"Did you ask?"

"Uh-huh, I asked the seniors to come with me."
Selena took GongSunQi to that residence and said as she walked, "I heard that there was a big fire seven years ago, which burned inexplicably, and the owner was burned alive without coming to escape. It is said that in the middle of the night, you can still hear the screams of the owner’s ghosts."
Gong Sunqi smiled. "You speak Jue Geng Mandarin fluently, and even these can be made clear."
Selena blushed and glanced at GongSunQi and took a deep breath. "I learned JueGeng Mandarin because of GongSunQi. I want to marry GongSunQi in the future so that there will be no language barrier."
Gong Sunqi touched his nose. He knew Selena was a very bold person at the beginning. He didn’t expect to be so bold. "It seems that you are a schoolmaster and can learn the language of Jue Geng in such a short time."
What’s "Xueba"? Selena still doesn’t understand some terms.
"It means that people who study very hard will soon be the overlord of learning no matter what they learn," explained Gong Sunqi simply.
"No, haha." It’s really surprising that Selena should be shy.
"This is the house in the past." Selena took GongSunQi to a charred dark room.
Looking at this room, Sun Qishen touched it slightly. "It seems that a big fire was very prosperous, and some places collapsed a little bit."
"Don’t stop living in this room, you can’t leave anything behind." Gong Sunqi couldn’t help shaking his head, but he could also check something. Now the clue is broken.
"Well, let’s go."
Just before leaving, Gong Sunqi heard a cry coming from the room and thought, "Who will live in this dangerous house?"
"You wait for me here, I’ll come as soon as I go." Said Gong Sunqi and Erha entered the room. Selena wanted to stop it and couldn’t come.
"This crying is a child crying", which makes Sun Qi more curious. A child lives here? Stop joking.
I jumped to the second floor and came to a charred gray door. That cry came out of the room
"shadow separation"
Separate a busy person and let the busy person take the lead to make sure that the afterbody will go in and receive the information from the busy person. Sun Qi walked in with a wry smile. He already knew who the crying master was and he would live in this room.
Chapter 235 Sanctuary people
Coming out of the building with the little boy, Selena saw the little boy with a surprised face after being with GongSunQi.
This little boy is Sun Qi who helped the one who was also chased and threw stones. "Take him away. There is nothing to investigate here. Let’s get out of here."
"Sorry, two, you can’t take that child."
A group of people came out from all directions and surrounded Gong Sunqi and them. The first middle-aged man wearing a soft armor said, "We have received news that the devil is stirring again."
Selena translated it for Gong Sunqi, who couldn’t help laughing. "You told them I wanted to take someone away, and no one could stop me."
Selena told them what Gong Sunqi said intact, and added her identity later. "I am a white family, and you should know the consequences of offending the White Family."
"Sorry, we acted on the orders of the Lord. Sorry, the demon must stay."
As soon as Selena heard that the Lord took one look at Sun Qi, the child didn’t know whether to translate this to Sun Qi. Sun Qi said dully, "What did he say?"
Selena bit her lip and decided to translate the original words to Sun Qi. "Is the Lord very powerful? Then I don’t know if he can be stronger than those guys."
Looking at those people around you, GongSunQi noticed that the boy behind him grabbed GongSunQi skirts with both hands for fear that GongSunQi would abandon him.
Gong Sunqi touched the child’s head and gave the child a reassuring look. "If you want to fight, you can play with Erha. It’s time for activity one."
"Fairy mode! !”
The magic of water flows through the meridian of Gongsunqi, and only with the magic of water can Gongsunqi channel the sea animals.
Smoke exploded and a huge sea beast appeared in front of everyone. This sea beast was not a silver narwhal but another psychic beast of Gongsun Qi.
Gong Sunqi has sold the remaining two pearls for more than a month and sold them for a high price, just because that pearl Gong Sunqi has the money to open another R-class psychic beast.
That is to say, this sea and land can give birth to big octopus-Guan Lan Zhang Guan Lan Zhang is 50 meters tall and has a strange crown on his head. The nine flying tentacles are enough to kill people. Each tentacles surface has thousands of suction cups and ten thousand poisonous needles.
"Kill one and leave no one"
The more they want the little boy back, the more they won’t let him succeed. The more they think that the little boy must have some secret. Besides, the place where the little boy lives is so good that Yao Zi Ling used to live.
"Elder can’t, elder. They are holy masters. If you kill them, the Lord will not sit idly by." Selena took Gongsunqi to stop it before it caused a disaster, or to stop it quickly.
"Is the Lord very powerful?" Gong Sunqi has provoked the mysterious organization. He doesn’t mind having one more Lord louse, and he won’t be afraid of it.
Persuade Gong Sunqi to make Selena quickly shout to the Lord’s hand, "You are no match for him. He can control five-star animals and there is more than one control. Even if the Lord is powerful, he can’t deal with so many five-star animals."
They also want to run, but they can’t move. Just now, their bodies have been stung by Guan Lan Zhang, and now they are paralyzed and uncomfortable.
"A group of soldiers and crabs will" GongSunQi waved his hand and didn’t let GuanLan chapter kill them. "I won’t kill you today. Let you serve the Lord and detoxify if you have the ability."
Walk out of their encirclement with Selena and the child, and wave your hand after leaving to release the crown seal and let Erha return to the pet state.
"The former Lord is very powerful, and it is said that he has surpassed the U level. I’m afraid you are so offended ~ ~" Selena woke up.
Gong Sunqi sneers beyond the U level, which is also heard that Gong Sunqi just thought of a plan. He decided to use the knife of the Lord to get rid of the mysterious organization. He should wear that cloak and act in the mysterious organization style, and then he will be able to do it.
"That’s like never being afraid of the National People’s Congress and letting those brothers out."
Take the little boy back to the hotel and tell the hotel clerk to prepare a clean set of clothes for the child to change into the room. Pull the little boy into the bathroom and clean him up casually, washing his body full of odor and grease.
"Selena asked him that he would show up in that room and someone would bother him."
Sun Qifa’s communication with the little boy can make Selena act as an interpreter.
After asking for a long time, I didn’t get anything. The little boy didn’t know his name, let alone where he would stay. He knew that he had been there since he woke up.
"Elder this! !”
Selena looked at GongSunQi.