It is the terran Kyushu around the middle domain that is the wilderness.

This Tongtian Road is located at the junction of Taiping Road and Taidao Road. It is a three-no-care zone where monsters abound. Even in those days, Jade Duxiu looked for gaps and filled gaps, but Tongtian Road went against the sky and paid little attention to it, which would be a failure.
"What should these followers do?" In the virtual ice, your face is reluctant, while Kong Xuan’s eyes are full of colorful divine light. The road before Tongtian Road is important, but you can’t die without stepping on Tongtian Road
"Even the Terran Nine Doors came in to explore the uneasy and kind way to ask the goblins to eat it." Kong Xuan’s eyes showed a cold light
"Well, I’ll arrange it." Ice ooze smell speech turned and walked.
Peter said that Yu Duxiu’s three monks looked at the moon facing the clear frost and walked dozens of miles away to see a mountain.
Miao Xiu ate the elixir of immortality, washed his pulp and cut his hair, but he didn’t think it was too tired to put undercover in those three nine doors.
In order not to be discovered by Buddhists, all three people lost their mana. Ordinary people walked for dozens of miles, so tired that they looked at the fierce and malicious circulation in the eyes of those riding marooned horses.
"It is said that this fellow will live forever after eating it, but this fellow has eaten the elixir of immortality and his physique is extraordinary. The three of us may not be rivals if we abolish mana," muttered a walker.
"Let’s go a little further and quietly restore our mana and take this monk back to the ancestral gate. We won’t buy Amitabha’s visit then." Another monk sneered.
No one has ever walked before, and without reference, we can follow the general direction. The high mountains are nothing to monks, but they are natural hazards to mortals, and the mountain roads are very rugged.
I was thinking that the people suddenly slipped and felt that the ground was as soft as a swamp and fell into the hole.
See heaven and earth demon wind rolled up a burst of yelling "caught caught quickly will be brought"
Only to see dozens of small demon came running. This small demon has not yet taken off his body. On weekdays, the three monks can kill each other by blowing their breath, but now it suddenly feels a bad feeling from the heart.
"Bad" Tai Dou Dao, Tai Yuan Dao and Tai Huang Dao sounded three exclamations and saw three streamers rushing here. It was a colorful brilliance flashing in the void that blocked the three streamers.
"In front of the Kong Xuan, it is my Buddhists who learn from the Buddhist scriptures. Don’t disturb them." Kong Xuan didn’t give a few people a chance to speak. He brushed the five-color shekinah and went out to see the shekinah upside down. Several people flew out and disappeared.
Is such a delay kung fu party has changed.
"Give me the three men tied" the lich king to drink.
That group of goblins tied up four people and heard someone report that "Woong San Gunter Chu Shi is here".
When the demon king heard this, he immediately went out to meet the Woong San Curtis Chu Shi, who waddled into the cave. After sitting down, the three of them were talking and laughing. Suddenly, he saw the kidnapper crying. "Are these four coming?"
"Send the door to yourself" the lich king laughed.
While Chu Shi said, "Is it possible to entertain guests?"
"Can can" the lich king flatters.
The three monks were extremely angry. "F * * king dares to eat your grandpa, and be careful to suffer retribution in the future."
Seeing the Buddhist monk face to face, these three people dare not reveal their identity, but they have no magic and can’t make such a pale threat.
If the three monks reveal their identity, these lich kings naturally dare not really eat him, but now he dare not say in front of Jade Duxiu that this bitter fruit can fall into his stomach.
That mountain gentleman said, "You can’t eat all the food, but leave one for the rest."
The demon king led the promise to invite three followers to cut open their hearts and chop up their bodies, and dedicate their heads and hearts to two guests.
Who is the mountain king?
King mountain god also
Who’s Chu Shi? Buddhist bodhisattvas can also understand people who handle special things.
Such a thought explains that the lich king has tried every means to curry favor with Chu Shi, the mountain Gunter, and the three nine-door Tianjiao have been eaten alive and buried alive.
The outside world did not expect with horror that the first encounter between nine Buddhism sects fell to the wind and destroyed the lives of three talented brothers in vain.
Thirty-three days in a dry day, xi he’s note on Tongtian Road is quite profound. Looking at the Buddhist monk Shanjun, he suddenly looked ugly.
Although the mountain king disguised his body, Shinto power could not hide from him as the head of Shinto body in name.
"Positions will worry" side xi he way
"I’m afraid that nine big doors will miss it if there are gods involved in this matter." Dry days frown.
"If you wait and see, you have to explain. Sometimes explanation is cover-up." xi he looked on coldly
The three demon kings ate the liver and lungs and threw their limbs to the little devils, as if the tiger had swallowed the sheep and scared the monk to faint.
After a night of binge drinking, the two demon kings went straight to the east and turned pale. They staggered to leave. The Buddhist monk was in a panic. Suddenly, he saw an old man with a palm waving a rope and breaking the Buddhist monk’s storehouse. He took the parcel and rode his horse in a panic and fled.
"The king’s Buddhism is too overbearing. If the king falls into the hands of Buddhism, even if it doesn’t have a good result, it’s tempting to eat this immortal medicine, but it’s not important to be free. We must go to this pool of muddy water. If there is a tiger god and a certificate, things will be pulled out sooner or later." On one side, a tiger monk, Bai Hu, earnestly advised him.
At this time, the white tiger, the tiger monk, saw things clearly in the field yesterday. When the white tiger heard the attendants’ words, he hesitated a little and then said, "You go back and prepare to meet me. If something happens to me, you will save my life in the name of Hello Father God. Buddhism is too overbearing. Even the nine gates of Tianjiao are killed without mercy, and the bones may not really look at Father God."
Looking at the situation, the white tiger suddenly drummed in his heart, but he retreated because of his bad face.
Chapter 152 Tongtian corner Xuan Huang into the body
"Hum, I also want to plot against me. The more people come, the greater the doom, and the more rewarding I will be on the road." Jade Duxiu was in a panic on the surface, but her heart was sneering at riding a white horse all the way to escape.
"White tiger this fellow I don’t know anyway Buddhist idea is that he can play? Even the quasi-sendoh has not yet achieved reckless "Kong Xuan sneer at the clouds overlooking the white tiger’s eyes.
This monk mage is a reincarnation of his own master. It’s very important for anyone who dares to stop him, he must not show mercy.
"This white tiger, after all, is the tiger god’s first heir, so it can be killed. Even if the tiger god is crazy, the demon god realm has already lost its heir. This is the only son of the tiger god, so it is better to stay." Ice Qin said.
The Kong Xuan smell speech eyes colorful light flow noncommittally.
On the third day, I looked at the world with a little smile in my eyes. "Now it’s difficult for a white tiger to ride a tiger. I still need to give a wonderful show a cause and effect."
Yu Duxiu plans to go through the sky, but he still knows part of it, but he doesn’t know how muddy the water is, and he dare not intervene at will.
"Taibai" does heaven.
"Minister" is too white and respectful.
"Go to the world and give the white tiger a step to get rid of it."
"Obey the decree" Taibai made a gift and instantly descended on the two boundary mountains, turning into a tiger hunter.
Looking at Taibai, Kong Xuan didn’t move. I didn’t know that Taibai’s purpose was to stare at Taibai.
Induction Kong Xuan eyes too white wiped his forehead cold sweat "this mairenqing thing is not so good to sell".