After taking the door, the star hunter looked around and looked at the blue shimmer in his eyes, which seemed to query something.

Tang Chuan fantasy attribute conjured up a piece of paper and handed it to the star hunter.
It says wipe out all hidden surveillance cameras.
Nockton took the note and looked at it, then directly crushed it and threw it into the stove.
Nodded, the star hunter relied on his own experience to search for a hidden camera in the huge room.
Chapter 41 Diary
It’s really weird …
Kuntasha told the waiter in Tang Chuan to lie while Tang Chuanlou was waiting.
They didn’t check the suite at all, but put hidden monitoring equipment!
Instead of letting Kuntasha directly destroy all the surveillance cameras, he gave the star hunter a test to help destroy all the submarine surveillance cameras
This guy seems to have noticed something wrong as soon as he enters the door. He is still a qualified bodyguard and younger brother.
He was busy around the room, and from time to time a tiny semi-transparent ball was found in a very hidden corner and crushed one by one.
Tang Chuan sat on the sofa drinking energy drinks and asked Kuntasha, "Is this normal?"
Kuntasha said with a wry smile, "Normal … It is true that some planets secretly monitor the special care of alien visitors, but combined with the signs of the strange eyes of those pedestrians, it is not normal to exile the stars … too cautious!"
Tang Chuan also fed a little functional drink to the swish.
He doesn’t have a mouth, but this guy can absorb the drink quickly when he pours it on him.
However, with a swish, it is a feeling of retching and nausea.
Madam, madam … It tastes terrible!
What a disaster! Are you getting back at me?
Garlic is delicious!
How can you drink this urine?
Tang Chuan finished feeding half a bottle of water before throwing it aside, saying, "I don’t know how to drink so well, but you are playing with the demon."
With a swish of injustice, he crawled from his leg to the sofa and doubted life. He felt that he was polluted by this urine.
Tang Chuan said to Kuntasha in his mind, "This is interesting. I always feel that there seems to be something behind this planet."
Kuntasha sighed, "My movable fantasy attribute rarely detects obscurity and strangeness, but it can’t be realized … The living room monitor has been removed. Please turn the sofa upside down."
Tang Chuan surprised.
But I still got up and drove away the side of the sofa and turned over the luxury sofa.
Kuntasha added, "Turn over the left floor. There is something in it that you will definitely be interested in."
Tang Chuan heard that he smashed a shaky floor directly with one punch. He was surprised to find that there was a …?
Manipulate the fantasy attribute to restore the sofa to Tangchuan, sit back and hit the hard shell of unknown material.
He didn’t realize that this is not a but a … diary.
But the diary made Tang Chuan’s eyes complicated and difficult to read carefully.
December 23rd, 519, sunny.
Today’s party is very happy, Horace. My best brother and his girlfriend Boyer are very energetic. Everyone likes it, including me.
It will be fine on March 15th.
Since that night, I found that I love that girl. She is lively, beautiful, friendly and intellectual, like all the beautiful words in the world. Although I know it’s wrong, I finally fell into Horace. I’m sorry …
Light rain on March 32
Today should be a beautiful day. I wear her clothes, I choose clothes and hold flowers. I walked up to her in the bright sun. These days, I feel that I have entered her life, and I also enjoy sharing all my life with her.
But today, she gave me a feeling of inexplicable alienation. At first, I thought it might be my illusion and tried to amuse her as much as possible.
In the afternoon, the sun was shining brightly, and the rain suddenly fell, and the dark clouds hung over the city, which seemed to tell something.
In the evening, the light rain outside the window was still continuous. I saw her heart, gave her a quilt and hugged her tightly, smelling the last starlight that fascinated me in the wilderness and asked her if she had lost her liveliness today.