"It’s nothing to eat at home." Yong Dasheng, like an old child who hates chopsticks, directly picked up a spoon and said while eating, "What are you looking for Hou Chengfeng? Tell me about it. Maybe I can help."

Chapter 40 Prescription
Yong Dasheng opened two bottles of 2-year-old red wine and poured half a cup for Pei Xizhen and me. When she wanted to pour Lin Muxia, she shook her head and refused to say that she was allergic to alcohol.
"It’s nothing. There was an explosion in Dongwang Street in the hair area last night, and Hou Chengfeng’s famous shop was also hit by waves." Pei Xizhen mumbled that his mouth was full of half chicken legs and gills.
"Unless a three-person shop died before and after that?"
"How old you have heard of this?" I put chopsticks and looked at Yong Dasheng.
He swallowed his food and said, "I heard that Chengfeng was quite optimistic about the location at that time, and he wanted to pull me together to tell the truth. It is enough for me to support my life when I am old." Perhaps he remembered the long-term murder. Yong Dasheng’s eyes were dark. "As a result, he bought two stores at a low price and folded them. Now Dongwang is developing well, but he doesn’t have the fortune."
Lin Muxia said, "Yong Lao, remember carefully whether Hou Chengfeng bought that store before and after."
"This ….. let me think." Yong Dasheng closed his eyes and tried hard to remember that we waited quietly for nearly ten minutes. He opened his eyes. "Although it was an outbreak before people became a little crazy, his performance was fairly satisfactory. After that investment failure, he gradually became really like an outbreak, always acting like a boss and his penis. Personally, I feel that it is normal that he is young and has some achievements and can’t find the southeast, northwest and northwest."
It can be seen that a real rich man like Yong Dasheng can’t see the sudden appearance in his bones. Chengfeng dialect is quite classic.
I held back my smile and said, "What did he mainly do for profit at that time?"
"At that time, the drug agency business was suppressed by some policies, and the profit was much less. Hou Chengfeng felt that the sweetness was small, so he didn’t do it again. He invested in two stores in Dongwang and tried water. Later, when he was poor, he was lucky because he invested all his fortune in a pharmaceutical company. It seems that he developed a new type of drug. When he was a drug agent, the channel was reduced from medicinal materials acquisition to sales in Chengdu to the lowest earning a lot of money." Yong Dasheng laughed and had to admit that Hou Chengfeng’s fortune was against the sky.
After a full meal, the three of us stayed half dead from Yongdasheng Villa.
At this time, the three of us didn’t drink. Although our heads were still clear, drunk driving was not good after all. Considering this, we let Lin Muxia drive. She seemed to be full and energetic. She stepped on the accelerator to the end and shuttled through the straight highway. Is she going to use the second-hand Volkswagen as a sports car to play rhythm?
Lin Muxia ignored it and didn’t slow down until he entered the speed limit section. He simply said the word "stimulus"
After sleeping all the way home, Pei Xizhen and I were revived with blood, and we sat on the sofa to discuss Hou Chengfeng’s doubts.
"I guess what the urban blaster lost." Pei Xizhen rubbed the stubble on the back of his hand. "Alas, when will it grow?" It seems that he hasn’t adapted to the Hu era …
Not wanting to lag behind, I said, "I guessed it, too."
"What I didn’t guess …" Lin Muxia some chagrin do daze.
"Xiao Lin, don’t doubt your IQ." Pei Xizhen laughed. "Where did you pay attention to eating at that time?"
"strongly agree"
I took out half a bucket of ice water from the refrigerator, took a big drink and smiled and said, "The urban blaster probably lost a Zhang Zhengui prescription and Hou Chengfeng picked it up as a big bargain."
"Maybe there is a deeper layer to dig," Pei Xizhen added. "Hou Chengfeng said that the reason for withdrawing from Dongwang Street is far-fetched. Can he believe in Feng Shui because of his explosive personality? This is bullshit! There is a situation when people who are enraged by profits give up good things. "He paused and continued," I don’t think it is enough for him to risk his whole fortune with a prescription. Think about it. If you just saw a prescription, besides, its curative effect and market demand are unknown. Hou Chengfeng is not stupid. I have a hunch that Mao Shi, an urban bomber, was killed, but Hou Chengfeng was dead. "
"Then there will be medicine." Lin Muxia wanted to think. "It happened that Hou Chengfeng had a patient around him and he took it to test it. The curative effect was very good, which made Hou Chengfeng determined to cross the rubicon, but it was impossible to say what fluffy and Hou Chengfeng could have."
Pei Xizhen closed her eyes and meditated.
Lin Muxia gave me a proud look, which means I’m still young.
It’s a little uncomfortable to be despised by women. I drank two glasses of ice water
"Ling Yu, by the way, I won’t borrow your car from your house tonight to pick you up early." Lin Muxia packed up her things and said, "The star picker won’t plot against us for a while, so I can rest assured that I won’t go home and share a bedroom with two smelly men."
"Really? I can finally sleep naked, "I said.
Lin Muxia looked suspicious. Pei Xizhen and I switched back and forth. She seemed to misunderstand something. I quickly explained, "Don’t think we are normal."
"Silver here is three hundred and twenty." She chuckled over her mouth.
Pei Xizhen slapped her head and went into another bedroom with a metal cane.
I handed the car keys to Lin Muxia. When she left, she told me why she didn’t see me wearing her hat. I lied that it was so ugly that she ran the door angrily.
I haven’t got up in the morning and slept soundly. "Bang! Bang! Hey! " I was in a daze when I came to kick the door. It turned out that Lin Muxia was upset and said that she would not stop early in the morning. She selectively looked at me and threw the car keys in my arms. She handed me a bag of breakfast and looked at it from her own perspective.
Six fried dough sticks, two portions of bean curd, and one cage bag.
It’s common sense that the more I eat late, the hungrier I wake up. My stomach is growling and my hands have never been washed and dragged to eat fritters. Pei Xizhen was also awakened by her whole movement. She walked out of the bedroom and saw that breakfast was sleepy. "Xiaoyu, you are too careless about food and don’t call me."
I was busy eating, so I didn’t reply. After eating, I looked at it and was almost ready to go to class.
At this time, I noticed that Lin Muxia’s eyes were wrong and casually asked, "Did you wear eye makeup today?"