Two-to-one plan takes effect

The man went on to say, "I just want to see your determination, Tang Chuan. I believe you are even more so, but even if you believe it, if you are hesitant, it will prove that even if there is a deeper plan, you are not sure. I will not easily support betting on the whole article."
But I have seen your attitude, which shows your confidence. Since confidence is so sufficient and there are enough people to believe in their identity and achievements, what is the support? "
The emperor’s awe gradually converged, and Sineitai dissipated around the meeting.
The emperor’s figure is erratic and he is ready to leave him and look at the crowd. "Thank you for your support. The result should not let you down. I’m sorry that I just looked like I was just expressing my attitude. There will be no traitors here, no matter before, now or in the future. You are all my dear family."
Everyone was so angry that they thought, "Let’s talk nonsense." It didn’t look like a fake just now. I’m afraid if you really vote against it, people will die here today.
"Fine, whatever you say."
"Ready and send us to England and SHEN WOO to limit the emperor ~"
"A generation of sages will surely go down in history!"
Some people are getting angry, but they don’t have any fear of power, and they know that the emperor’s decision-making will definitely not harm the holy spirit from the subjective consciousness
Even if he and others scolded him a few words afterwards, he couldn’t and shouldn’t care that the emperor was so generous.
The former opposition is just that he is afraid that he will be blinded and make decisions subjectively and objectively, but it will make the holy spirit suffer consequences.
Now that it’s a foregone conclusion, what is there to say?
People can be so decisive that they should be confident and have a few words, and they still need to do their best.
The emperor listened to those sour words and smiled and said, "I’ve been wronged."
Finally, I looked at Tang Chuandao and said, "Do what you want and I will support it."
Tang Chuan nodded. "Thank you. Let’s go. I need to hurry."
It seems that no one here wants to stay in Tang Chuan, and the emperor smiled and dissipated.
Tang Chuan looked at the crowd and said, "Then start the plan!"
"You’re dead. I’ll never let you go."
"Damn it, how on earth did you brainwash that fucking sage?"
"I hope it will be a good result …"
When people complain a few words, they are also reluctant to leave. They will try their best to cooperate with the Tang Chuan plan. This is their own responsibility to limit the holy spirit. It is not contradictory to complain as much as possible
A moment is hidden in the dark, and the quasi-god weapon force accumulates energy.
The high-level officials cooperated with the cover to make this move hidden, and they all showed their magical powers to cover up the situation here.
However, the master of Tangchuanpan still sold a reasonable place and wanted to cover it up, but the calculation of local gaze is bound to be noticed.
At this moment, the fire bound demon realm has already sounded the alarm. They had a close call to capture the power of the Holy Spirit realm to transport the magic weapon, and the target is their hinterland.
I didn’t expect to be desperate to limit the holy spirit domain to such a heavy chip. It seems that the battlefield has put too much pressure on them and they have to do so.
However, how can it be possible to sit back and wait until you find out? It is proved that if the other party goes it alone, the consequences will be their own!
"Face defense form!"
"Search for the exact location of the opponent’s quasi-god weapon!"
"We intend to store energy in weapons!"
"Let them swallow the consequences themselves!"
One instruction at a time was reached.
Chapter 7 the scourge of heaven
Absolute alert state Tang Chuan shattered glass flaw was naturally found by the fire bound demon domain.
They figured out the hidden position of the quasi-god weapon in the restricted holy spirit domain, and it turned pale with a little detection.
Everyone who knows the calculation results thinks that the holy spirit domain is crazy, and they actually let the power of the quasi-god weapon store energy!
The horror is calculated to uncover the hidden veil, so that people can realize that the horror has already permeated the world.
The hinterland of the devil’s field may become the ultimate target of the other side, but it is completely meaningless to study the location of the attack now
Because of that, once the invasion comes, it’s the same everywhere!
The foundation of karma bound by fire will be instantly annihilated and illusory!
The other party is completely willing to break the ice at any cost!
The breath of two divine powers, the annihilation god and the broken god, dominates the war. That kind of power has not been stimulated yet. Just a wisp of arrogance when saving is enough to make people tremble. If they are hit, they will turn over again!