I asked Yi Genjin, "Tell me about which two places?"

Yi Genjin said, "This divination shows that it is most likely that Helong Village is in the back mountain, and that the dog sister-in-law may have left the back mountain and gone to the vicinity of Mohism."
I was surprised to hear this. It is true to say that Yi Genjin was right. He didn’t know that Lotus was lost in the mountains behind Helong Village, but it was very accurate to calculate Lotus. But when he said that Lotus might have left the hills and gone to the vicinity of Mohism, it surprised me. I never expected that Lotus would go to the vicinity of Mohism. But what was Xue Jinhua’s site doing there?
I am puzzled. wait for a while looked at Yi Genjin. At this time, Yi Genjin saw my puzzled expression and then said to me, "Brother Dog, I can’t be wrong. My sister-in-law is very likely to return to the back hill now. We can go to the back hill to look for her. If she is not there, she must have gone to the vicinity of Mohican country."
After all, it’s better to have Lotus than not to have Lotus. Even if I can see Lotus for the last time, I’ll try my best to find her and say goodbye to Lotus.
Bitter words in my heart can’t help but remind me that I have been in love with Xiaolian for more than a year, but Xiaolian has already entered my heart for more than a year. I don’t think I can forget her in my life. I can’t imagine what I would be like without her.
Huang Xianer and Bai Mei-er listened quietly to my conversation with Yi Genjin. At this time, Huang Xianer came up to me and said, "Brother-in-law Lian, let’s go and find Sister Lian. We will help you find her."
I appreciate watching Huang Xianer see this little female ghost with tears in her eyes at this time. Maybe she is also sighing about the fate of Nellian and the sad love between Nellian and me. I nodded at her and said, "Xianer, you and email go home. I will just go to find you, Sister Nellian."
I also said this from the bottom of my heart. I also said that Huang Xianer and Bai Mei Er could go to the police station to save me. I am very grateful. I don’t want them to work for me again.
Huang Xianer and Bai Meier didn’t say anything, but I can see from their looks that they must follow me to find Nellie. I don’t want to stay at Yigenjin’s house when I see that Nellie has fallen. After all, if the police touch Yigenjin and Zana later, they will be more than one bargained for. I said to Yigenjin, "Xiaojinzana, I’m gone, and we don’t know when we can meet again. Take care!"
I said that and walked outside.
"Brother Dog!"
Yi Genjin shouted and grabbed me one by one. "I’ll go with you!"
I just wanted to say something more, but Egan Jin made a sign to me to stop talking. He told Zana a few words and then walked outside with me.
I was moved and didn’t know what to say. Yi Genjin made up his mind. I knew that he wouldn’t listen to what he said now. So he walked with him in the direction of Helong Village. Huang Xianer and Bai Mei Er followed me. I looked back and didn’t advise them to follow. After all, they have certain powers and there should be no danger.
We didn’t dare to go directly to the village outside Helong Village. What I am most afraid of now is that the police have placed surveillance near my home. In that case, we will be trapped in the village. I said to Yi Genjin’s novel, "Xiaojin doesn’t know what unexpected things will happen when he goes to find Xiaolian this time. I still have my peach wooden sword at home. Can you go in and help me take it out?"
Yi Genjin ha ha smiled and said to me,’ Brother Dog, I’ll take it out for you now.’
"You wait first," I said, taking out my house key from my arms and saying to Yi Genjin, "You go in quietly and don’t disturb my family. They are worried about me enough. Just take out the peach wooden sword quietly."
Yi Genjin took the key, nodded and asked me, "Are you tied with a ghost rope? Do you want to take it out together?"
I touched the ghost rope in my arms and didn’t bring it with me. I said to Yi Genjin, "I didn’t bring the ghost rope with me. You brought it out with me and helped me get a suit. I have to change into a prisoner’s suit. It’s really awkward!"
"Good dog brother, wait for me!"
Yi Genjin finished and went to the village. There was silence in Helong Village at night. Yi Genjin’s figure soon disappeared. In the dark, I was waiting for Yi Genjin outside the village of Huang Xianer and Bai Meier. Now my biggest worry is that the police will come first. I have set up a big net near my home to wait.
After more than ten minutes, Yi Genjin finally came back with a peach wooden sword and a ghost rope in his hand and a set of clothes I usually wear.
"How is Xiaojin not in trouble?" I quickly asked.
Yi Genjin gave me the things and said, "It’s okay, Brother Dog, the village is quiet, and I didn’t disturb your family. They all took them out quietly."
I didn’t feel at ease to change the prisoner’s clothes, put the peach wooden sword on my back, and put the ghost rope in my arms to go to the back with Yi Genjin to find Xiaolian.
But just then, two cars came from the lane outside the village. When we were not far away, I realized that it was actually two police cars without warning lights.
Chapter 17 Sneak into the back hill
These two police cars came quietly and didn’t turn on the warning lights in a big way. I know they expected that I would come home and come to Helong Village to prepare for an ambush here. Seeing this, I was scared to death and thought that it was a close call. If they had come earlier, they would have blocked Yi Genjin.
Sure enough, as I expected, these two police cars drove directly to my house after entering the village, and then turned off the headlights, probably to hide the car and stare at it in the dark.
I rushed Yi Genjin with a wave of my hand and left the village with two little female ghosts. After a circle, I went into the back hill.
This mountain is next to Helong Village. When I was a child, I went to play in it. Now I have entered the summer. The trees in the mountain are flourishing, which actually makes me feel safe. Now I am being hunted and naturally want to stay in it when I see this natural hiding place.
I am familiar with this deep mountain. Although Yi Genjin is not familiar with it here, it is also very smooth behind me. I walked into the mountain, not to mention the two little female ghosts. They are not strong when they walk on the mountain road.
I took them to the place where Lillian disappeared, that is, Liu Xicai and I were chased by Lillian and revisited in the old place, which made me feel bad. You know, this is where Lillian and I lost our minds, and then they went crazy and ran away from here. I really didn’t know that Lillian was not here now.
I asked Yi Genjin, "Xiaojin, what do you think is the possibility of Xiaolian returning here?"
Yi Genjin wanted to think and said to me, "Brother Dog, I’m not perfunctory. Xiaolian may still be in this deep mountain. It is also possible that she has now reached the vicinity of Mohican countries. But she must be in these two places. This can’t be wrong."
"Well, I know." I nodded and said that I still believe what Egan Jin said.
Since we have to look for it in this deep mountain first, if we can’t find Xiaolian, we will go to Mohism and take another trip to the Sino-Russian border.
We have a lot of experience in the mountains. Besides, this time I was familiar with the mountains. When I was a child, I played in the mountains. I know the situation here like the back of my hand. There are no big wild animals here, so there should be no great danger. I feel relieved when I think of this. I am looking carefully for the missing place of Xiaolian with Yi Genjin.
Although this mountain is not too big, it is not easy to find a person here. We have been looking for it for more than two hours, but we have not found any clues. At this time, it is almost dawn. Huang Xianer and Bai Mei Er came to me and said to me, "Lian’s brother-in-law and Mei Er and I have to go back first. It is dawn."
I know these two little female ghosts don’t want to leave, but they have to go back and hide at dawn, or their souls will be scattered by the sun. I said to Huang Xianer and Bai Mei Er, "Xianer Mei Er, you should go home quickly. I’ll find your sister Xiaolian with Yi Genjin, and I’ll find it."
Huang Xianer said she would come to see us later. I told her not to come later. I’ll just look for it with Yi Genjin. Huang Xianer and Bai Mei Er didn’t say anything. Two little female ghosts floated away and I don’t know where they went.
Yi Genjin and I went on looking for the trace of Lotus in this deep mountain, but where is the figure of Lotus in this vast mountain? As time went by, my heart gradually became anxious. At this moment, Egan Jin said to me, "Brother Dog, it is not the way for us to find it like this. Do you think about which direction my dog sister-in-law ran?"
I carefully recalled the direction in which Lillian ran away. She ran to the depths of the mountain, but now I’m afraid it won’t have any effect if I look in that direction. After all, Lillian lost her mind and ran away. Her goal was blind. Who knows where she went?
Both of us have limited energy and endurance in looking for people in the deep mountains. We have always found the shadow of Xiaolian in the dark. From the beginning, we were full of pride and now we are disheartened. Yi Genjin and I are a little numb, so we want to give up looking here and try to find a way to find Xiaolian on the Sino-Russian border.
It’s getting dark. Yi Genjin and I found some hay behind a boulder and laid it on the ground. Two people rested against the stone. It’s been a long day, and our backs are sore, our legs are sore, and our feet are all blistered. But I’m really sorry that Yi Genjin and I suffered this crime.