Yang guang doesn’t know that he seems to have no purpose, but it’s getting dark and he’s going to find a place to stay.

Yang guang is not short of money, not at all. He planned to stay in a hotel, but just think about it. He wants to realize that life is not rich second generation, but ordinary people’s life is that kind of ordinary to ordinary life.
This is not cheap, but an experience
Yang guang think it should be very effective? But before that, he also sent a message to his family and a greeting to Wan Tao.
Prove that he is still alive, but try not to disturb him at present.
Later, I found a cheaper hotel chain and stayed for one night, then checked out the next day and went to the city center.
Pengcheng, Dongguang Province
It is the most developed coastal city in China, and it is also a place where many young people from southwest and other mainland provinces pursue their dreams, because the economy here is developed and it is also a place where people can dream.
There are many opportunities and it is possible to get rich overnight.
Yang guang is one of the many migrants, and no one understands.
At this time, he stopped by a street and was a little silent because he ignored a problem, that is, at this time, there are high-rise buildings in the center of Peng city, which also bear the dreams of many people
But it is definitely not his goal of ordinary people except fighters.
He came here as an ordinary person, but he is just an ordinary graduate of a key high school.
So it’s almost possible to be a white-collar worker in the office? Big companies don’t lack handyman. Even handyman has to have a diploma, right?
What is he?
Simply selling coolies to the construction site or permission
Strangers, those who walk in a hurry also lack patience in this busy city.
Yang guang’s asking for directions was ignored several times, perhaps because he didn’t look enough and didn’t notice that those people were in a hurry. Later, he took a taxi to the talent market with a hundred-dollar bill.
Yang guang’s goal for himself is to find a place to settle down in this city for two thousand yuan, even if it is temporary. The money looks a lot, but it is too high.
Rent a house?
Sorry, the deposit money is not enough, and no one wants to rent it for a month alone. The prices of those rooms with a few square meters are quite high, and they are still in short supply.
He’s all saved money and made a living.
Spent 75 yuan to take a taxi and came to a large talent market.
There was a lot of traffic, but Yang Guang found himself out of place.
He doesn’t have a resume, and his clothes are different from ordinary people. Most job seekers wear some suits and ties, and even girls pay great attention to their external image.
People dressed in leisure ornaments look around, that is, a few people are scattered
When asked if he didn’t have a resume, he was rejected. When he looked at his clothes, he was rejected because he dressed too casually and didn’t seem to pay any attention to job hunting.
Their company needs employees to have a good image …
Yang guang may be recruited by some companies if he exudes fighters, even if he is just a martial artist, but I’m sorry if he acts as an ordinary person.
Nobody wants it.
Even after Yang Guang learned something about his resume from others’ chatting, he found that he had no possibility of being recruited, no work experience, no diploma or even more professional skills.
Everyone is so busy that no one wants Yang Guang’s idea.
An idea of settle down.
This is life.
Chapter five hundred and seventeen Self-indulgence
Yang guang, a senior since want to get a chance in the world of mortals.
Then he "indulged in depravity" and successfully became an ordinary employee.
An assembly line employee
Because a job seeker made a "mocking" suggestion to him when he sneered.
"How can you be recruited to the top 500 enterprises in Dongguang Province without a diploma? It is better to go to some factories as assembly line employees to eat and drink. "
Yang guang left the talent market and then went to a famous factory in the city.
It’s just to save money by riding crowded subways and buses.
Then he finally reached his destination.
But I learned that I didn’t recruit people.
Yang guang is a little lost. An ordinary person is very lost.
Nowadays, there is less and less manpower in these factories, and they are all mechanized. The development of the times has also eliminated some backward people.
Finally, Yang Guang became an assembly line employee of a food processing factory.
This production line is processed seafood.
What can recruit Yang Guang?
That’s because many people can’t bear the smell of the sea, even if they wear masks, they can’t prevent the bad smell. Yang Guang didn’t refuse or move anything to shield these normal smells.
After a few days’ work, he seems to be walking in the cafeteria of the seafood company. When eating, many people avoid Yang Guang and are quite disgusted.
Some employees in the same assembly line are considered as he is my brother. The salary of a new trial worker is a little lower than that of some regular old employees in other cars.
It can be seen how unpopular this thing is. After seafood processing, these fishy smells will be weakened a lot.
Yang guang is a company named "Four Seasons Prosperous Food Company", and he stayed in the staff dormitory. Of course, these roommates are all from the same assembly line.
The oldest man is a man from southwest province, who is in his thirties this year. He has been in this company for a few years, and even his sense of smell has deteriorated a little.
I’m used to the smell of the sea, so it’s hard to tell if something tastes lighter.
Later, Yang Guang was idle and asked him.
He replied, "I dropped out of junior high school. I have been working everywhere in Dongguang Province for almost ten years without a diploma or anything. My salary is getting higher and higher and I have married a daughter-in-law."
When he said this, his mouth couldn’t help lifting slightly, and he looked very happy.
And there’s a mouth next to my roommate who doesn’t seem to have heard him say it. He hurriedly said, "Brother Yong, can you stand that smell?" When I’m with those beautiful women who talk about money, those women still dislike being old, but they don’t dislike money. "
All the male employees of the seafood truck in this factory have no girlfriends.