"Xiao Fan?" Suddenly, I saw a figure jumping up from a distance and holding a pair of hands toward the abnormal Godot, and Ye Bai was surprised when he first saw the man’s face.

"Ah, if you have something to say, let’s kill this guy first!" Xiao Fan’s sword actually cut Godot’s back, but instead of hurting the other side, it was reversed and his hands were numb.
"Hey!" Gordo violent suddenly turned around a toward Xiao Fan mercilessly caught.
The palm of your hand instantly zoomed in Xiao Fan’s eyes as if you were trying to dodge and escape by yourself!
"Extreme footwork of the highest plough!" Xiao Fan’s foot movement immediately reached the fifth floor, and his figure became more blurred than before, and he escaped along Godot’s fingers with a few smoke!
At this time, however, Godot has lost his mind and ignored Ye Bai. Instead, he pursued Xiao Fan crazily.
"I depend on what is this means? Suddenly become so strong? " Xiao Fan’s arms vibrated, and at the same time, the demon’s eyes caught and predicted the other party’s attack, and he kept dodging with his strange posture.
Joke, he dare not touch each other hard. You know Ye Bai’s repair at this time also has six degrees of Xuanxian, but he has not been hit by Gordo, so he took the lead in blasting out because of the other party’s attack and coercion. If he gets so deathless, he will be half-disabled!
"Hundreds of millions of snakes!" Ye Bai said that Xiao Fan’s appearance can also make her temporarily relieved, and hurriedly squeezed her hands to cast out her strongest means to raise my hand and throw 13 silvery white darts, which will arrange a circular circle in Fiona Fang’s one-mile range and immediately clap her hands towards the ground!
"Boom ….." The earth rattled with violent magic gas, and the black viper flew from the ground and tore at Gordo crazily!
These hundreds of millions of snakes are gathered together, and the poisonous snakes can devour one side of the world, and their power is poor
But biting Godot’s body is like hitting King Kong’s body. Even a tooth mark can be left!
"Hey!" Gordo’s arms flew out with a vibrating twisting force and smashed all hundreds of millions of black snakes!
"What? How effective is my strongest attack? " Ye Bai eyes shrank and gasped in disbelief.
"Trouble, this guy seems to be invulnerable!" Xiao Fan also tried to nullify the soul of Yin and Yang and the golden square brick, but all the exceptions were reversed!
"I don’t know what means he has used. It’s just a waste that I can’t walk away from!" Ye Bai bit his teeth and constantly juggled Godot with Xiao Fan, and the more he played, the more difficult he felt.
It seems that this Godot has turned into a horrible monster, and the more the Vietnam War gets stronger, the two of them will do harm by using several methods!
Although Gordo’s strength at this time is just comparable to that of the five masters of Xuanxian, the key is that the attack can’t hurt him! Otherwise, I’m afraid even the two masters of the real Xuanxian Five will be scarred by repeated bombardments.
"What should I do? This is not the way to go to the roots. This guy is too difficult! " Xiao Fan depressed said
"I don’t have any means. It seems that this failure is still a temporary shelter!" Ye Bai shook his head a way
"Well, I think it’s also a strategy!" Xiao Fan nodded his head and evaded Godot’s violent blow. After raising my hand, I grabbed Ye Bai’s wrist and immediately rippled physically. With Ye Bai’s body retreating for a few flashes, I fled.
"Hey!" Gordo saw his prey escape, although he wanted to hurry back, but he suddenly looked back after a sudden lag at the moment of stepping.
Just at this time, a crack not far behind him was torn, and Gu Ning stepped out with malaria and came here.
"Uh, what are we doing here?" Malaria wondered and asked
"I’ll talk about it in detail after I see Xiao Fan later. I just brought Xiao Fan here!" Gu Ning just finished this sentence and saw at a glance that the violent Bigot had come towards his side to kill.
Now Godot has no reason, just like a mad dog, he will attack all living things around him crazily, catch and bite anyone!
"hmm? Who is this guy? " Malaria is not one leng.
"I don’t know, but it looks like … it’s the shura protoss!" The ancient setting is wrinkly to knit the brows followed by raise my hand a little forward.
Suddenly, a dark hole suddenly collapsed in the clear sky, and then a bunch of thick thunder suddenly fell from it, which just hit Godot!
"ouch!" Gordo let out a scream and the body was blown out, and black smoke filled the air, but it didn’t do much damage. He got up again and was still persistent, and he came to kill the two of them.
"Defense was so horrible that I got a blow and didn’t get hurt? And … This guy has no self-awareness? " Ancient coagulation shook his head again raise my hand a little suddenly appeared in front of a fairy edge gasification mirror.
However, Godot mindless rushed into the mirror and his body actually disappeared into the mirror.
"Er … what means is this?" Malaria Zhang mouth quite shocked and said
"Nothing. Since it’s hard for this guy to get rid of it in one or two, I’ll just send him to the palace. My master can easily clean him up and I’ll waste my energy again!" Ancient coagulation licked his lips is very casual and said
"Your teacher …" Malaria is even more confused.
He already knows that the ancient practice has reached the level of terror, but isn’t his master worse? What kind of luck did Gu Ning get?
"It seems that Xiao Fan is no longer around here because of this guy … it’s really troublesome for him to hide his breath. I’m trying to find him. Let’s go when we talk to him later!" Ancient setting put gods around the barren hills to explore a circle and then sigh a way
"Er … when is it urgent? Where are we going? " Malaria scratched his head.
"The Imperial Palace Xiangang Imperial Family Forbidden Area Xianhuang Mausoleum!" Ancient coagulation corners of the mouth a pick also ranging from malaria said again grabbed his shoulder to exert force to disappear here again.
After a wick of incense, the protoss died.
Located at the top of a mountain peak in many mountains, a burly old man with a dark face suddenly frowned. "Huh? Was it? "
"My Lord, what has been done?" A master of god waiting level hurriedly asked.
"The old God Valley worm was recently given by Godot!" The old man urn said angrily.
"oh? Gordo, how dare that guy even dare the God Valley worm? So he must be in some trouble! " The master of god’s waiting level couldn’t help laughing when he heard the smell.