Thought of here, Xiao Huanghou couldn’t help but feel relieved.

Li Chongjiu then said, "E Huang, what do you think we should name our daughter?"
Yang E Huang listened to Li Zhongjiu’s words and turned to Xiao Huanghou and asked, "Yes, mother, what do you think?"
Xiao Huanghou said with a smile, "This is your husband and wife’s business, so don’t ask me. Speaking of names, it’s a headache. I don’t want to have more white hair because of this so early."
Say that finish room people are laughing.
Sister Chen said, "I think this little princess is so cute that whatever name she chooses must be very nice."
"Yes, I can tell at a glance that the little princess is a blessed person. So many people love him. Where is the blessing?"
"That is, this is a royal maiden!"
Li Chongjiu smiled and Yang E Huang’s face lit up.
Chapter five hundred and forty-six Shame ACTS
"I have something urgent to tell you!"
Li Chongjiu heard the words and said to Xiao Huanghou Chen’s two empresses, "I have something important to leave first."
Xiao Huanghou Chen’s two Empresses both stood up together and said, "We will accompany the Empress in advance."
Li Chongjiu nodded and stepped out of the door.
"See the king but don’t see the position!"
When Li Chongjiu saw that Jichuan couldn’t help but smile and ask, "Why did Ji Aiqing lose her tongue?"
Yoshikawa bowed his head and said, "I don’t know what to tell if I have something to play, so please forgive me for making mistakes in my busy schedule."
Li Chongjiu was slightly surprised at the words. "I want to hear if something can make Ji Aiqing stumble. Is Luoyang attacked by Li Tang?"
"It’s not that Luoyang is still stuck by Zheng Jun." Yoshikawa seemed to think about it before he said, "But our army just received a detailed report from Luoyang, and the princess Pingyang of Li Tang was ambushed by Zheng Jun outside Luoyang the day before yesterday!"
Li Chongjiu trembled slightly and asked, "Can this be confirmed?"
Ji Chuanyan said, "Although Tang Jun coach Li Shimin was worried about the news leakage, the news was blocked by the army, and princess Pingyang was not mourned. However, there are two people in Li Tang army, and our army can confirm this news, and senior generals in Tang Jun all know about it. Afterwards, Li Shimin also went to Chang ‘an to express his regret."
Li Chongjiu didn’t speak silently.
Yoshikawa said to Li Chongjiu, "I beg you not to be too sad."
Ji Chuan didn’t dare to look at Li Chongjiu’s face. Everyone in Zhao knew that Li Chongjiu was angry and beautiful. Therefore, after Li Yuan broke, one person in Zhao dared to touch Li Chongjiu’s face with the words Princess Pingyang.
Ji Chuan heard Li Chongjiu say flatly, "I know."
Yoshikawa was slightly relieved, but seeing that Li Chongjiu looked as usual, he couldn’t help but feel that he was really a great person. This is still a calm mind, so there is no gaffe.
However, Yoshikawa was still worried about asking tentatively, "Wang Shichong seems to have handled this matter very improperly without considering that Princess Pingyang and other figures actually returned this hand."
Li Chongjiu said, "Yoshikawa, when did you talk, you began to bend around with me?"
Yoshikawa bowed his head and said, "I dare not."
Li Chongjiu walked to the edge of the corridor and looked at the sky falling and the snow was faint. The sky seemed to see Li Zhiwan.
The two of them looked at each other and finally left the scene for a moment. It was like yesterday that Li Chongjiu passed by.
Li Chongjiu felt a sharp pain in his heart. It was only after he lost it that the woman was so heavy and irreplaceable in her heart.
Li Chongjiu took a deep breath and put aside his emotions. "Princess Pingyang is the general of Tang Jun, Wang Shichong, but he didn’t consider that even if he thought of this layer, he wouldn’t leave his hand. Otherwise, Wang Shichong wouldn’t be Wang Shichong, and he could resist such characters as Tang Yuan and Li Shimin, and he couldn’t help Dou."
Ji Chuanwen couldn’t help admiring the fact that things are not influenced by feelings. It’s really worthwhile to consider this situation so clearly.
"Our army is still assisting Zheng according to the original plan. Go back and tell you that my ministers can rest assured that I missed the important people because of my children’s affair. This is too small for me!" Li Chongjiu gave a slight dislike in his tone.
However, Yoshikawa is very happy. Then I excused myself. "
"Are there any orders?"
Li Chongjiu’s eyes were sharp and asked, "Isn’t Princess Pingyang going to be transferred to the river to replace Li Shentong and Luoyang will appear?"
Ji Chuan had never seen Li Chongjiu look like this when he told him, "I heard that Li Shimin, the king of Qin, sent Li Zhiwan to Luoyang Tang Jun Camp, but I didn’t expect to be ambushed by Zheng Jun on my way home!"
Li Chongjiu was silent for a while and suddenly said, "Call Lin Dangfeng to see me at once!"
Ji Chuanwen excused himself.
Li Chong’s nine-step return to Fanglin Dangfeng arrived soon after.
Li Chongjiu asked, "Do you have any reply for the details of No.3?"
Lin Dangfeng is now in charge of handing over most of the intelligence networks in his hands, but there are still some in his hands.
Lin Dangfeng said, "No.2 urgent letter and tip-off A.3 joined the army with Princess Pingyang and died with the princess outside Luoyang."
Lin Dangfeng added here, "Please be my condolences."
Li Chongjiu waved his hand to indicate that it was a hindrance. "What did Tang Jun Li Shimin tell you about this matter?"
Lin Dangfeng said, "Li Shimin is a strict person. We have an eyeliner around us. Even if we have a position, we can also be a counselor of the military plane. Our only news about this is that when Princess Pingyang was attacked by Zheng Jun, Tang Jun seemed to react much slower than usual before sending troops to rescue. However, this can also explain that the snowstorm was too heavy at that time, so the fighter plane was delayed."
"Do you think Li Shimin will succeed under the guise of Zheng Jun?" Li Chongjiu asked
Lin Dangfeng was surprised when he heard this. "No, Li Shimin won’t kill his sister again. I heard that Princess Pingyang of Li Shimin had a good relationship since childhood, and I never thought that Li Shimin would succeed."
Speaking of this, Lin Dangfeng said, "But when it comes to Li Tang’s deployment at that time, there was indeed negligence. Li Shimin and other famous players really shouldn’t have done so. Apart from Wang Shichong, Li Shimin is the only person who can lay out this plan, but it is not certain that Li Shimin is so cruel."
Li Chongjiu heard the words and nodded his head. Yeah, maybe others can’t guess, but what’s impossible for a man who killed his brother and forced his father to abdicate in exchange for his understanding of Li Shimin?
History is too vague about Li Zhiwan’s death.
For example, before Li Yuan Jinyang attacked Chang ‘an, Li Zhiwan was the first contribution to be ashamed, but history rarely explained it. Instead, it focused on portraying Li Shimin’s defeat of the Song Dynasty and rendering it into Li Shimin, which was the biggest contributor to attacking Chang ‘an.
However, the fact that Li Yuan, the old student of the Song Dynasty, was the coach of Tang Jun, Li Shimin was under the command of the war, and the history of Li Yuan rose from Jinyang, but 30,000 troops. If it were not for Li Zhiwan’s Chang ‘an, Li Yuan took up an army of 70,000 people, and if he dared to Hedong, there were still tens of thousands of elite soldiers in Qu Tutong guarding the situation, and ten thousand people crossed the Yellow River and Li Zhiwan joined forces to attack Chang ‘an.
But all this is ignored. In the very old Tang Dynasty, Pan Ren, Qiu Hanggong, Li Zhongwen and others followed Li Zhiwan’s troops and generals to say that they surrendered to Li Shimin. For example, Pan Ren’s achievements were attributed to Li Shimin and transferred to Li Shimin.
The old Tang Dynasty in Li Shimin was even more outrageous. Li Zhiwan’s achievements were not complete. The whole article was about Li Shimin leading the army to cross the Wei River and fight for the heroes. He went to Yishan, Sanfu, the officials and the people, and asked those who worked for him to get 130,000 soldiers to attack Chang ‘an every day.
This has become a big joke. Not only did Li Zhiwan not even cross the Yellow River, Yin Kaishan, but Liu Hongji’s credit was also occupied by Li Shimin. Even the crossing of Weishui by Li Yuan and Tang Jun became the crossing of Weishui by Li Shimin and Tang Jun.
After attacking Chang ‘an, all Li Zhiwan’s achievements were not very physical and dead, and it was a mistake that the ending history was so misinterpreted. Could it be that Li Shimin deliberately downplayed Li Zhiwan’s achievements and covered them up after a bad debt?
If others don’t know Li Shimin, but they have already learned from another time that Li Shimin was Li Chongjiu, this is really suspicious
Seven points of Li Chongjiu must be Li Shimin’s success.
At the beginning, Li Shimin pursued Yang E Huang in Liyang City, but he didn’t succeed. Not only did Li Chongjiu kill Yang E Huang together, but today he has made great achievements and even Li Zhiwan’s own sister has to be removed.
Li Shimin, Li Shimin!
I don’t know if you will become an emperor and a king for generations in the future, but you are a complete disgrace!
Ps Tian Liang Geng makes up for the deficit
Chapter five hundred and forty-seven From the meter (the first more)
Li Chongjiu asked Lin Dangfeng, "Is it going well that Chang ‘an has spread the news that Li Shimin is preparing for Luoyang’s independence?"