Does Sun Hao’s arrangement mean that he should be more himself to Daewoo? Wipe your eyes with a purple shirt.

The small fire was left in the array to ensure the protection ability of the large array; Secondly, the new dark blue kitten will meow anxiously if it doesn’t see the small fire. If it barks much more, it will expose everyone’s position.
Because the kitten herself can’t go out with her brother.
Small fire in the heart is very uncomfortable, I feel that I have picked up a full drag bottle.
As a result, although the large array of kittens kept rolling in the dark blue and trying to amuse the small fire, the small fire was still indifferent and bored, and it was also a claw to lift a kitten to the ground.
Sun Hao and Xiao Zhangbei of Xuanyuanhong slowly merged into the nearby environment and disappeared into the large array.
Xiaozhang original sea has strong deformability, digestion and absorption. When Kangshen blood is used, its ability is strengthened, and the land also has the general ability similar to chameleon, but it is slightly weaker than seawater and consumes more.
But it is enough for Sun Hao and XuanYuanHong.
The two men sneaked into the vicinity of Qitianzong with a small fire.
Then dark clouds floated in the direction of Qitianzong’s banner.
The dark clouds grew thicker and thicker, and soon it was drizzling.
Dujiu looked at the dark clouds with his scabbard broadsword and frowned slightly.
This light rain is strange.
The mountain is a natural scene. Strictly speaking, the rain is normal, but the weather is fine these days, and there is no sign of rain. Besides, it is a battlefield, and everything else is fine except for the small area of Qitian Zong, where it rains. It is sunny and sunny. What do you think is weird?
To a Li Min, his eyes flashed off and he looked at the dark clouds and light rain hanging over Qi Tianzong and stood up.
Floating out, Li Min proudly descended to the Qi Tianzong banner.
Coldly Li Min sink said, "Du Jiu surrendered to a flag."
Sitting cross-legged in a large array with a careless broadsword, he smiled in his hands and said, "I’ll give you the horse back in two hours."
Li Min shouted "Little White Come here" with a grimace in his face, and then looked at Dujiu Shen in the array and asked, "Do you really want to force me to use force?"
Dujiu’s face was just beginning to say, "If you come, you’ll be afraid, and you’ll have long wanted to learn something."
This year’s Zongmen qualifying battle also has a rough ranking for each Zongjin. Li Min ranks first, but Dujiu is not bad, second only to Li Min. At this time, there is a large array of cover for Dujiu. I really can’t believe that I can’t keep it for two hours.
Ranked first and second, there are not many onlookers.
Only a few monks with true military strength are watching from a distance.
Qi Tianzong’s strength is strong, even if he is defeated, it is difficult to take advantage of it, but no one is ready to fish in troubled waters.
Soon Yi Xiaobai also came to Qitian Zong before the war.
Li Min immediately rushed Qitianzong large array to storm.
Since Li Min is now killing the door, there is naturally a reason
The drizzle from heaven can greatly add to his cold hermetic skills, but he can seize the opportunity to fight
Long ago, Qi Tianzong’s large array was thoroughly understood. With the help of light rain, the white cold current freezing attack was greatly strengthened. When only two pillars of incense were used, Qi Tianzong’s large array of flag protection could not be eaten.
Frozen by white ice, it began to crack and be broken.
Dujiu’s heart cursed the damn weather, waved his hand with a sheathed broadsword and drank a "preparation"
With a wave of his hand, the broadsword appeared in the sky and layers of knife shadows attacked Li Min.
In the pocket, Qi Xiaoai led the convergence array to face Yi Xiaobai.
Qi Tianzong’s large array was broken and the war began.
Originally, I didn’t intend to besiege the top monks of Qitianzong. Suddenly, I found that it was an opportunity for Qitianzong’s large array to be broken.
It is much weaker to guard the flag on three sides in the World War II.
The Godsworn in Qianqigu couldn’t help but rush over at first.
Qi Tianzong has his banner, and if it can be taken back, it will be beneficial to the ranking.
Friar Chien-gu rushed wildly.
The underground sword forging also sneaked up, and his goal was the banner of Qitian Zong.
If you want to take the flag of Qitian Sect, then his ten thousand swords Sect is the only one, and the flag has not been taken away.
Even if you don’t keep it in the end, you can take some advantages, right?
The goal of recreation and Huangdaoyuan is also the flag of Qitian Zong.
Their reason is very simple. Since my flag has been taken, it won’t make you feel better. Everyone has been taken back to a starting line.
The Millennium Valley and Wuyue Cave have rushed together, and his three top monks immediately moved, and the banner of Qitianzong was in chaos.
Dujiu Fighting Li Min
Although Li Min is fierce, it will be difficult to get Du Jiu for a while.
In my pocket and JiXiaoAi gave up Yi Xiaobai and rushed to the banner to fight head-on with Wuyue Cave.
Yi Xiaobai rushed to Guiyi’s banner but was stopped by Kangle.
Huang Daoyuan rushed to Qitian Zhanqi, but he was involved in his pocket and the Friar Wuyue Cave was hard to get away from.
Sword forging hides in the ground and waits quietly for the damn Sun Hao to make a move.
With such a scuffle, Sun Hao’s wicked little boy is absolutely hiding in the dark.
I just want to see who can hold my breath better.
But looking at the sword forging, I found I couldn’t help it.