A minister in a scarlet robe came out.

Zhao Cuo looked back and realized that it was one of his own.
The Privy Council is making Wang Shu, your Excellency.
"Please read the will of the Empress Dowager and Empress quickly."
Wang Shu when didn’t see the young arms once queen sink said
He is the confidant of the Empress Dowager Dongfang.
Next time, he also ran into the screen of the Empress Dowager.
Another minister has spoken.
"Military emergency, please don’t delay Master Zhao."
They all pretended to be blind. Although touching the emperor’s woman is the death penalty for the nine families, the puppet emperor Zhao Xiaogong, who is now heavily armed, is no match for him.
"Don’t be impatient when you are older."
Zhao cuo finally blurted out
He is still holding the hand of Queen Chen to overlook.
The young man has just come out of the battlefield with sharp eyes.
"Dare to ask what is the situation of Zhao’s adult now?"
Wang Shu after a carefully tunnel
"Beijing-China rebels may suppress?"
Empress Dowager Empress confidant, he knows many things, such as the first emperor.
He can also guess that Zhao Xiaogong may not be clear about things.
Empress should be reluctant to tell little lover that she is going to kill her husband.
"Beijing-China rebellion is nothing but Ukrainian unity."
Zhao big officer sink said
"The official has a major military situation that many adults should know."
He knew that the mutiny of the SHEN WOO army could not be concealed, and he should inform the officials in the court that all the forces in this way could hold the capital.
"Outside Beijing, the SHEN WOO camp lieutenant rebellion came to the capital with an army, and the country has reached the time of life and death."
Zhao’s mistake immediately aroused a thousand waves!
"SHEN WOO Army Rebellion?"
Air-conditioning sounds come and go.
Field kyou-kan looked at each other in panic.
A war disaster can make a huge empire collapse instantly, and this kind of force will invalidate all laws and ethics. The sword is the last word.
"SHEN WOO camp rebellion? Are they going to support people? Don’t Beijing these days … "
The keen bureaucrat soon came to their senses.
A small part of the crowd’s eyes welled up with joy.
Emperor Xuan of Yu was so popular that Anhe was once corrupt in official management. He even said, "I don’t like honest officials."
"The Empress Dowager has decreed this."
Zhao misstated the situation before spreading an imperial decree in his hand.
The empress dowager empress will make an imperial decree early, and the officials will bow respectfully at this sight.
This purpose is to give it to him alone, but in order to establish his leadership position, it is necessary to inform the officials that after all, the name is irregular and the words are not correct
"The empress dowager empress has a life, and the Ministry of War is still in charge of the military affairs in Beijing! Foreign affairs are up to you! "
Master Zhao Xiaogong looked over after repeating an imperial decree.
His eyes calmly found that the kyou-kan officials looked at themselves differently.
When he got the soldier, he got an imperial decree from the queen mother, which was already a big hand.
"Please also ask your adult officials to discuss the strategy of retreating the enemy."
Zhao Cuo no longer humbly calls himself "born late"
He must build up his prestige if he wants to keep his word.
The occupant can be modest, but only after establishing his own prestige, it will be regarded as a guilty conscience.
"Zhao Tongling"
Wang Shu’s right-hand man is naturally the first pre-response.
"So-called busy outside will first Ann disorderly party in Beijing, such as can block hundreds of SHEN WOO army? When urgent is to destroy the rebels and thieves in the city. "
"That’s what the official meant."
Zhao wrong still didn’t put the queen Chen hand cold and said
"Four or five thousand masked bandit troops can’t be born with excellent weapons, and they can find out their origin after the imperial army suppresses the rebellion."
An old official with gray temples narrowed his eyes in the altar crowd.
This person is Huang Mingyu, assistant minister of the official department.
Emperor Yu Xuandi is loyal to death.
"I don’t know what to say, but I don’t know what to say."
Assistant Minister Huang listened to the sound of swords outside the ancestral hall and stepped forward.