Zhu Ling’s native dog’s sneak attack ability is extraordinary and free from vulgarity.

The exit won’t go.
If you think about it, you can understand that Tiger Gaia is agile and extremely fast, although her combat power is not obvious after she turns into deep blue.
But even the deep blue can’t escape, and the local dog sneak attack has also been bitten. The sneak attack ability of Xiaodingding local dog can be seen.
May be grateful to Sun Hao for saving himself from the tiger Gaia at the last minute, or it may be a habit to share the spoils with Sun Hao.
Sun Hao didn’t expect the local dog to give himself a few happy horses and rabbits.
Moreover, there is actually a North Wind Pearl in the rabbit body of Zhongyi Xima, which was given over by a small fire.
Sun Hao himself is trying to drive the small flame to absorb the monk’s real fire and ensure that the temperature of the ice crystal cover can’t tell the energy to hunt.
However, Sun Hao felt that after absorbing a lot of real fire, the small flame kept moving forward.
Constantly evolving, at the beginning, the color of the small flame was pure white, but with the continuous growth, the color of the small flame became more and more white, as if it had turned white through.
At the scene, many monks then practiced the nine-turn method of true fire and felt the change of Sun Hao’s flame.
In my heart, I can’t help but look at Sun Haogao for a few minutes and envy Sun Haoji.
It is obvious that Sun Haosun Aquilaria is absorbing everyone’s real fire to defend against the cold current and help everyone tide over the difficulties. At the same time, it should benefit a lot.
It is of unparalleled importance for monks to break the Dan and give birth to babies.
Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang, it is a great opportunity to cultivate the true fire to the present point and to strengthen this North Wind Valley again
Many monks looked at Sun Hao’s little flame thoughtfully.
Usually, it’s even more difficult to practice Qi.
Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang, can cultivate the true fire to such a point that it is really the late repair of then?
With all kinds of different moods and tacitly yelling at the local dogs, the North Wind Valley kept running forward for more than a month.
For more than a month, I still haven’t seen the end of the north wind in ten thousand years.
The ranked elixirs went out hunting and at the same time felt glad in their hearts.
Fortunately, there are Sun Haosun agarwood. Otherwise, how many monks can get well in the past month?
If it weren’t for Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang, even the monks at the scene would have fallen to seventeen.
Many monks have a faint passion for Sun Hao, especially if they are self-sustaining, they will have no chance to escape that part of the monks.
Continue to advance in the north wind valley for more than a month.
Even Zhao Zhumo, the ranking elixirs, had to say that Sun Hao saved everyone.
If it weren’t for Sun Hao’s good fortune to come to the friar, it would be the only one
After more than three months, the north wind has been running forward for thousands of years, and a white and snowy mountain stands tall across the valley.
Xia Qingyu’s eyes were sparkling and his mouth was crisp, saying, "Snow Mountain, please be careful when you get to the snow mountain."
No, it’s sunny and rainy in summer. Then we have seen the great difference between the snow and ice peaks.
In the past ten thousand years, the snow and ice peaks have changed into groups of tornadoes, and the hard rock mountains of the snow and ice mountains have been swept away by the wind and the snow and ice mountains are surrounded by bottomless abyss.
The north wind valley and the eternal mountain will shake each other.
Zhao Zhumo looked at Xia Qingyukou and asked, "What should we do now?"
Xia Qingyu frowned and said, "Brother Zhao just calls me sunny and rainy." Then he turned around and looked at Sun Haorou and said, "Hao Ge, the north wind here is not very strong, and the rabbit will not chase after it. The fire can stop."
Zhao Zhu’s face flashed from his eyes with a slight red and a sharp light.
Sun Hao responded with a cool smile, and a small flame fell into the palm of his hand and disappeared into the body
Feel a little change in a small flame. Sun Hao is secretly surprised and has a little regret at the same time
The small flame has made great progress, and it has been limited to nine turns close to the real fire.
But maybe it’s because the real person is not good enough, the small flame is finally a little short, and we have to find another opportunity to really complete the nine turns.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Who is stronger?
There are thousands of piles of jade in the mountains of ice and snow
Looking at the valley mouth, there stands a mountain of ice and snow, and it looks like a thousand miles away.
The snow-capped mountains are towering into several white peaks in Wan Li, like a huge glittering and translucent column, which supports the heaven and the earth and the sky.
In the past, the restoration of the Snow Mountain was done independently by the monks of the Snow Palace.
Special repair method Special repair is very difficult to help his cousin.
Moreover, according to the analysis of the five major repair nodes, the celestial symbol and the ghost post are the difficulties and key points, and the other three points should be relatively simple
Of course, this repair process is slightly different from previous ones. I wonder if there will be any changes.
After Sun Hao put away the small flames, Xia Qingyu’s body was slightly crisp and said, "Dear Taoist friends, it takes about one or two to repair the sacred mountain in my holy palace. Taoist friends may wish to walk around the valley. Although the north wind is fierce for thousands of years, it is also a rare thing to polish the monks and tamp down their protective gods …"
Monks dream of devoting themselves to "thank you, Sunny Fairy"
Sun Hao’s heart is moving lightly, and it’s right that the north wind may really help him a lot.
It’s not only convenient for us to polish the truth and tamp the gods, but also to carry the Aoyu gods to exercise the body. It’s not bad for us to practice our own body-building skills like Prajnaparamita.
The test and opportunity in the burial day market are the same as those in the north wind for ten thousand years, but it is difficult to taste, isn’t it an opportunity
After Xia Qingyu finished, she said, "School sisters come with me."
The strength of the Ice and Snow Palace is well maintained. At present, there are seven female practitioners with the summer rain.
Seven women are dressed in the same white clothes, except for the summer rain, the scarf is masked, and his women are moving in all aspects, but they are worthy of the name of white fairy.
Six female practitioners scattered the six-pointed star shape around Xia Qingyu, and Xia Qingyu flew slightly higher. His female practitioners made a body ice crystal cover and turned it gently.