"He won’t be involved in this matter, but we pulled out and didn’t tell him that he is also a top player. There are some things that are clear in my heart."

Alpha looked dull and went back to the room to move secretly. He joined his personal pro-guard. Even the twelve elders didn’t know this force.
"So it’s not the kui that you deal with watertight"
Gamma praised the uneasy heart to a few minutes.
Alpha, this time he understood that it was not that they betrayed the Chen family, but that they did not fulfill their obligations as allies.
Although the Chen family will have grievances, they can swallow their bitterness. He will minimize the impact of things, that is, they will be caught by the secret party and sent to the island prison.
It can be said that the Chen family will not bite out the Gattuso family because it is not good for him to bite out the Gattuso family. On the contrary, the Gattuso family also said that the elders of the Party School Dong will help them luck when they have the opportunity.
People like them should not judge that Mr. Chen is white because of temporary interests and anger
"Can go back to rest"
Alpha finished everything and went to the dormant room.
Look at alpha so calm gamma heart also have the bottom spirit.
He thought carefully about whether the nurses would attack them when they were asleep, but he thought it was impossible.
If they could do it, they would have done it long ago, and Pompeii still fears the Presbyterian church for a reason.
They lost this move, but it doesn’t mean they lost the game.
Men seem to have some accidents.
Caesar sneered and laughed. "I’m not as strong as Brother Lu and Brother Chu now, but I won’t be jealous of them and I won’t feel lost. I feel very happy that my friends are strong and excited that my opponents are strong."
He tilted his head. "When you have no rivals to catch up with, you will find that the world is very interesting. I am not the strongest one, but I can’t live without competitors. If everyone is weak, what’s the point even if I become the best one?"
The man said, "but are you going to compete with them?" If you don’t trust me, I can give you some strength to experience it first. "
Caesar held his long fork and blond hair in his hand and danced in the night wind. "You made a mistake from the beginning …"
His face is as bright as the sun with a confident smile. "… I Caesar will get what he wants instead of you giving it to me!" "
When the voice fell, it rained heavily. The man’s white suit was soaked by the rain, and Caesar felt that his body was more and more real.
He sneered and laughed, "Put away your hypocritical words, White King … Loki."
He is proud that he won’t allow the so-called God to give himself strength high. He will feel ashamed to fight with Brother Lu and them in this way.
Besides, he is not stupid. After his consciousness gradually became clear, he has recalled how he came to this place and the past.
He and Lu Xiong are exploring the night food source. This is the site of the White King’s veins, and before he lost consciousness, he heard some conversations between Chu Hang and Lu Chen.
Although some can’t figure it out, it seems that he is the so-called baby.
Then it is easy to guess the identity of the man in front of you, that is, the origin of the Sheqi family is above the four monarchs White King.
In the Jinlunga Cloister, he has learned the true identity of the other party. Loki is a fraud god
He lied to the black king and the four monarchs by suspended animation, and lied to the secret party and the snake house by the holy skeleton. You can’t believe a word of such people.
Give me power at no cost? Yes, to continue the glory of the protoss?
Caesar, it seems that the glory of the protoss has already dissipated when the undead body planned the fall of the God King for tens of thousands of years.
Who is qualified to talk about the word "glory" for a slave with three surnames who triggered the twilight of the gods by fraud and despicable means?
Say you need to accept him with an open heart. Think of me as a three-year-old child?
Some time ago, he saw that the old devils in the novels of cultivating immortals were so confusing to young people, but once they were invaded, the souls of young people were always chewed up for a moment.
Oh … Except for the protagonist, Caesar has also seen an anti-killing of the old devil, and he has triumphed all the way.
"It’s a pity that I am so sincere and you are biased because of my identity."
Loki sighed and shook his head.
"I’ve always wondered if a guy like you would have a loyal family to follow?"
Caesar looked up at the sky as if the whole world was raining and fell into his eyes as if he were at the center of the world.
A trace of remembrance appeared on the man’s face. "You mean Eden? Is she also the first time you have met a strong enemy? "
"It seems that you and I know a lot."
Caesar looks cold, so it doesn’t feel good to be watched. He is also a despicable fraud god.
Loki smiled. "I know a lot of things. For example, you always wanted to know if there was something strange about your mother’s death, and I know about it."
Caesar’s face was slightly distorted by anger. "Do you want to arrange my mother’s affairs?" ?”
Loki retreated, and Caesar slightly pulled away. "No, of course I know the truth, and Caesar, you still need to exercise because of this kind of thing."
He smiled thoughtfully. "I know your mother’s life very well, from her birth to her death, because …"
He paused and looked at Caesar with angry eyes. "… my predecessor is your mother."
Caesar’s pupil shrank, which he hadn’t thought of before.
White King’s reincarnation is not completely random, but there is a certain law. The Gattuso family found this law and let the mother give birth to herself through more special means.
After the mother gave birth to herself, she rapidly weakened, and her body became worse day by day. The reason is actually here!
Although he despises some family traditions, he must admit that every Gattuso’s wife doesn’t choose her mother at random. The Gullveig family is also an excellent hybrid. How can it be sickly?
"You think it’s true that this is what your family means."
Walking around Loki Manor is like walking in his own garden, but his hair, which was neatly combed, is soaked by rain and looks less elegant on his forehead.
Caesar frowned as if he could listen to his heart.
Loki picked a flower from the flowers. "I also know that it is more interesting, for example, your mother’s origin. Your family is very interesting and always likes to give heirs some Roman emperors’ names. I think it is very stupid because there is no connection between your family’s real history and Roman emperors, but your mother is different. Gullveig, you should be familiar with the meaning of this surname."
"That’s a goddess of Warner Protoss."
Caesar simply said that he had his own mother. Of course he knew that it was a coincidence or that the mixed-race family admired the Norse mythology gods and changed their surnames. But is there any other explanation?
"It is always stupid to say that both humans and hybrids are stupid, and so is the secret party."
Loki corners of the mouth hung inexplicable smile.
Caesar seems that this man really doesn’t think that humans and hybrids are stupid. This conceited and deceitful god thinks that all creatures are stupid, including Ned Hogg, the black king who was deceived by him.
Loki continued, "Nidhogg suspected that I was dead, but before he started, he fell asleep because of the accident, and his monarch, Ocean Water King, stole part of me, which could completely ruin himself, but I left a holy skeleton."
"The holy skeleton is also your cover-up."
Caesar felt his body change and waited quietly for the passage of time.