Looking at the eyes, Erlang looked slightly moved and didn’t believe it. I didn’t think that Erlang would practice the flesh to the realm of blood rebirth

"Aquilaria, you are tampering with Huashan to destroy the order of heaven and earth, and plead guilty with me in heaven!"
As soon as Erlang God showed his figure, he shouted coldly. His tone was cold and his breath did not hide his murderous look. His breath suppressed heaven and earth and made the turbulent Huashan be settled.
"Erlang God, unless you kill me, I must save my mother!"
In the face of Erlang Shen agarwood’s stubborn face, he showed great anger, but he choked back his anger and roared like a wronged child
However, when agarwood saw the lotus lamp in Erlang God’s hand, his face suddenly turned red, his eyes were red and his breath was violent. He roared in his mouth, "Erlang God, you swallowed the lotus lamp wick. You should pay for my mother’s lotus lamp to accompany me!"
Exhausting the sound of agarwood in hysterical anger, with all her anger and ShaQi, it is also a shock to make the hermit tall. Looking at it, I saw that the lotus lamp really lost its luster, and the lotus wick was gone.
At this time, Gao Cai is also white. This Erlang God can practice to the realm of blood rebirth so that his nine Xuangong fears that he has reached the seventh floor with a mid-term state comparable to pick.
However, this kind of price is too high. Directly swallowing a congenital spiritual treasure species to strongly urge the physical change not only loses a congenital spiritual treasure, but also damages it more easily.
If one is not careful in refining, it will lead to a big drop in repair and eternal life. It seems that Erlang God really gave his life after being defeated by himself, and maybe he also made a special effort to copy the credit.
But it’s a pity, Lotus Lantern. No wonder this agarwood is so angry.
It’s agarwood, and it’s not Erlang’s opponent, especially now that his eyes are covered with anger, and he has no power to resist Erlang’s magic.
Even average computer-virus, this high talent also has gently shook his head agarwood, although in a short time the science of uniting to the flying fairy realm.
However, the mind still needs to be improved. Although this performance can be criticized in the face of life and death, the responsibility of agarwood is too great and the requirements must be higher
Erlang’s cold glance at agarwood’s three-pointed double-edged knife poked forward, and the huge breath made agarwood tremble all over. If it wasn’t for the axe in his hand, agarwood had been directly suppressed by great power.
It is enough for a strong man to deal with a flying fairy in the middle of his life. This Erlang God is almost contributing, and there is no room for it.
You have to do it yourself, or agarwood may explain here today.
When a little bit of golden brilliance flashed in the hand, a statue of forty golden Buddha statues with a hundred feet was nullified towards Erlang God.
At this time, Gao Cai also wanted to test who is more powerful in self-cultivation and Erlang Shenjiu Xuangong.
"Source golden Buddha? Jiujiu Xuangong! "
As soon as this Baizhang Buddhist method appeared, Erlang’s face sank and he drank coldly. The three-pointed double-edged knife in his hand also swept to the method. In the face of this fierce one-knife method, 96 arm buddhas were shocked forward to block the knife from his arm, while the Buddha was severely suppressed towards the virtual one.
At that time, Gao Cai went to war with Erlang God, a Buddhist method. In this war, Gao Cai came directly to Aquilaria in front of him. Little by little, the green gas disappeared into Aquilaria’s body and he was awakened from anger. Then he asked, "How did you get out of this child? Where is your master? Hurry back to Huaguoshan! "
"We took a lot of nectar and jade masters from heaven. He was drunk and I sneaked out. I have become a flying fairy. With this mountain axe, I can definitely split Huashan!"
Looking at the virtual war agarwood face from shock to horror, it gradually became white, and the gap between himself and Erlang God was even more known.
However, he stubbornly wanted to split Huashan to save his mother.
"Go back and practice again. When you achieve immortality, you may really have a chance to split Huashan! But you have to defeat Erlang God, or you will never get close to Huashan! "
Looking at agarwood’s stubborn face, Gao Cai gently said that his heart can also understand agarwood’s mood.
Seeing agarwood, I want to continue to say something, but I’m too lazy to say anything. I’m going to send agarwood directly back to Huaguoshan with a wave of my long sleeve.
"I yawned and slept for a while, and you ran out so small and made such a big noise!"
When Gao Cai waved his sleeve, a golden lotus rose slowly from the void. The golden lotus monkey was wrapped in a golden cassock and yawned at the agarwood and said
"Hey, you have learned Buddhism’s 99 Xuangong, and I have made great progress, but I haven’t got this 99 Xuangong cultivation method. Why don’t we exchange the 99 Xuangong for you? Maybe we can really spy on the holy position!"
After talking about agarwood, the monkey suddenly saw forty Buddhist golden postures in the distance, and his eyes shot up and said
"When you’re ready to meet your nephew, go to Huaguoshan to consult your uncle!"
When you hear the monkey talk, you can also move on. The joint understanding of Buddhism and Taoism, the two major body methods, may really make the body practice to an unprecedented level.
However, at present, it is necessary to rescue Erlang God first, otherwise you will always be entrusted here. When you pinch the printing tactic in your hand, you will be prompted to smash the golden posture towards Erlang God.
Erlang Shen also saw the monkey’s heart at this time, and he couldn’t help but get anxious. If Gao Cai and the monkey unite, he can’t decide for himself.
While Erlang was trying to find a way, the whole Huashan mountain suddenly rumbled and shook, and a huge bloody river burst out of the void.
Several blood gods flashed in the river of blood, screaming constantly, and immediately surrounded the whole Huashan Mountain, but also spread around.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-seven Blood gushing
When the blood river burst and the blood god plundered, Gao Cai and Erlang God had to keep fighting against Fang Xue God.
These blood gods will devour the flesh and blood of creatures. If you want to pounce, the master will become a skin without flesh and blood, even if the immortal realm is faced with the marginal blood god, it will die.
In the face of this catastrophe, Gao Cai had to deal with it immediately, because not only there were a large number of blood gods in Huashan, but also several spewing blood rivers throughout the eastern soil.
If we deal with fear from time to time, we will lose our lives. Many places will become people’s hell, and Li Tang’s strength will also greatly weaken the overlord of France.
Gao Cai drank it coldly and turned it into a statue, which stood out from the sky and stood in the river of blood. The blood gods beat it quickly and smashed it directly.
At the same time, whistling in the mouth and swallowing the blood all over the sky, God will absorb these blood in a moment.
A talented person’s body is a big one, and he is not afraid of these blood gods, which can be said to be the bane of these blood gods.
This swallowing will also refine these blood gods into pure vitality.
It was the Fangxue River that was still surging high that had to suppress this bloody river. When a little golden posture was in hand, the Buddha was full of golden brilliance and recited the Sanskrit. Directly suppressing Fangxue River mouth, the spewing blood river was slowly sealed.
After this seal, Gao Cai’s hand printed a tactic to pinch the rolling pure Yang thunder water and poor Buddhist golden light, and together they turned into a huge symbol to suppress the bloody mouth. In case Gao Cai was prevented, he would receive a Lingbao seal face.
After finishing these, Gao Cai conveniently put away the Buddhist method.
"The blood river of Erlang God spews out a sea of ghost blood and invades people. Why don’t you suppress it here quickly?"
See stay empty Erlang god high just a cold drink at the same time, the hands of a press evergreen day three million heaven and man army divided into teams toward the east soil other places to suppress.
When they went out, Gao Cai’s hand was also a little bit big, and the pure world millstone in the palace refined the Tai Su gas produced by Xuanzang Gate, which suddenly surged up and quickly turned into a white and golden giant gate.
This huge white and golden gate will enable these great armies of heaven and man to return to Evergreen sky quickly, and it will also enhance their strength.
Even with the help of evergreen power to cast some powerful avatar.
After sending the army of heaven and man, Gao Cai quickly walked to the monkey’s side and said coldly, "Guys are temporarily afraid that there is no way to understand the cultivation method with you. Now we must suppress these bloody armies."
"I didn’t expect this bloody sea of ghosts to have such a big move. If you want to be a Buddhist, you must first be unlucky. I am afraid that I can’t hide if I want to be lazy."
Looking at the monkey who was quickly suppressed by Gao Cai, he was shocked and full of worries, especially when he felt the menacing blood.
"Brother Shibo won’t be long-winded. Wait until the blood is suppressed. Brother Haidi will personally go to Huaguoshan to see Uncle Shibo and leave!"