Just now, this scene fell into the eyes of the big fellow Cao, who has been on the edge of the battlefield, and immediately surprised him. His knowledge immediately guessed that the breath that caused the violent rebound of the dead yin qi would be so rejected by the breath of the underworld. In addition to the immortal cultivation of the holy spirit, only those Buddhists could cultivate a unique Buddha spirit.

The devil’s brother is bigger than the trial, which makes the magic repair extremely disgusted with Buddha’s spirit, and makes Cao’s big fellow immediately stunned with confusion and surprise.
Cao’s big fellow is different. At this time, the shroud boy is frightened and furious to the extreme. I don’t know when his eyes are open and his crazy thoughts are calm. But at this time, he is tumbling again. It’s not that he wants to be like this, but that he can be interrupted by Wu’s abandonment of his spirit, but after all, his strength has soared to the late stage of deification, and his body is full of strong dead yin.
The spirit of death and yin is the unique aura of heaven and earth in the underworld. The two most exclusive smells are the spirit of immortal cultivation and the spirit of Buddha cultivation and light cultivation. Now he appears in front of him because he can hate Buddha spirit.
The palm of your hand covered with fine dark gold scales seems to be calm and light, just like touching it. The shroud boy will not move for a while
Instant shroud boy body strange pause for a moment and then see shroud boy fierce raised his head and mouth.
"Poof" rang and a big gulp of deep red blood was sprayed by him.
Where the palm of the dark gold fell, where the chest of the shroud boy used to be a dead place, but at this time, a large piece of burnt black appeared to form a palm print and scoffed at the white smoke, and there was a trace of golden Buddha’s light surging and continuing to corrode the shroud boy’s body and collapse to the surface.
"Roar" is more violent than the sound wave of terror, and it rumbles in all directions. It is more violent than the dense evil spirit, and the shroud boy’s eyes are almost immediately turned into blood red. Crazy and bloodthirsty flashing in this instant shroud boy’s body has also changed. The tender skin has become hard and rapidly transformed towards purple and black, but the body hair is instantly separated from the thick rotten stench, which is emitted from the shroud boy.
At this time, a kind of breath completely different from human beings appeared, as if he was no longer human, but another kind of life did not belong to this world, and the life belonged to the unknown world, which was much larger than that of Zhongzhou mainland.
Although the dead yin corpse is not complete, the skin and hair have changed. One more thing is that the breath really belongs to the biological characteristics of the underworld. It seems that it is not too obvious, but even so, the breath of the shroud boy in front of Wu abandoned has completely broken away from the mid-term limit of the deification and completely entered the late stage of the deification.
Although stimulated by the Buddha’s light, the shroud boy completed the final incarnation, but it was interrupted twice in a row. He extracted the root of dead yin from the underworld, but he didn’t finish it either. The incarnation strength only soared to the late stage of deification and stopped.
In the roar, the shroud boy’s anger simply concealed a pair of eyes full of lotus flower and stared at Wu Abandon’s hatred, which was simply to wash away the Wang Yang water method, but what he saw was not Wu Abandon’s frightened eyes but another kind, which was … ridicule.
Clearly read out Wu abandoned eyes laughing at the shroud boy, only to remember that his current opponent is not Wu abandoned, but the other is the strange dark gold arm or the owner of the dark gold arm. When the perfect dark gold humanoid creature suddenly squeezed out of the virtual, it was comparable to the peak momentum of God. When the shroud boy came out of it, it was already purple and black. Even the creatures in the underworld also had worldly desires’s fear thoughts.
Just as the dead yin corpse is a creature in the underworld, it is also a zombie, but there is also a zombie in front of him at this time, but the zombie body has no rotten smell, which makes the shroud boy and the dead yin corpse hate the breath of Buddha.
"This is … the silver corpse of that peak?"
"A zombie is full of Buddha spirit?"
The shroud boy immediately felt that his wisdom was not enough, but he was sure that he would not admit his mistake. The humanoid creature that was abruptly squeezed out from the virtual was the one that Wu abandoned from him and a group of true brothers, and the silver corpse in the corpse grave world was almost promoted to a golden corpse.
But now this peak corpse has become such a shape that I can’t find a piece of silver scales. I can see pieces of scales that are finer than dark gold, and that makes him more radiant than disgust and fear
If the dark humanoid creature in front of him is also in the late stage of deification, he may be disgusted, but it’s a pity that he will be almost exhausted after his imposing manner is suppressed, and the whole day will be turned into a golden Wang Yang shroud boy who sadly finds that his body can’t move.
Maybe when his brother or monster beast fights, the difference of one realm will not cause too serious consequences. The weak one has a good chance to escape, but if the two creatures are mutually exclusive, there is usually a result that they both lose, but if one of them is far stronger than the other, the result will be that the other side has no chance, and there is one that is death.
I worked so hard that I didn’t hesitate to move my life to make three chances to become a demon creature and die. The final result turned out to be this.
At this time, the shroud boy found with horror that there was no trace of dead yin qi around him from time to time, and the place was full of golden Wang Yang, which was more pure than the Buddha’s light, like the dead yin qi before, and completely covered the area where Wu abandoned him that day, hanging like a golden little sun.
The scene changed dramatically, but it happened. First, the process of the shroud boy becoming a dead yin corpse was interrupted by Wu Abandon’s spirit, and then the dark golden arm appeared at random, which directly broke his underworld, interrupted the dead yin qi, and then he was half transformed by Wu Abandon’s sacrifice, and then he was refined into a red-violet busy body. The former peak silver corpse appeared far better than his realm. Before him, the exhausted Buddha’s light suppressed him, and it was almost inconvenient for him to react. After a breath, Wu Abandoned the captive’s rich dead yin qi was dispersed.
Not only is the shroud boy stunned, but even the man surnamed Cao can’t believe it. Before looking at this scene, he saw that the shroud boy cast out the dead yin pulse and brought talent and magical powers, and his heart cursed the shroud boy for being crazy. At the same time, he also recognized that Wu Abandoned would never be an opponent who became a dead yin corpse shroud boy.
However, he never expected that the scene where Wu abandoned the chopping block and was torn apart by the shroud did not appear. Instead, the shroud boy was suppressed and ruined. Wu abandoned the chopping block and the fish was slaughtered and disposed of by him.
"Red-violet sees him off"
Compared with the cold voice, it pours out from Wu’s mouth and falls into the ears of the shroud boy and Cao Dahan at the same time, which also causes two people to have different reactions. The shroud boy is a mixture of anger, unwillingness and resentment, and despair. After Wu abandoned himself as a dead corpse, he would be beheaded by himself, but he never thought that such a scene would happen.
"No … no, it’s impossible. How can this be the case? How can you have the Buddha’s cultivation method? How can you practice the Buddha’s cultivation method?"
"I don’t want to be a little beast. You are a humble brother. You are a little beast that comes out of nowhere. How can you kill me? How dare you kill me? Yes, you can’t kill me. I am a real brother. If you kill me, you will be killed by the ruling elders."
"You are quick to release me. I want you not to kill me. I promise that I will never redeem my treasure with you in the future. You release me, all my savings, and I have a magic weapon. I have a high-order avatar …"
In the face of death, even the earth monks who have been practicing for many years do not show the same reaction as all sad mortal ants.
I haven’t completely woken up from the ups and downs, but the shroud boy can almost beg for mercy because he can clearly sense the cold murderous look that Wu abandoned himself and poured out.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-two Explosive
At the beginning, in the corpse grave world, in front of all the monks watching the battle, Wu abandoned the big corpse magic hand to suppress the shroud boy on the ground, but at that time, there were many eyes and miscellaneous, and there were Song Xue and other people waiting for him to take the temple. Even though Wu abandoned his heart and wanted to kill the shroud boy, he finally endured it.
At that time, the shroud boy was in a coma and was rescued by Manshan and others.
But now, no one will appear here except a man surnamed Cao. Before his incarnation, the process of dead yin was interrupted by Wu Abandon, and then all the dead yin was dispelled by Wu Abandon, Red-violet, and the Buddha’s light was wonderful. It didn’t cause any big scenes, and it couldn’t attract the elders who tried to protect the flag in the mainland for the sixth time.
Not long ago, I was going to become a creature in the underworld. The dead yin corpse must have been killed in an instant by suspense.