At the same time, it also integrates the general outline of the sacrifice, refining and evil spirit array.

This year can be described as very fulfilling.
I took a break from my busy schedule and went to see the situation in Wu Song.
Since he found a trace of doomed love in Wu Song and Sun Erniang, he put Sun Erniang Hag’s heart in Wu Song’s heart.
This hag is his way to restrict and protect Sun Erniang.
First, it can prevent her from being wiped out by her sinful career.
Secondly, in the future, if she has accumulated a lot of crimes and become a person who can control the devil, this hag heart can control her.
Now he has put the key of this control valve in Wu Song’s place.
With her eating Wu Song’s evil body, she joined the two men, not a brother and sister, but better than a brother and sister.
In the future, if Sun Erniang wants to sink, it must pull Wu Song together.
The reverse is also true. If Wu Song, he and Sun Erniang can both complete their merits.
And Wu Song is as strong-willed as King Kong, but it is not so easy to make him sink.
Furthermore, Ling Qing didn’t know that Wu Song was behind Dahui Zen Master, but he knew that there was a Buddhist master behind Wu Song.
So it’s much easier for them to protect Wu Song and one.
And protecting Wu Song is equivalent to protecting Wu Song and Sun Erniang.
In fact, this result is also developing in a good direction as Ling Qing wishes.
With Wu Song’s will, Sun Erniang’s stubborn evil thoughts have softened a lot.
When Wu Song told Sun Erniang to stop eating human flesh in the apartment, she stopped eating it as expected.
Therefore, when facing Sun Erniang’s teachings in the dream world, Miaodao Dijun also consciously changed the achievement method to make her not eat people and practice.
But to kill people, you don’t need to kill people at all.
Practice Tao should also be adapted to local conditions.
The original "Mud Plow Town Industry" is a technique and a method.
It is because there is no legal principle and morality in Sun Erniang’s heart.
Now she has a law in her heart and seeks a way.
This spell became the Evil Scripture of Mud Plow Cutting Industry Town.
Incarnate hell, behead others’ sins, and punish yourself. This is great compassion and great merit.
Of course, Sun Erniang has not been so kind at this time, but it is possible if he can gradually realize the Middle Way in the future.
Elder Zhizhen of Liuhe Temple in Hangzhou does not always stay here, but he also comes frequently.
At this time, he and Master Dahui sat opposite each other and looked after each other.
"This spiritual reality is really very good at changing the magic way.
Strange way will be sent by his legacy to solve this causal strange way, which is to send him to participate in the magic of the Buddha and destroy the magic of the gods. "Dahui Jackson was silent for a while and then said,
"Old na never thought that he should think of the love word entanglement between Tiancanxing and Dizhuangxing.
Sure enough, this feeling has great wisdom and great nature. "The wise and true elders also said.
"Yes, I am a Buddhist who wants to cut seven emotions and break six desires.
The heavenly injury star is about to break, and the lust in the heart will kill everything and realize it.
Now he has continued this feeling, but it is better to control the magic. "Dahui Jackson said.
"The most important thing is that the earth strong star will be violently killed in this world.
However, this death is heavier than Mount Tai and lighter than a feather. If you can die with affection, the demons will stop and the divinity will return
And after her death, it was another emotional wound.
However, if this love is not extinguished and broken, God’s life can also wash away the evil spirits.
This sincerity can be described as killing two birds with one stone "
"Is it killing two birds with one stone?"