All kinds of cutting-edge industrial facilities, research institutes and top universities, 3% of the essence of the whole article are gathered in this star.

Even if you are determined to give up your home planet, it is definitely a huge project that can make your head tingle if you think about it.
Not to mention that the fall of the home planet will cause great turmoil to the whole article.
Li Zicheng attacked Beijing and died since then.
Capital is a national symbol and a symbol in the height of power, so the fall of capital often marks the demise of a country.
This is especially true for the binary star, a political system with extremely sharp contradictions.
The joint parliament has been hit hard and the fragile balance has been broken, which may well mean division and war.
The core of Cloros’ plan to raid the binary star is to conquer the binary star. If the plan succeeds, the binary star will either die or fall, which is not unreasonable.
"quick! Join everything for a while! "
The high-level officials of the binary star are anxious to seize the last straw.
What they don’t know is that at this moment, Yun Nie has also put on his hood and is showing a "sincere" smile, waiting for the help of the double star …
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Peaceful commercial development route
Although I expected that the binary star would take the initiative to ask for help for the safety of the home planet, the bearer was somewhat unexpected to Yun Nie
"Speaker kruse?"
"Pavilion, we meet again."
The virtual image has a realistic light and shadow effect, and you can clearly see the slightly gaunt face of Speaker kruse.
Obviously, the home planet has suffered a major crisis, which has made him a little overwhelmed recently.
"Cut to the chase. What do you want this time?"
"The speaker’s adult, what does this mean? I’m not too white." Yun Nie leng immediately played the fool fully distracted.
"Equivalence exchange. Isn’t this the consistent trading principle of your organization?
Want you to protect the binary home star, you must have already thought about the asking price in your heart, but say no, "kruse said calmly."
"Uh …" I didn’t expect the other party to be so direct.
But hold back your laughter, be sincere and eat gracefully!
NieYun smiled "not the kui is the speaker’s adult"
"oh! It’s just a few years old and can recognize the situation clearly. "kruse has some Naidao.
Hot pot ants are the form of binary stars, and the longer they drag on, the more they suffer.
"You must have anticipated today’s situation when you sent troops into the binary star, or … you contributed to today’s situation?"
"Hey?" Yun Nie ku blinked.
"Speaker, this is really wronged us. The second emperor sent troops to sneak attack this. We can’t control it. It is the best effort of our organization to get the news before."
"Ha ha ….." kruse smiled noncommittally.
Even if the second emperor sends troops to attack you, I’m afraid the subsequent development will follow your drama. Let’s go …
Don’t say that just because you can drive out the iron wall fleet and dare not fight, can’t you really keep a wormhole with this strength?
There are two possible reasons.
First, I don’t want the other side to be trapped and fight, which will destroy the sun’s territory too much or cause too many casualties.
Second, naturally, I want to draw disaster from the east and then fish in troubled waters across the bank!
The eye situation caused by … Is it true that the other side can’t catch up with the iron wall fleet?
Politicians are not detectives. They don’t need to tell evidence. kruse already has the answer in his heart.
Kruse didn’t get angry because of the other side’s deliberate design, or he could play with the enemy in the literary contest. This is strength and the highest strategic art
Skills are not as good as people’s hearts!
After dealing with it for so long, kruse’s style of doing things for a while is also touched some context
This organization, as they say, often prefers "transaction" to "strength" when it wants something.
With such a powerful military force, there is very little direct force hidden.
Energy crystal trading, intelligence trading, "vector engine" trading …
Although everything is combined for a while and several times, although it has a certain degree of coercion, the binary star has not suffered much.
From this point of view, everything belongs to "people" and "reputation" for a while, and there is still some guarantee.
This is also the reason why binary stars are more and more willing to deal with this mysterious force in combination rather than confrontation.
But how would kruse feel if he knew that the "All Things Return for a while" was so "gentle and low-key" to the outside world because not long ago, even the binary stars still didn’t know that they needed to look up to the "behemoth"?
Tiger skin is bluffing. Can you really scratch each other?
What should I do if I really fight you hard when I push people into a hurry?
Nie Yunqian either doesn’t want to finish hard or is empty in his heart!
"Tell me about your condition. If it weren’t too much, a binary star could accept it.
But you have to understand that we don’t have such a treasure as’ vector engine’. I’m afraid we can’t afford to pay too high a price. "After kruse recognized the cowardice, he naturally cried.
Anyway, protection is not the first time.
This thing was handed in once, and the second time it was not so resistant …
"The speaker’s adult comes to the point, so I won’t hide anything. I want the speaker’s adult to promise two conditions that we will immediately solve the threat of the iron wall fleet."
"First, we want proxima centauri" has the strength to support Yun Nie’s speech, which is very direct and car-scrapping.
Kruse frowned.
Cut land?
This condition is somewhat beyond his expectation, and this level of power is also lacking in land?