aunt in the play never had children to watch it. The commentary said that the play was centered on the topic of providing for the aged. Later, an uncle pushed silly column and widow Qin together, so that they could provide for their own old age.
But Li Chu didn’t understand why an uncle in the play couldn’t adopt one.
Chapter 15 Children
Li Chu estimated that the thinking of an uncle in the play is that there is no difficulty in scriptwriting thinking, and I have to create difficulties.
In the past two years, there have been many people who have fled to the 49 cities in large areas of the country. There are only children left in their homes, and the state requires the subdistrict office to properly resettle those workers.
In this case, it is too easy for an uncle to adopt a child, and an uncle is a senior worker. One month’s salary, 99 yuan plus other subsidies and bonuses can be received every month in 1 yuan, which is the highest salary in quadrangles. Let alone raising a child, it is no problem to raise three or five.