But its breath is much weaker than just now.

Obviously, the taste of big incision is not so good.
A roar, this device is kicking around Zhang Yang at a distance, but it doesn’t continue to attack, but it is very alert.
The other party has scruples about not making moves, but Zhang Yang doesn’t have so many ideas.
The palm of your hand is held high and the big cutting operation is performed again.
The spirit’s eyes are wide open and ready. It will run away with a hoof.
Zhang Yang hands method definitely a pinch.
The talented avatar is slow.
It’s impossible for the spirit to feel its shape and want to escape again.
Cut in half again
This time, without waiting for it to merge, Zhang Yang will shoot again
The big cutting technique was put to use, and the fire group that had just gathered together was once again exhibited.
There was a roar in the fire, and it was obviously very angry.
Zhang Yang is no matter continue to big cut to display.
Every time, as soon as the fire group is merged, it will be exhibited again.
But see the fire breath is getting weaker and weaker.
Obviously, I’m afraid it won’t be long before the other party is completely wiped out.
The spirit of the instrument is also intelligent-although it is simple and intelligent enough to let it know how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and let it know that it is hard to cherish life.
Zhang Yang can sense the breath in the fire at this time is not anger but fear.
Deep fear and waves of begging for mercy
In order to achieve the effect of bully, Zhang Yang continued to perform the big incision and attacked twice before he stopped.
At this time, the flame breath is extremely weak and may fall off at any time.
The peristalsis slowly conjured up the Kirin shape and looked at Zhang Yang’s eyes. There was no tyranny left, and fear was whispering.
"You have two choices: surrender to me or fall."
Zhang Yang deep sound.
If there is a possibility, he won’t erase this spirit.
The power of a fairy with a spirit will be very different. If the spirit is erased, even if Zhang Yang succeeds in recognizing the Sanwei Dan furnace, the power of the Sanwei Dan furnace will be much worse than that of coming.
The spirit is simple-minded, without too much hesitation. In the low hum, the huge head moves over and Zhang Yang’s legs linger for a while
"Ha ha ha ha ….."
Zhang Yang laughed and felt that all obstacles disappeared instantly, and he was as close as flesh and blood to Sanwei Dan furnace.
Acknowledge the Lord successfully!
Finally, I succeeded in recognizing the Lord!
There was a huge pulling force on the body, and Zhang Yang felt that his soul had been recovered.
The figure is still cross-legged, and the front is still the antique Sanwei Dan furnace.
"shout! Sanwei Dan furnace has a spirit and a complete fairy. It is much more difficult to recognize the Lord. "
Think about that easy to recognize the Lord and cut the fairy circle. Zhang Yang can’t help but sigh
Look around at the whole raging fire in Zhang Yang’s hands. The Sanwei Dan furnace immediately fluctuated with a charm.