Longyou knows that email is avoiding this problem, but she is right, whether it is temporary or permanent, if there is no life, everything is the same.

The conversation between the two ended abruptly, and he thought about how to earn experience. Unlike China, America has its own familiar factories, where to look for damaged machines.
Suddenly, in his mind, he dialed Steven’s words and learned that a batch of old projectors of Marvel Comics Company had been damaged, and he immediately made a decision.
Today is the second day since the time of borrowing, which means that he still has a chance to think of it here one day. He got into bed and walked out of Lanzhu Villa in his coat.
The road met Zhang Chuer, but she stopped him. "It’s so late. Brother Longyou, where are you going? You haven’t recovered! "
Looking at her nervous expression, he can’t tell the magic hand thing, which can comfort and kiss her cheek. "Don’t worry, Marvel Comics has something I have to deal with in the past, and I’ll ask Xiao Si to take me there."
Zhang Chuer is sensitive to the fact that he has something to hide from his heart, but he still’ shows’ a considerate smile.
"Well, go ahead and go back early. I’ll make you a snack when you come back."
Say Zhang Chuer turned back to the house without waiting for him.
Longyou was thinking about the magic hand loan at the moment without noticing that Zhang Chuer looked wrong and quickly left Lanzhu Villa to Marvel Comics Company.
When I arrived at Marvel Comics Company, Steve had already waited for the’ door’ and saw the figure of Longyou. He quickly asked, "Mr. Longyou, are you okay?"
"Well, I’m fine. Are you all ready?" Longyou face’ color’ indifferently asked toward him.
Steve nodded and took him to the warehouse quickly.
There are all kinds of old projectors in the warehouse, some of which are broken and can’t see the original shape. Steve looks at these heads, which are a little big, and suddenly he wants to move these things out by himself.
Longyou looked at him "fascinated" and "confused" with a cold look and said, "You all go out."
Steve Xiaosi walked out of the warehouse with a question mark on his head.
"Prosthetic start"
"Repair started successfully. Deduct 3,000 experience points to get 30,000 experience points."
Seeing the soft green light from his body, he gently wrapped those old machines and soon the old projectors were completely new.
Longyou took a deep breath and his face was a little pale, but when he looked at the magic hand’s experience value increasing, his mouth was "exposed" with a smile.
"Little master, you dare to borrow and borrow to repay the loan."
E-mail sounded his own "intercourse" in his little universe just now, which was unbelievable and made her more determined to follow this man all the time, even though she would follow this man all the time when she came.
See him a slight smile "desperate and epigenetic"
Then turned and left the warehouse.
Waiting outside the warehouse’ door’, Steve Xiaosi looked at his pale cheeks and asked, "Boss, are you okay?"
"I’m fine, Steve. I came to talk to you about the new comic book."
Then he said to Xiao Si, "Let’s go home."
Small four nodded and helped Longyou back to the car and quickly started back to Lanzhu Villa.
But at the moment Zhang Chuer Kerr sat on the balcony and looked at the stars outside.
"Sister Chu Er, why don’t I see you for a few days and always smile?" Chloe face is full of worries looked at her and asked.
Smell speech Zhang Chuer corners of the mouth with a smile "no, I’m very heart to see you safe".
"Sister Chu Er, if it is because of that day, don’t worry that I am willing." Chloe comforted her with a gentle tone.
Zhang Chuer didn’t speak. She had already made a decision because she didn’t face Chloe now.
Chapter 17 Zhang Chuer Choice
Chloe can look at Chu Er without reply. I don’t know what’s going on. She has a feeling that she can’t catch Chu Er’s sister.
Shook his head and continued to look at the sky outside.
At this moment, Longyou car just entered the hospital. Chloe saw this and quickly walked towards the mouth. Zhang Chuer still kept his original posture motionless.
Looking at Chloe hugging Longyou outside, her heart is bitter.
Soon Chloe swam upstairs, and Zhang Chuer quickly got into bed, even breathing became rapid and tense.
"Hey? Is Sister Chu Er asleep? " Chloe some doubt’ confused’ asked himself just now and Chu Er sister chat.
Longyou heart a bit bitter but still gentle said, "Chloe also go to rest day I personally cook for you.
Chloe nodded and kissed him reluctantly.
Longyou has a heavy heart, and there is a bit of anxiety in his heart. I don’t know what’s going on, but he always thinks what will happen.
Overworked exercise made him think too much and sighed into the room.
Early the next morning, Longyou was awakened by Kerr’s panic and confusion, and his eyes were fascinated and blindfolded, and Chloe’s anxious expression printed on his eyes.
"Chloe, what’s wrong with you?" Longyou "touched" and "touched" Chloe’s cheek and asked
Smell speech Chloe tears fell to the sound choked and said, "Sister Chu Er, she’s gone. Leave this note."
Longyou a listen to this heart suddenly a shock will meet note took wrote
Longyou brother Kerr sister
I’m sorry. Forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye. I can face myself more than I can face you. Please forgive me for being’ private’ this time. I’m leaving. Sister Chloe, please take good care of Brother Longyou and wish you happiness.
Love you, Chu Er
After watching Xinlong Tour, my heart was very cold, but I quickly rushed out to start the car and left for the American airport.
Chloe saw this scene in the heart is remorse unceasingly to call Joe second-class people to let them search.
Longyou flew to the airport. There were so many people at the airport that Chu Er was not seen.
"Email starts the search function," he said anxiously toward Email.
Smell email’ sex’ feeling charming voice to "little master miss Chu Er is not at the airport".
Email words like a heavy hammer severely chisel his heart "know"
Longyou sat in the window and suddenly saw a plane chasing wildly.
At this time, Zhang Chuer has already taken the ship to Winnipeg and looked at the blue sea. Her heart suddenly hurts.
"Miss Beauty, are you crying?" A blue-eyed foreigner in a suit is a gentleman and asks.
Zhang Chuer smell speech "touch" and "touch" his cheeks. It turns out that he is still so reluctant to give up even though he has affirmed it several times in his heart.
"I didn’t cry, but the wind’ fascinated’ my eyes."
When the gentleman saw this, he knew that Zhang Chuer didn’t want to talk and left politely.
The ship quickly moved to Zhang Chuer, but she didn’t feel relaxed because she was far away from the city of America.
Several people accosted her and made her feel more bored.
When the words rang, Longyou got through. It was Joe Er. He told Longyou that Zhang Chuer had been found in the list of ships going to Venice. At that moment, his mood suddenly relaxed a lot. It is good to know where she is.
After hanging up, Longyouche returned to Lanzhu Villa and saw Chloe sitting on the sofa with tearful eyes as soon as she entered the room.
He hurriedly walked to come over and put Chloe in his arms. "Chloe won’t cry, and your sister Chu Er will come back."
"It’s all Chloe’s fault. Chloe should look at Chu Er’s sister." Chu Er is full of guilt and crying, and his expression is even more sad. "
Longyou choked back her heart, comforted her with love and cried unceasingly.
"Lovely Chloe is not your fault, but her husband is bad. Her husband loves you but can’t protect you." Longyou’s tone is very gentle, and her palm gently covers her head.
Chloe heard that she wiped her tears and said to him, "No, my husband, you did a great job. Sister Chu Er is so sorry. I believe she will definitely come back."