Tears mean that Liang Liang’s talented performance is confusing, and naturally there is a ghost story out of thin air, and the tragic description is the end of the story

At the end, it means that Aquarius Town is now a ghost town, and she escaped by luck. At last, she did not forget to persuade her to be bloody. In front of her, Tongye Town is likely to follow suit. Grandpa Dong should stop delaying and inform the street neighbors to flee all night …
I’ve seen half of the Jianghu Dong Laotou look at the thin girl and make people feel distressed and delicate and touching, and suddenly I’m angry with the skeleton and slap the console table. "Hang it all! How dare Gankun Langlang, whose justice is clear, and Evil Wind Valley act like this? It’ s really a westerner to kill the people and kill all beings mysteriously? "
Sobbing inwardly, Liang Liang, who was heartbroken, thought for a moment, "Evil Wind Valley? Did you go to the evil wind valley in your story? There seems to be no … "
So he said timidly, "Grandpa Dong’s Aquarius town is so fantastic because it is remembered by ghosts, not evil spirits."
With a wave of his hand, Dong Laotou’s heroic dry cloud "needless to say, I have long heard that there are two gangs of murderous bandits in the west and the east, and they are chasing the wings and ghosts at night."
"Although these years are great evils, they have also plagued the past merchants, Fiona Fang, and hundreds of thousands of people in small towns have been eradicated for decades like cancer."
Liang Liang had to interrupt the latter koo explained, "Grandpa Dong is really not an evil wind valley. I heard that there will be flowers and rain all over the sky when ghosts are nocturnal …"
The famous and notorious dragon coffin master helped Chennai.
Rack one’s brains to come up with the bizarre tragedy in Aquarius Town, such as the darkness covering the sky and the night, the phantom of the opera is full of ghosts sobbing, but there is a cool breeze blowing past Aquarius Town, and a townsman will disappear, etc … The purpose is to create a strange atmosphere and point the finger at demon fairy, a mysterious ghost.
Then wait for the opportunity to secretly order a group of ghosts to reproduce all the pictures in the story in Tongye Town tonight, so that the outside world of the town will be isolated and disappear one by one. Everyone in the town will bury a fear in their hearts and sprout slowly until it grows sturdily … She will not let the people take the initiative to move.
Why does it seem that there is an illusion that it is counterproductive now?
The ghosts have been exposed before they act?
Why did you sign up?
What a grievance!
Dong Laotou looked decidedly "there is no need to explain that the so-called zombie skeleton after people is just a vulgar smoke screen. In addition to the evil spirits and ghosts in the valley, others will never be so ashamed."
"How can you deceive the old man’s insight?"
"Girl, don’t worry about waiting for my husband to write a letter and send it to my grandson. In half a month, my grandson will come with the overhaul walker in Wuyue to support the uprooting of that evil evil wind valley kid!"
Words such as vulgarity, mystifying, shame, skill of carving insects, imp, uprooting, etc. fall into my ears. Rao is a clay bodhisattva who has also lost his temper. The dragon coffin owner who personally beat his mentor to get lost in the evil wind valley is not a clay bodhisattva.
Looking at Dong Laotou, he looks like half of the rivers and lakes are full of feet. The girl in black is determined to teach a lesson that she has a 16-year-old prisoner, and the dragon coffin master should not offend.
Liang Liang’s small body suddenly shook for no reason, and then the whole person froze as if he had no soul.
Dong old man turned around and called the girl.
Curious before seeing the response.
Unexpectedly, the girl in black cried and looked up to show her face as white as ashes, and her eyes were bleeding through seven holes.
In the eyes of half a river’s lake shop, Dong Laotou has seen this kind of horror and shouted "Ghost …"
Passed out
The girl in black twisted her stiff neck, turned her head pale and her little face restored her qi and blood, and her pupils gradually emerged.
The owner of the dragon coffin who restored his appearance helped Dong Laotou sit down and sighed all over Tongye Town, feeling frustrated in the rain and night.
Get off to a bad start
Always highly effective, killing people and pillaging goods, paying attention to being simple and agile, and finally realizing that there is no talent in your heart, then this road is blocked.
Reluctantly, I still learned from the grassy Ningxian Mountain.
Liang Liangla’s shop door walked into the quiet streets and lanes against the chilly wind and black rain, and the roads were flooded with black torrents.
She jumped to stand at night and stopped the rain with a wave of her hand.
At night, she looked down at this vaguely lit town, which sounded like Lu Hong Zhong’s "long bow chasing wings and ghosts at night"
Jin Ryu is located in the northwest of Tongye Town. The two towns are separated by 200 miles. The middle edge of the yellow sand and the west mirror is broken. In the desert of three counties and eleven towns in the world, it is not far or near.
Two hours ago, Ning Xianshan, a silver gun in the desert, was advancing with a chasing wing and arrived in Daqimen, Changhe Town. The infamous reputation succeeded in driving away more than half of the tens of thousands of people in Changhe Town.
Quite proud of this, the desert silver gun handed over the follow-up matters to the disciple Huang Shi to help himself, and he galloped and led one hundred and twenty riders to Jin Ryu to continue the evil.
It went well at first.
After all, Daqimen has made great efforts to govern the country. Generations of door owners have painstakingly managed to spread the fierce name far and wide. Ning Xianshan’s old trick has been put to good use again. When the name of the silver gun in the desert is less than one wick, he gradually wakes up in his sleep in Jin Ryu.
Therefore, the rustling sounds are endless, and the people in Jin Ryu are inexplicably fleeing.
Ning Xianshan, dressed in a white robe and a silver gun, stood at the head of a small town and quietly looked at those fleeing figures who were afraid of fame in the streets.
Suddenly, he noticed several counter currents.
At first, I didn’t care. After all, I was in a hurry. However, after a few more eyes, I saw the clue. Ning Xianshan noticed that he was running upstream in those streets and lanes. The figure turned out to be a yogi