Put your hand on the rune and inject it into the fallen dust to cultivate mana.

For a moment, the runes of the whole room lit up, and everyone felt that the scene changed again as soon as their feet landed again. This time, there were five stone pillars in the middle of their pillars.
There is a faint barrier between the stone pillars, and golden runes are flowing on the surface.
Lu Chen’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled and there is no joy in breaking the array.
Although he had thought that this fairy arrangement might be fishing, a new plot was produced because of his butterfly effect, and the purpose of "fairy" might be to let himself come.
But he never expected to see the secret blood fighters in the law rune here.
Injecting mana into that word just now can break the array and go to the first place. This proves that the word is by no means a coincidence, but has been arranged to deliberately set a breakthrough.
"Wow, punishing evil makes my brother very powerful. Let’s change places."
Xiao Qin Lan scampered and cheered, and others were surprised.
"Eldest brother, do you still know the array method?"
Wang thinks of curiosity and says, what else can’t big brother do?
Liu Chen shook his head "don’t know much"
It would be strange for him to say that he doesn’t understand the array, but he really doesn’t understand the array
Think of king nodded at Liu Chen eyes with a little worship.
To be able to cut out the sword meaning of heaven and earth is to "know a thing or two". To say that eldest brother is modest, then "don’t know much" should at least be a master.
"Big Brother, do you have any idea about this new array?"
Yang Yi sigh is also a little surprised that ancient books didn’t say Ouyang Sunset and Dugu Sunset are good at law?
"Let me see …"
Liu Chen said pacing around the stone pillars while searching and thinking.
He now wonders who the source of many words is and who the immortal is. What is his purpose?
He remembered the fact that he was not lucky enough to be chosen to enter, but was dragged in by someone’s high-level contract
According to the fact that he brought painted pear clothes to the origin, it is normal to say that the person who pulled himself in is an old friend who is very close to himself, but why has the other party never seen himself in the future?
Although his original world strength was high, it was no match for the dragon world. At the end of the dragon world, he needed a primary extradition contract to enter and become an explorer.
The value of extradition contract must be extremely high, and the higher-level extradition contract is definitely more precious. From the perspective of "saving", it is more cost-effective for the person who pulled himself in to pick himself up by the primary extradition contract.
But what can the other party do without coming forward to directly pull themselves into a higher-level contract? Is it a coincidence or is it good for the other party to enter before being melted by deadly weapons?
Besides, after he came to the origin, the old friend never came to see himself.
Is there any reason why you can’t pick yourself up and meet yourself?
Or ….. Extradition yourself into people who are already dead, or did you sign the contract before you died?
If the other person has been to the ancient fox demon world and left some messages, what will it be?
On the other hand, if the other party is sure that he will come to the fox demon world one day, there will be many derivative worlds like dust, and there will also be many parallel worlds in the derivative world, and it happens that the possibility of his entering the fox demon world is approaching
Why did you enter the fox demon world?
This is not a world randomly assigned to oneself, but a world designated by his sacred props.
And the holy props … He didn’t get them from the reward … Fox traded them for himself!
Fox is not the winner of this prop either. The original owner of this prop is the explorer named "Elephant" in the circus.
It’s the other side who led himself into this world!
So will the elephant be his old friend?
If he is still alive, he can ask Fox to give him the Red Fairy Heaven. Then why not come to see himself in person?
Lu Chen is calm
He took a deep breath and continued to search for stone pillars.
It is very possible for my old friend to come to this world and leave words and messages, but it is not the only possibility.
Because Lu Chen thinks that some places don’t make sense, first of all, he thinks that his friends are rough and not very good at calculating, so it is not difficult to lead himself into the fox demon world.
The difficulty lies in how he knows his present characteristics and let the immortal lead himself in this era.
Oh … it’s not right. The other person doesn’t need to know his name after entering this world, and he doesn’t need to know his characteristics. He just needs to tell the fairy that he is attractive at a certain period.
Those who can pass the array method are probably due to their own reasons, and the possibility of having a super array method master can not be ruled out.
It doesn’t seem right … How can the other party be sure that he will be reincarnated in this era? He has been reborn for a hundred years.
In this way, the front array is still set because of the return of "sunset"
Can an explorer really calculate the events of thousands of years in the derivative world?
Who could it be? Brother Lin Jiang? It’s not like being a rash man like himself. He thinks it’s impossible to say that the other party is not dead and becomes an IQ player after entering
Sister Wei? Yingying elder sister?
I don’t think so. One of them is a "normal" old death, and they won’t help directly to renew their lives. It’s the first time he bought Dan medicine himself.
That was a thousand hours ago? Unlikely … She’s too weak to watch it.
Liu Chen scratched his head. Who could it be?
He stopped at a stone pillar and reached out to touch a rune.
He found the secret blood fighters special text again, this time it is a word "world"
Reincarnation? Does Lu Chen connect the two words to mean that he is constantly reincarnated?