At this time, Xiaoguang displayed his own light element painting after he displayed his field.

After the small light shows elementalization, the body turns several light spots to cover the surrounding ruler mirror.
A little while, these ruler mirrors actually merged with the firm but gentle sword in the field of small swords.
The power of golden shock wave produced by the fusion of the two fields has actually reached the golden star.
Fusion field … Yao Yang firm but gentle!
Field, Yao Yang firm but gentle that all over the sky golden firm but gentle looks at least thousands more.
Thousands of shock waves comparable to the golden star, which is really amazing.
Quantitative change causes qualitative change. Thousands of golden shock waves … are qualitative changes!
Small sword all over the sky in the firm but gentle hands to carry.
With that number of suspended golden shock wave, it gives people an indescribable momentum.
Suddenly shocked everyone for a short time.
A wild alien can’t help but say, "Is this … the master’s imposing manner?"
Feel the shocked eyes of the people around you. Xiaojian’s mouth is slightly raised and I can’t help laughing.
However, it keeps in mind that Lu Yuan granted the "secret of pretending to be forced"
Pack to force the first type … Cold!
After three seconds of coldness, Xiaojian felt that he was almost pretending.
So I began to slowly erect two fingers and cross my eyebrows.
As this golden firm but gentle instantaneous erected one by one.
A large number of light properties, spiritual force fluctuations and firm but gentle fluctuations, are emitted by firm but gentle waves.
Make the sky immediately covered with golden light.
It looks like a golden sword cloud is formed by counting light spots all over the sky.
Seeing this, let alone those who have seen the wild world, Catherine and others.
Even the church Xiaojian these Liu Yuan were shocked at the moment.
Oh, my god, you idiot, you’re still hiding this skill!
Why didn’t I think there was such a shocking scene of "pointing at Wan Jian"!
Damn it, you got me!
Although Liu Yuan knew Xiao Jian and Xiao Guang, he seemed to have developed fusion technology in a special field.
But he never imagined that the effect produced by this integration field was so amazing.
Small sword corner saw Liu Yuan’s sour slip, Catherine and others’ consternation’, wild aliens and others’ shock’, and then he couldn’t keep a cold image and showed a smug smile.
I’m not going anywhere!
You ….. You underestimate the potential of a great swordsman!
That’s right. Xiaojian pretends to be good at this moment, saying … Great swordsman’s sword potential!
Pretend to force the second type … When you move, you must shout poetry and say it!
See the small sword rolled up around the wind.
Then it looked at Bekele with a cool expression.
All the golden shock wave suddenly turned into golden streamers and rushed into the sky.
Everyone’s head also looked up as this firm but gentle left direction.
Then Xiaojian’s body began to slowly suspend.
It constantly displays the’ six-style moonwalk’ to let its body fly to the middle.
Because the’ moonwalk’ is very hidden, it seems to most people that the small sword is held up by the shape power.
With the shock wave that flew into the sky, the shock in everyone’s heart was lifted to a high point.
Can have a small sword in front of sharingan Liu Yuan that floats and moves …
It’s just a constant trampling process!
There’s a talk about how you stepped on the moon, although you were embarrassed …
But it’s nice of you to pretend, handsome!
The suspended small sword looked at Bekele and slowly said,’ Heaven will not give birth to my ghost, sword grass and kendo will last forever like a long night … sword will come!’
Boom boom …
A few golden shock waves break the sky like a sword rain and go towards Bekele.
At this moment ….. A golden rain greeted the sacred land!
Chapter 551 Two-stage field, Wan Jian … One!
The number is like a meteor, and the firm but gentle waves cut through the sky and the golden firm but gentle waves fell from the sky.
The golden flash shines all over the secret world like stars arrival.
Small sword in front of the "stars" with the virtual a finger.
Just as the reincarnation of the sword fairy gives people an indescribable feeling.
And that golden meteor, which are as bright as the stars, each contain the spirit force and firm but gentle spirit of terror light.
The power is comparable to that of a golden star pet beast.