The word "stop" is also handed to the ring at the same time.

The king of wolves is stronger than the king of wolves, and it has turned into a mass of blood and rain.
Someone died.
Or did the top five ranking competitions kill people?
The fallen monk is still ranked first in the original optimistic materials, and the ancient roaring moon Sirius Wolf King.
This result is enough to make tens of thousands of people stunned at the scene.
Zhu Pang’s heart thumped. "Niang Ermao really didn’t lie. Xiaohao really killed the Wolf King."
At this time, Sun Hao’s hand in the challenge fell into his hand, and his face seemed to be a little pale. He apologized to the referee and said, "I’m sorry, Xiaohao Horcruxes are not skilled yet, but they can’t control it …"
The tutor looked at the sky with blood and rain, and the ground was still crawling with minced meat, and his mouth was half open.
Stop it!
What a stop!
An ancient Sirius turned into a soul brother, and his bright future brother was lost because he confiscated it, so he stopped.
This can let him how to a job to the temple of souls?
Isn’t there a weak chicken in the hall of the spirit?
How can this little horcrux be so fierce?
Just now, this little fierce recruit tutor felt threatened enough.
The tutor was silent for one.
After half a ring, it was announced that the Wolf King had won against Zhong Xiaohao.
There was a noise at the game.
White-collar brothers are talking about it
Everything is in a mess.
The scene was in chaos.
How many years have passed since the so-called dangerous promotion tournament? There is really no such bloody side. Many female brothers in Feiyu Temple have started to vomit involuntarily.
Has been packed enwrapped looked at the ring a pile of minced meat nausea in the heart at the same time also not from palpitations.
She just complained that Sun Hao’s hand was merciless and she made a big mistake.
Now I’m glad.
Fortunately, Sun Hao didn’t take this trick to kill the Wolf King against her, or else a pile of minced meat might be her.
The phalanx of the Hall of Spirit is already ecstatic.
Zhong Xiaohao not only made it into the top five and got promoted, but also had the highest combat power. Even a fierce man like the Wolf King was directly cut off by him on the spot.
Pride in the Hall of Spirit
Long face is too long face.
Master Luo has a full face of spring.
How many people will remember the former Wolf King after missing the fall of the Wolf King today?
Haven’t you heard? Zhong Xiaohao hasn’t mastered this trick yet.
Isn’t it a regular thing that my brother’s soul doesn’t master the promise thoroughly?
Master Luo expressed full understanding.
The Wolf King accidentally fell.
The game was immediately interrupted.
The three tutors dare not report such a big event without authorization.
Sun Hao doesn’t rush to cross his legs in the ring, but sits still and waits for the result.
After half an hour, the three tutors were instructed by Bian.