Whitewater is the initiative to meet him. He didn’t want to make the first half of the mountain temple bloody. Otherwise, it would be too much trouble to wash the ground. So he grabbed these villagers one by one and threw them out at a distance. However, although he didn’t directly break through the skin and wear meat, his claws had penetrated into the bone marrow, and everything was pinched in a big mess, and then he was thrown out for dozens of meters, which was tantamount to being thrown out from the cliff.

This mountain temple is next to a concave flat slope on the top of the mountain, and there is a mountain stream flowing on one side with a drop of tens of meters. There are gentle slopes and steps in front of the half cliff, so is the whitewater, which throws them into the cliff with a fist and blows them out. Another force will throw all these people out of the cliff, but these "unruly people" have already lost their lives.
There are all the meat-eating beasts in the mountains. This dozen people are just a few meals. White waves don’t recognize those beasts who dare to step into the mountain temple-stepping into the words just gives him a rare opportunity to offer a rare meal. After looking at a cliff at the fierce man’s door, he turned around and went in with a sneer.
Forty miles away from the city is nothing to him, that is, he can arrive at a meal, but there is a teahouse. When the restaurant gets up early to freshen up, it is good to practice while running. It is quite comfortable to have morning tea and listen to the teahouse and ask for news.
In the past few days, he has learned a lot about this thrifty city. Yes, all the temple bosses are masters, not to mention aristocratic families. Even though they have passed the imperial examination, they have at least martial arts. In this world, the imperial examinations not only test the martial arts, but also at least get through the small Sunday to qualify for the examination, and the Dayan royal family has a repression level. It is said that it is the old sovereign of the Zongren House.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Be an official?
"Is the real gang just a trick?" Whitewater listened to these words and thought to himself, the prestige of the gang name in the teahouse, restaurant and theater is very great, but in fact it is only because these ordinary people are most often exposed to these characters. Whitewater naturally met many gang middleman-when the emperor is not in the hometown, the bottom order base is the six-door control of various gangs.
Can this marginal students are almost all small gangs attached to big gangs. It’s quite amazing to watch the nicknames of gangs one by one. In most cases, these gangs have little impact on ordinary people, especially those who come to spend money to eat, drink and listen to guests-they won’t receive these heads if they are protected, or they will be killed by big gangs when they cross the line.
The market rules need to be ignored. Anyway, what he needs now is to practice martial arts and receive news-the modern mind tells him that most of the news is really a public key. You need to know how to receive it. The media broadcasting ability in this world is quite poor. There is no newspaper, no broadcast, and he is pregnant with "receiving news ahead of the times". White waves can also hear people talking nonsense.
Then go to the bureau and see if there are any martial arts cheats to sell. Whitewater knows one thing, that is, the bureau is in the city or near the city, and those places are occupied by big gangs. "Will it be assassinated in the past?" It’s true that Whitewater is dressed up in disguise, but there is a way to find out the gang activity area of Liubantang in advance and then go to the control site of that golden breeze and drizzle building.
This is relatively simple, and it didn’t take long for Whitewater to figure it out, but he was a little disappointed by the bureau, that is, there is really no decent martial arts cheats to sell staple goods. For him, there is nothing really profound martial arts, that is, martial arts are quite popular in Jicheng. I’m afraid none of these martial arts schools have it, just like the original Changle Gang, that is, teaching some introductory kung fu to get close to martial arts on Sunday, which is already very good for achieving innate martial arts.
On this day, when the White Wave Mountain Temple was practicing martial arts, someone came to the door, and it was quite polite. Even though the two doors in the first half of the Mountain Temple had been tilted, he still knocked on the door. "Can Mr. Bai?" Whitewater is practicing martial arts in the deserted garden behind the mountain temple at the moment-but there is a well in the flat land of 50 or 60 square meters. If there is not a mountain spring flowing through this well, it is impossible to have water. Although Whitewater thinks that it is unnecessary to dig a well with running water, who makes this world have Feng Shui?
He heard the sound-he had already sensed this man’s mountain. When it was two thirds, White Wave noticed it. When he came out, he saw a man in an official robe with two long followers behind him. It looked like a senior policeman, but did the policeman have a supplement on his chest and back? This one is said to be a senior catcher, and the hat has special feathers in its ears. Two long tails are one style and color, while this one speaks in a completely different style and color.
Whitewater is wearing a pair of trousers and barefoot. Because of the practice, it is still full of sweat and there is still a little fat … The abdominal muscles are not very obvious, but it is really a good man, especially in Shan Ye. Life has made this guy grow a lot of beard. How come there is an inch and short hair? hanging eyebrow is really a big hairy head …
His long hair was suddenly shaved when jade fish took him to wear it … Now Whitewater is too lazy to continue to stay. I don’t know that this short hair is quite lingering, but I don’t know that it looks more and more fierce like this. "It really is a good appearance for a hero to be brave and brave! How does Mr. Bai want to be an official in the court? " That man’s appearance is also high, but his figure is not high, but his momentum is full, so he said directly to whitewater.
"Be an official?" White waves asked, please sit these people at the same time-the first half of the poor mountain temple didn’t get white waves, but the dust blew away. Those tables and chairs were still broken. He also moved a few big stones to flatten the surface and serve as stools. This man also sat down without any intention. "Golden-winged bird Wang Daogong, Dayan is the fifth Weiwei … Oh, Mr. Bai generally calls us six doors, but the official name is Weiwei."
Say this words when this Daw-hwan Wang showed a little frustrated sample but whitewater see him mostly fake "Wang Weiwei came to me to be an official but also when this kind of Wei Wei? Is this Wei Wei post of Dayan State a procuratorial system? Can someone be a referral? " Whitewater is not in a hurry to promise or refuse. First, he asked curiously
The king didn’t worry about your rest to answer the question of whitewater. "Where is this Wei Wei position? Tell Mr. Bai that Chaju is one of the recruiting roads, but it is also the right way to be born. This Wei Wei can be considered as a senior official of Dayan at the highest level …" Whitewater also knows that one or two officials in the court are either empty titles or prime ministers. Three words are already the top six bureaucrats in the court ranking.
I don’t know about this big swallow official system, but it seems to be a combination of the Song Dynasty. Anyway, it is quite complicated, but it is definitely the top six doubts in the ranking.
"Mr. Bai’s innate master’s innocence is exactly what the imperial court needs. Please invite Mr. Bai to join the imperial court to learn written martial arts and sell the imperial family." Wang Dao winked his eyes. "It’s only serious to look up and attract scenes-it is of great benefit for Mr. Bai to join the imperial court!" This man’s spanner refers to the advantages in detail. "First of all, it’s not a big problem to have money. Let’s not talk about it first, then it’s all kinds of secret medicine materials for practicing. This is not only the court’s ration, but also the exchange and purchase …"
Whitewater smiled and listened, "Of course, there are secret martial arts magic weapons collected by the imperial armory, which are all able to learn to exchange-of course, to tell you the truth, this also requires M. leblanc to work hard in front of it. The imperial court has all the masters and innate masters to give directions on martial arts, which is a great benefit and …" This king smiled, "Just want to do something about yourself. Is this court still not well informed? Isn’t the most well-informed place in the world the court of various countries? "
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Gongmen good practice
That’s true. Is there a more powerful "sect" than the imperial court-the imperial courts of various countries? Probably there is, but Whitewater can’t touch Whitewater. Considering it again and again, it suits his style. It’s really an official robe-whether it’s a general or a policeman, he still has scruples about joining Whitewater in the government-the key is that he has many activities, even if the government is not willing to allow it, such as killing some people in the Sixth Hall.
Six-and-a-half-hall, like the golden breeze and drizzle building, is a big boss. chamber pot is very clear about this, and he is going to start work on six-and-a-half-hall. If he becomes an immortal, he will certainly be involved in one way or another-wouldn’t it be difficult for the big boss if he doesn’t want to? When you are an official, you have to be an official. It is very rewarding to be a big official.
So he thought for a while and then said to Wang Dao, "This is a little bit limited when you are a fast catcher … Ah, Wei Wei’s words are not." Whitewater knows that if the other party really wants to attract him, there will be several different conditions. He is willing to be an official and enter the system. If he is not willing to be bound, it will be another kind of whitewater gambling, which is a large-scale scarcity of innate masters.
That’s right, even if there are hundreds of congenital masters in the Great Yan State, but it’s a rare animal assigned to the territory, even if all the congenital masters in the highest proportion of Ji Cheng Wang add up, I’m afraid there will be more than 100 people.
Wang Daoxiao said, "I know that you like freedom, Mr. Bai, but you can’t be bound by it, but we also recruit supernumerary guards. The supernumerary guards can’t walk in an official capacity, but we can work together. Of course, since they are supernumerary, they won’t be so well paid. Some information won’t be released to the supernumerary guards, but they will all be treated the same. You can also get the opportunity to exchange various Dan medicine martial arts-and limit it!"
The supernumerary Wei Wei’s words can’t be the imperial system, so gold, silver, copper and iron should be used instead of Bai Lang’s innate martial arts. He has no doubt that Bai Lang, a Wei Wei of the silver rank, asked Wang Dao to make it clear one by one. "Do you want to set up a written evidence again?" Daw-hwan Wang, the golden-winged bird, likes jokes. Of course, Whitewater’s so-called joke "Forget the written evidence, then you don’t have to. Just help me carve a silver seal, but most of them have not been made …"
Wang Dao smiled and said, "Do you want an official robe? That’s easy. ""No, no, no, forget it. "Whitewater declined this proposal and threw a brocade box directly to whitewash it." It was already ready. "He hit the brocade box and saw if it was a silver tiger button seal, which was about a high personal seal type. Whitewater turned the seal over." Jade column? Why don’t you just carve the word "white wave" but my word? "
"It’s not a secret …" Wang smiled and explained that he took a piece of paper and then "signed it" and the other followed Wei Wei directly. He put a wooden box in front of whitewater and handed it to me with a charcoal pen, and the paper was signed-the paper was also simple. "Wei Wei sent a silver seal, a white jade column and a monthly salary of four hundred and twenty." He played a wooden box with glistening silver ingots inside.
"Let’s go first at one o’clock." Wang Dao put away the paper, patted his clothes and left the white waves. It’s not so easy for him to pat his ass and run away. "Wait, if I want to exchange martial arts, where should I go?" Wang Dao laughed. "Just come directly to Weiwei House!"
Watching these three people disappear, Whitewater plays with the seal in his hand. "This is the supernumerary bureaucrat? No, there is no level. This is a temporary worker! " If you think about it carefully, it seems that you have solved a lot of problems now-for example, Wang Dao, he sat on a stone and left a book in which he wrote about the recent six-and-a-half-hour hall, and some information focused on the situation of those people who participated in the killing of the Golden Knife Door Master Piaoxiang’s family.
"It was the biggest gangster … this is the biggest gangster, right?" Whitewater muttered, knowing that this kingly position is at least not Golden Knife Gate, or half-ass here, but reading what is written in a small book, of course, this is mostly the real thing-these people did not continue to live in that Park Xiang to establish the original Golden Knife Gate mansion, but replaced it with the mobile residence method of several dens.