"Is this your last kindness?"

There is no denying that there is no affirmation that [Goran Er] is very cool and replied.
"I don’t know"
"But I think this is at least their last chance to exert their destructive power."
"It’s not a pity to take the beam directly."
"That will lead to many of their efforts and even no chance to show …"
Have been quietly watching 【 Kay Kuai 】 is gently shook his head.
"But all this is meaningless after all."
"The so-called results have long been presented in our eyes."
And several other members of the field are too lazy to comment on this.
With the [chorus] such as processing.
For them who know everything and have everything, the situation of "crimson heaven" and "heaven of opportunity" can’t make them feel any mood swings at all.
It’s like seeing it early in the morning.
It took a long time.
When everything is settled by Imoko, they will calm down.
"Song Laner" just said calmly.
"Good hard work"
"I’m going to sleep for a while."
"When you wake up, everything will go into a new phase."
[Imoku] A group of loyalists immediately took orders.
"Wish to succeed"
Then a moment
[Goran] All the [established reality] in the mind [crimson heaven] [opportunity heaven] are distorted by differences.
Two huge [time polymers] are like collapsing bubbles.
Along with everything in it.
In a blink of an eye, it was kneaded into a small light spot by inexplicable forces.
on passage
[Imoku] They didn’t react at all. What happened?
Finish this move
[Greer] Hold it gently.
He pinched the light spot in his hand.
after that
A light gate appeared in front of them.
Opposite the door is a desolate ruin.
Look a little embarrassed but look quite excited. Olga is having a short rest there.
He feels as if he has just finished warm-up exercises.
After successfully getting rid of several teammates
Olga is also a little more excited.
But looking at them coming from across the light door [Song Laner], he was also immediately slightly surprised at one leng.
"How did you get here?"
[Greer] walks up to him and says with a smile.
"Bring you something to eat."
Say it.
She also spread her hand.
Reveal that shining light spot.
Through the breath
Olga was immediately white to the situation.
Knowing that it is the crimson kingdom and the kingdom of opportunity.
Recognize that the other party is really here to deliver food.
No hesitation
Will take over immediately.
Don’t wait for Olga to ask more questions
[Greer] leaned forward and kissed him.
Look some spoil continued