Torvatus slowly replied, "I am over one hundred years old this year, not the average person who thinks I am sixty or seventy years old."

"The gap between 60 and 100 is very different … I think you should know the difference, Godfather."
"Because of the teaching war, right?"
The barber spit out a history that was banned by the elves.
-anyway, the role of "godfather" is that it should be okay for the elf rebels to know more about themselves.
Dark-haired and red-eyed boy gratified smile "ahhh indeed as expected …
"But I was born from the wartime … a member of the mage family.
"At that time, the angel was not born yet, and the war was tilted towards our side.
"But suddenly one day I was killed by someone … the murderer was my uncle."
Morgan opened his eyes slightly.
She didn’t understand what happened before … but combined with Torvatus’s words and her own experience, she had keenly captured the truth.
"There is no motivation. He and I are very noisy with each other and will play together.
"It’s like being possessed and verifying something. After I used to ridicule him, he killed me with no warning …"
"… because he fell into a time cycle, right?"
Godfather sink a way
Speaking of which, he has realized … what happened to Torvatus.
"Yes …"
Torvatus sighed. "Time and time again, shorter and shorter, his moral outlook is on the verge of collapse. He is no longer bound by some rules and acts recklessly. This is also a precursor to madness.
"Mother found all this and calmly followed the trace to find the past.
"Before my uncle attacked Kamahl again, she knocked each other down and knocked out. At that time, Kamahl was not a director but the Earl of Kamahl.
"And Kamahl was the first reaction to come over.
"The count said to his mother,’ You have done something wrong’"
His eyes became cold. "But he said,’ You can make it up’"
Repeated for a day and collapsed.
This time, Uncle Tovatus attacked him because everything was about to be reset. When the world was reset, Tovatus would still be scampering around.
Unfortunately, Torvatus’ mother is not far away. She witnessed it with her own eyes.
She didn’t collapse … but calmly tracked it down and knocked it down in front of Count Kamahl to assassinate his uncle.
However, this made Count Kamahl realize that this man had been enchanted once and he didn’t need to reset him again … When the hourglass runs out in 24 hours, the world line will be anchored.
This is the chain reaction of his uncle’s cheap killing of Tovatus.
This also means that the death of Tovatus is an irreversible "fact"
Unless …
Someone goes back again.
A voluntary "experimental" identity
Tovatus’ mother agreed.
"Kamahl has more than 50 hourglasses, but that doesn’t mean he killed more than 50 people."
Torvatus slowly replied, "to be precise, he has been controlling the hourglass around this number."
"The hourglass residence is an area where the hourglass limit is 60. Through his spells, he can make the other party suddenly disappear without contact … this is the famous" hidden city "theory.
"If the other party repeatedly attacks him, then his spells will make the world flow backwards … only when the other party gives up this matter will it flow normally, which means that the other party disappears.
"Because of this, don’t say dragon law sanctions him, even his elves don’t know about it.
"So … he doesn’t really know his own magic. Because Kamahl didn’t tell his elves about his own magic, most of them knew that he could stop for a minute or go back to other objects."
He needs an "assistant" to explain what happened to the subject from another perspective.
That’s Torvatus’ mother.
He was a human mother.
"His hourglass is not made after casting a spell on a person. If he casts this spell on this person or another person again in this time, it will destroy the former hourglass … in other words, that person will no longer have the ability to repeat the cycle and will not continue to get memories from the cycle.
"If an hourglass will be harvested at the same time, it must go to the position where the spell is most used, that is, after going back from time to time and not making a new hourglass for 24 hours … and then Kamahl will realize that another timeline has made a spell at this moment.
"My mother knocked down my uncle, who has his own one-man cycle, in front of another timeline … he didn’t have the memory of his mother knocking him down, and he still wanted to attack me.
"But this time my mother saved me. A day ago, history was changed.
"Mother held me in her arms and told the Earl of Kamahl what she had seen and heard.
"-after that, Kamahl ordered her to continue to enter the cycle to conduct new tests.
"She didn’t cycle once … because every time she would give me priority to save her memory and part of her personality and hide it in my mind. After 37 cycles, Count Kamahl finally freed her.
"or another eternal torture.
"… when she hugged me, she disappeared in this world, and soon after that, my uncle fainted and disappeared.
According to Kamahl, although two people died because of his magic, he got an hourglass-my mother’s hourglass.
"and I know that she used to keep circulating this day.