Phoenix saw the yellow-clad Buddhas scattered around the peak and said, "Since the Buddha with burning lamp intervened in this matter, it is not so easy to get it. Is Qitianling so friendly as the Buddha with burning lamp?"

Kirin laughed and said, "Burning the lamp is an enlightened master. I was also coaxed for a long time."
Phoenix nodded. "So that’s it."
The seven people at the bottom of the peak were in the stone room, unaware that the outside world had just gone through a big battle. The five people sat up and practiced, and only Dayu finally stood.
At this moment, it seems that time has solidified, and only the soil-returning furnace is wrapped in the secret stick room and slowly rotates.
Finally, a faint yellow light passed behind her, and her face lit up with joy and her eyes opened. When she saw that everyone was still sitting still, Dayu smiled at her and asked in a low voice, "What are you doing?"
Dayu Dao "21 years and 210 days"
Been slightly surprised that "it has been so long"
Dayu nodded. "It seems that among these people, you are still the first to wake up."
Houtu said, "Tuji is really good. If I meet today, I’m afraid I’ll never get to the present state of mind."
Dayu asked, "State of mind? Isn’t it an earthbending road? "
Houtu said, "The original way of the Five Elements is to conquer soil and water, but I didn’t know the word’ imperial’ until today."
"What should it be?"
Been shook his head and said, "I don’t know what it is at the moment, but it is by no means’ royal’. At this time, the sky and the earth are like my best friends."
Dayu wanted to think and heard specious.
Been to close your eyes and meditate.
It was thirteen years and sixty-nine days before Ru Shou woke up for the first time. The difference was that when Ru Shou woke up, the room was full of white light, like a sharp sword, which flashed for a long time before it disappeared.
Ru Shou learned that he woke up 13 years later than Been, but he was not depressed at all. Instead, he rejoiced, "I know Wood God is earlier than me."
Dayu laughed. "Isn’t it Jin Kemu?"
Ru Shou said, "Where is it that Vulcan is in front of me?" After that, they also sat cross-legged. They all know that the five elements have extremely rare contact opportunities, and they are afraid that only this time in their lives should be cherished.
Five years later, Zhu Rong jumped up with joy and shouted, "I’m awake!"
Dayu glared at her, and Zhu Rong spat out his tongue when he saw that everyone else was sitting still. "Am I the first one?"
Dayu shook his head and pointed to Been and Ru Shou. "This is ten years earlier than you and that is five years earlier than you." Just after this, the room was full of green light, and now Zhu Rong’s red light is covered up.
Ju Mang opened his eyes and sighed, "All wet!"
Zhu Rong asked, "What’s all wet?"
Ju Mang said, "The former cultivation almost went astray, but for the wooden pole, I still don’t know where it is wrong."
Zhu Rong said, "We are different from each other now."
Dayu Dao "has a branch of Qi"
Zhu Rong and Ju Mang continued to practice until Qi woke up, and everyone refined the machine stick that day and realized that he had already been immersed in the thirty-six changes of the highest day. He had not been so cultivated for a long time at this moment, and his mood could not be said to be quiet and peaceful. Since that day, Xuan Nv gave him a lot of natural improvement. At this time, he was vaguely aware of the magical powers such as pushing mountains and filling seas, rowing land into rivers, and returning air to fire.
It turns out that although the Thirty-six Changes do not belong to the Five Elements Avatar, they still need the Five Elements to realize it for a few days, which is also beneficial to him. Plus, he has been sitting quietly for more than 40 years, and all the five elements have improved.
Dayu’s patience is excellent. He seems to keep his eyes open and practice. He knows that the lowest level of Qi repair is only mixed yuan and Jin Xian repair. I don’t know if it will take dozens or hundreds of years for the water god to work together. Only Qi repair can do nothing.
If you hide well outside this world, there will be forty or fifty years in a day, but you need to worry about the long time.
Finally, in the one hundred and seventieth year, Qi swam with a black luster like water, and his throat gave out a suppressed roar and his eyes shot sharply.
Dayu looked in his eyes and exclaimed, "Mixed Yuan Jin Xian Dian!"
Zhiqi slowly calmed down his excitement and nodded, "Water makes me feel at home!"
Dayu said, "The refiner is not in a hurry, so you can realize it quietly for a while."
Qi also knows that every step of spiritual practice is best to realize it quietly in order to stabilize his mind and not be arrogant and impetuous. He sat for several months before he opened his eyes again. At this time, his eyes were as clear as water and peaceful.
Dayu nodded with satisfaction and said, "Done!"
A few of them have already achieved success. It is only through the Qi that they have a lot of contact opportunities. Seeing that Qi woke up, Zhu Rong and others also immediately recovered, but it is difficult to feel a little disappointed in their hearts.
Dayu used his magical power to enlarge the soil-returning furnace several times, saying, "refining the heavenly machine stick should be based on soil."
When Houtu heard this, he lifted the bright stone in his hand and scattered a yellow light to illuminate the soil-cultivating furnace. "Will this soil-cultivating furnace be self-defeating?"
Houtu Road: "The furnace that never cultivates the soil belongs to the natural integration of the soil. If it is a copper furnace and an iron furnace, I dare not say it."
The yellow light permeates like a tangible substance, and generally the whole body of the soil-returning furnace is dyed khaki. When it no longer changes color, the earth’s magic will be transported, and the furnace will emit shining yellow light. At this time, it turned into a black stick with a slightly bent top.
Houtu Road "The furnace base has been completed!"
Dayu added "Mu Yin"
Ju Mang’s imitation of the earth movement also introduced Aoki gas into the furnace, and it was known that Mu Neng Ke Tu Qing Qi was everywhere, and immediately avoided the earth and murmured, "It is not Mu Ke Tu that is Tu Na Mu."
Ju Mang listened to this sentence, and if he realized something in his heart, he suddenly became softer and softer with Huang Guangrong, regardless of you and me.
With the continuous output of Ju Mang’s mana, the green gas gradually occupied the boundary where most of the furnace walls were still khaki.
Been nodded at the same time, the five elements are extremely refined, even if the five elements are mutually reinforcing and mutually reinforcing, but it is bound to be the most appropriate.
Dayu Langdao "Huojie"
Zhu Rong didn’t know the meaning of the word "fire interface" before. He saw that the green gas and the khaki breath blended, but the secret sticks in the soil-cultivating furnace were far apart, which was white.
Jin neng ke mu Qing mu breath saw the cat stick for fear of avoiding where it will be close? And fire can kill gold and firepower everywhere, and gold can become water and water, and it can also encourage wood gas, so "fire interface" is the most appropriate
Zhu Rong leads the fire in the fire pole stone into a thin line, which directly penetrates the earth’s point. Although it looks like Rise of the Legend, it is hotter than ghost flame. It turns out that the first level of skyfire is Rise of the Legend’s highest level, and Rise of the Legend is still Zhu Rong’s mana oppression to control the hot power so that it cannot be scattered.
When the secret club met this fire, it melted into golden water, but its shape remained the same. It was still the result of Zhu Rong’s control. However, it took the longest time for Zhu Rong, the refiner, to make the fire go back and forth. I don’t know how many times this golden water was refined.
Finally, the black of the cat stick gradually faded into the same color as that of Rise of the Legend, and the red Dayu nodded and said, "Okay". Been and Ju Mang kept working, and the green gas gradually infiltrated into the cat stick, and the cat stick spread out blue thorns like the stick itself.
When the cat was full of green thorns, Dayu added, "Water is over!"
When Qi heard this, he exported the black water gas, which was so thick that it was as thick as black water and condensed into a ball and slowly drifted to the soil furnace.
At the beginning, Dayu was still worried, but he was relieved to see that the Qi division was like an expert in refining.
Black water is soft but extremely cold. It is necessary to use pure water for quenching and cooling. Is there anything purer than water?
This mass of black water gas floated the earth, and the top of the furnace suddenly fell like weightlessness, wrapping the secret stick in an instant and listening to the explosion of "brush". At this time, Houtu, Ju Mang and Zhu Rong took back the earth, wood and firepower from the furnace.
Wu was awakened by this loud noise and opened his eyes to see that the refiner had reached the most critical moment.