"Oh, come by this world and see you, you disciple," said Zhou Shubi with a grin. "Huh?" Whitewater is puzzled. When did he hold the thigh hair of this big boss in front of him? "Hum, it’s rare for the old man to see you pleasing to the eye and give you two martial arts cheats. You are even my disciple. Hum, the old man has never been a disciple. Don’t be short of the old title. Hey, hey, hey, don’t blame the old man for bringing you trouble in the future!" Baboons seem kind this week.

It happened that Whitewater also had some martial questions to ask this "master", so he quickly wanted to ask Zhou Shubi, who had never thought of giving him a look. "It’s good to always chase the old Gautama thief bald and pass by and can’t beat the old bald to find an old nun in Miao Shan! The world is locked up and you can’t stay for a few minutes. Your question depends on yourself-you are a good disciple, and you should practice by yourself when you grow up. "
At present, this demon looks like the kind of person who entered the palace several times. I didn’t want to ask him what’s wrong with avalokitesvara. I think it’s probably impossible to get away from squatting in a bitter kiln … Listening to the baboon demon say, "My martial arts is all self-cultivation, and my younger brother should remember the old kung fu in this way. There are two versions. The old man once thought about practicing any ever-changing tricks. Now it’s all vain. First, he needs to be fucking blasted off! The second … "
This week, Uncle Bi winked at Whitewater. "It’s the killing method of Isaiah’s anger. Hahahahahahaha!" Whitewater is in distress situation, but now that he is a big brother, his thigh can be thick and tight, but it seems that this monster is not a good man either. I’m afraid I don’t know how many enemies will get into trouble with his brother when the time comes.
"Ha ha ha ha which day you see a thief bald with a teacher who is half enemy and half brother, remember to ask him for benefits! This old devil is simple and complicated, but it’s also simple and complicated. The martial arts are strong and powerful. If you come here, you will be enchanted by all thieves in this world! Remember not to be killed-don’t worry about the old face and the rules of the world, he won’t beat you! "
I don’t know what this monster is doing. After talking about this, the bastard turned into a black wind and there was a ray of black wind that slammed into the white waves. Immediately, this guy was all over the thirteen Pacific Insurance to practice the golden bell jar and the defense capability of Nandou White Tiger Boxing Department. Even the bones were broken, not to mention the muscles and skin were swollen and black … "You are so fucking weak! Hahahahahahaha! Teacher will improve your beating skills! Get old! "
Bai Lang knows that he has received at least 1,000 punches, each of which smashed a tendon or bone. If he can practice the golden bell jar again and recover, he will surely be able to "hit thousands of times!" Whitewater’s throat sounds, and I know it’s kind enough for this monster. I’m afraid I have to be careful not to kill Whitewater.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-four Heaven who spared?
White waves are miserable. The golden bell jar was broken. It was originally estimated that it broke about 17 bones, but as soon as luck left, it turned out that 27 bones were broken. Even if there were no broken bones, there were fractures, and the meridians were beaten intermittently and bruised. This time it was really going to be completely broken.
For this kind of words, I don’t want to beat the so-called apprentice like this first, but I also call it helping him to work hard. Master Bai Lang, the bastard, has a word to say, "I wish you continue to be arrested by the Tathagata Buddha and go to the bitter kiln!" It seems to be an obvious fact that this baboon monster has been in and out of the temple many times. This face looks like half a generation in prison.
After giving a blessing to his master, Bai Lang endured a sharp stabbing pain and inhaled. To move, he first had to get through the interrupted meridians, then the true qi urged the muscles to reduce swelling and remove blood stasis, and finally forced the bones to move-optimistically, he would be able to recover his mobility in about half an hour at the most.
After that, he applied ointment. Unfortunately, he really didn’t have any medicine at hand to treat broken bones and bruises. He didn’t remember any prescription. He could force bonesetting to stimulate growth on his own innate qi every day. "Alas, I even can’t use force for about two months …" Chopping people can be as unscrupulous as in the past.
I hope I can live in peace for two months and wait for my injuries. Well, it happens that he can come to train those county soldiers in these two months. During these two months, these county soldiers should have made some achievements, and they can cultivate the martial arts of the long and short soldiers sorted out by the white waves. This is also the essence of the white waves. If it is simple and simple, it can be fatal with one knife and one shot, so don’t get hurt. Don’t play with fancy defense and give it to heavy armor …
Hundreds of people in the war are like one person poking and stabbing at random. Who wants to play with their posture? Then he will pit a group of companions to death. It’s not like whitewater, who wears heavy armor and holds a big knife and divine power. Go and practice the spear and knife shield method.
Whitewater has given his own two divination halberds to two teams in the county soldiers. These two boys were kneeling at that time, and be in heaven was in tears. His own chief, especially such a valiant soldier, gave his own weapons. This is really a great praise for Whitewater. At that time, I thought that if he told these two boys to die, they would not hesitate.
White Wave’s new toy is that he asked the army blacksmith to build a "bone flower". He made the blacksmith hit a head that looked terrible-a hole as thick as a duck’s egg in the thick metal sleeve at the mouth of the bowl was used to cover the gun rod, and the metal sleeve was about the length of the forearm. The outside was made of metal, and the four-edged thorns were always as long as the thumb, while the head of the metal sleeve was raised from the two sides of a foot pike blade.
This thing is quite heavy, and the pole is also a stable pole to replace the thickness of duck eggs. It is necessary to wrap the iron light outside to see that the shape is a first-class weapon. "Hum, even the hilt weighs 14 kilograms. This is the real injury when you touch it." Whitewater was looking at the drawings and thinking that this thing would smash people’s skulls and bust the beauty of red and white flying all over the sky …
The cross section of this stable pole is not round, but it has been made into an oval cross section by mastering the knife ribs. The whole murder weapon is ten feet long. It must be ten thousand kilograms of divine power to be able to wave this thing. Unfortunately, even if it is built, it can’t be healed.
Whitewater has to hide his injury. He can trust Weizhenzhen and ShangXiuXun, but he definitely doesn’t believe that when Li Xiuning and Bai Qinger thought of this, Whitewater almost got through the pain of meridians, which made him sweat a lot.
When the master of the plague thief came with the army, it seemed that there was another beauty in the spirit. No one came to see him lying down. As usual, he should have been discovered by Bai Qinger, a spy maid who dared to get close to him. Now that the meridians have been opened, the white waves continue to bite their teeth and urge them to forcibly correct their broken bones and contract their muscles to firmly fix them.
In this process, this guy doesn’t hum, and such fixed words make him a lot of moves become very clumsy, but he can recover a lot of fighting capacity. Nandou Baihu Boxing or Thirteen Pacific Insurance practiced the golden bell jar horizontally, but it’s just recasting-yes, even Nandou Baihu Boxing has broken work.
The black wind that struck him instantly also brought a little benefit-when Whitewater was running the true qi, it was found that there was an overbearing and arrogant "qi" in his body that kept running and stimulated his body to make this guy feel pain far more than this kind of injury. "No wonder it always hurts like this! Sweat coming out of my body is almost a quagmire, okay? Mom will die of dehydration sooner or later if she goes like this King egg! "
Isn’t this the king’s egg? It’s just that Whitewater thinks he’s got thigh hair, but what the fuck do you mean by saying that he’s full of enemies? Does it mean that others will come to seek revenge for such a trick as whitewater? It’s normal, too. If you have something to do …
Moreover, Whitewater gritted his teeth and endured the black pain in front of his eyes, righting the broken bones while running to reduce swelling and remove blood stasis and strive to behave normally when going out later. "What the hell is that so-called friend and enemy?" Either a friend or an enemy, let alone a friend or an enemy. What’s the best friend? It’s an enemy! " Whitewater sighed. If the man really came, Whitewater thought he could probably recognize him-what kind of person can he be when he is mixed with that baboon? What a good monk!
Whitewater thought of a so-called good monk’s pleasure in suffering, and he smiled for a while and found that it was normal to look at himself in the water, so the man shouted, "Boil water! Master wants to take a bath! "
He tried hard to play a normal person and try not to let those women see it-mainly not to let Wei Zhenzhen see that Bai Qinger has few opportunities to come into contact with him. Shang Xiuxun is a guest. It is not common to stay in Li Xiuning, and it is even more rare. Just keep it from Wei Zhenzhen. This woman is relatively simple or nothing. If she sees it, it will become a well-known secret within three days.
Whitewater has great perseverance to maintain his normal activities. He has to control his pores so as not to ooze bean sweat … "I didn’t expect it to fucking hurt so much!" " Whitewater secretly curses because he knows that once he is cured, the dissipation of black gas will make him stronger, and Whitewater also wants to scold a few words.
Besides, it’s going to happen again …
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five The arrogance is repeated
The trouble is that Pei Renji will attack Wagangzhai again. It is this time that Whitewater is injured. It is also simple to say that he is training the ranks, but this is also the case. Now these county soldiers are practicing the luck method. Now they are desperately practicing-there are not many opportunities. There are really excellent masters who are willing to teach them martial arts and martial arts. Why not practice hard?
There is also the art of war in which the white waves confer length and length. This is queue training, in which the training sticks are killed instead of weapons. White waves try to hide the fact that they are injured, so he has reason to say that he is training and can’t go. Besides, this time, it is a converging attack. Several big Sui generals will go to the front of Wagangzhai before being hit hard by white waves. White waves recognize that they will probably win this time.
However, it’s such a bullshit story. Pei Renji actually dragged his legs and didn’t know when to arrive at the battlefield. As a result, several Sui troops will be defeated and retreated, and Pei Renji actually beheaded the prison army and surrendered to Wagangzhai not long after. Whitewater was eating at this time, and immediately something in his mouth froze and he couldn’t swallow it. When he opened his mouth, all the food came out.
"What the hell is going on? How did this old bastard vote for a thief? " Whitewater also roared to report the news, and the people trembled and couldn’t say anything. It would be in trouble if Pei Renji threw the enemy, which would be tantamount to liberating the thief army of Wagangzhai and making the strength of Wagangzhai soar-stronger than in the past. "Qin Qiong, Luo Shixin, Pei Hangyan … Now most of them have to add Cheng Yaojin. If you want to fight Luoyang and Wang Shichong, you may not be able to keep it!"
Whitewater doesn’t worry about himself. Anyway, he won’t defend the city. If Wagangzhai strikes, he will surely take the initiative to attack. Whitewater denies that anyone can stop his assault. At this time, his injury has recovered very well, especially the blunt injury of his flesh and bones. It’s also itchy here. It seems that it is also growing. It is this recast golden bell that has made little progress in martial arts for the time being.
Although the meridians have been opened, the golden bell has been broken, but I don’t want to do it again before the bones of Whitehead Boxing heal. Now it’s not the time to recover. Whitehead always wants to wait until he is better-this he thinks will be soon. "Golden bell boxing kung fu can last for up to three days, and Whitehead Boxing is even more fluent."
Now the situation is very tense, and the arrogance of Wagangzhai is resurgent, and Yang Guang has also sent an army inspector to Xingyang County. Is he going to tell me what to do? Shaobailang heard that Pei Renji was forced by the prison army to vote for Wagangzhai to kill the prison army. Of course, Bailang sneered at this. This Mr. Yin is a wonderful person. He came to Xingyang all day, that is, he went to mix with the Zheng family from time to time. He didn’t see him come to Bailang to take up the "prison army" here.
Probably also frightened by the white waves. When he first came to see the white waves, his face was white and white, but he was just sitting in the hall. This man seemed to see the evil spirits and tigers. Since then, he can’t come to see the white waves, but the Zheng family in Xingyang County didn’t see the white waves and didn’t want to see them. However, this Beowulf is too fierce to be taught by the Northern and Southern Dynasties. These halls know the importance and don’t bother.
Everyone can do whatever they want without interfering with each other-anyway, the ruling policy of Xingyang County in Bailang is quite in line with the Zheng family’s wishes, so don’t go to the tiger.
White waves feel the tingling of bones in the body, which is very anxious to peel off the flesh and give it a good scratch. However, the intense pain caused by the black wind in the body has been well alleviated. Most of the tingling black wind has dissipated now, and there is still a trace of it. It is estimated that the white waves will dissipate in another two or three days. It is really a demon. Because it is a little similar, he once felt the frog monster who was about to take shape in the action of the temple.
This evil spirit keeps smashing the original true strength of Whitewater, and Whitewater has to be constantly reunited. In this way, his strength is more pure and tough, which can be said to be a hundred times tempered. "People are base insects, and they don’t know how awesome they are without a fight." Whitewater is still a little reliable when he thinks of this master, but he is sweating at the thought that this thief is equipped with troops and said that his enemies will bring trouble to Whitewater.
It shouldn’t be a problem to be an enemy of this baboon. Otherwise, it would have been torn up by the monster. "Alas, someone else’s master helped the disciples to block the knife and was crushed to death by a finger of the master’s enemy …" There was also a sense of curiosity in Whitewater’s heart. He really wanted to see what kind of powerful characters he could be with this demon enemy. When he thought of it here, Whitewater increasingly expressed his condescending contempt for the master of this world.
During this period, Ssangyong’s business was also very lively. These two guys in Jianghuai area completed two dung sticks. They had everything, and every time they were hunted down, they were so scared that they lost their family dogs. But no one could kill these two cockroaches. Instead, they grew up from cockroaches all the way, and now they have almost reached the level of mink-they will be bitten back by carelessness.
I heard that a man named Ci Hang Jing Zhai buddhist nun said that he wanted to find the Lord in the sky. Whitewater naturally remembered this story. "Who gave you the qualification to find the Lord instead of heaven and man in buddhist nun?" Yang Guang, the orthodox master of the Great Sui Dynasty, is not dead yet! It’s still a big sui day! Conditions ….. "Whitewater early spoke the famous saying of the late Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties" The heavenly soldiers are stronger than Ma Zhuang! What are you doing in buddhist nun? "
What is the national decree? This thing belongs to the brocade and flowers, not to the timely help. With this thing, it can’t be avoided by powerful forces, and it will even be the cause of extinction. However, it is written in the book that it is wonderful for Shiraishi. It is a pity that the master’s country may not be able to leave when he defends its soil.
And the messenger from Wagangzhai has come. I have to say that this person is bold, or this person is ready to die. He will just come and hand over Shi Biao to discuss with the strategist and write a letter of surrender. Is it necessary to throw whitewater into Wagangzhai and Shi Biao died? Compared with the sky, this is simply not worth it. Whitewater laughed when he read the letter. "I won’t cut you today to make the two countries fight without cutting. It’s just a thief. I want you to go back and tell Shi Biao to clean his neck and prepare for death!"
Chapter two hundred and ninety-six Capability is complex.
Whitewater, however, is going to be a big sui, solitary and loyal, fighting alone, and it is impossible to go to Wagang Village-besides, he remembers that Shi Biao didn’t attack Luoyang and was finally killed. "I want to cross Li Shimin to unify the sky. Hey hey, this day, the master will even come to hit me! It’s really cool to think about it. "Whitewater is itchy and painful, and it’s really cool."
The bone is about to grow up. He is a natural expert. This kind of injury is healing very quickly. Although the bone is broken like this, there are still comminuted fractures. However, it takes three months, 100 days and even a year for others to recover from the injury. This is still a world with a low limit …
His weapon has also been built. When he drew this bone spear, he didn’t think that if he gave enough money to build it, it would be really a peerless weapon. Fourteen kilograms of the weapon was carried by two people, and it was picked up by whitewater. Although the golden bell and the white tiger boxing have not been restored, the physical strength is enough. It doesn’t mean that it is necessary to have a martial arts venue. Whitewater put it on the weapon rack.