He looked down at Luo Changfeng, whose face was slightly pale, and his sword pointed to the sky and suddenly led to a storm.

Just as the thunder river pours purple thunder, it suddenly brings disaster to the surrounding land.
Cher’s five great quicksands fought for life and death, and without hesitation, they had to retreat to hundreds of feet away.
At that moment, Cher saw Shangfenglei Luochangfeng.
Wind and thunder shooting down
Just a thought, dozens of ancient trees were covered with heavy snow, and the scorched thunder and fire burned the dry trunk. After burning, black smoke appeared on the earth, and the pit was full of dead silence and destruction.
"Brother Changfeng!"
There are tears in this scene, and Cher is heartbroken.
Her sword swept through the horror, and the frost and cold breath gave birth to ice everywhere.
After repelling the five quicksands, the red robe flew up toward the dark and silent pit.
Her heart kept calling
You can’t die! You can’t die …
There seems to be no sign of life, and a dazzling sacred light suddenly rises in the deep pit of the earth.
Ears as if there were several elves ringing sweetly, and the holy light slowly rose.
Cher stopped frowning and looked to see a holy lotus flower.
The lotus rose.
Thirty-six petals flaked off, and the petals flaked off, but they were lotus-like.
There is still heavy snow falling in the setting sun
However, at the moment, the theory of heavy snow or the setting sun is eclipsed by the 36 lotus flowers rising in Ran Ran.
"Thirty-six-character lotus birth formula!"
Looking at the 36 lotus flowers rising slowly like lanterns, I was trapped by the law, and I stood in vain, and my cold face was finally dignified.
Black smoke fills the air, and the pit is quite awkward. Luo Changfeng has a knife in his hand.
Hospital knife
It’s also a self-sacrificing knife
Since the courtyard was destroyed by the hands of 100 idols in Tiandong, Luo Changfeng stopped using knives.
No hospital knife or butcher knife.
Two knives seem to have been treasured by him.
Actually, he didn’t deliberately treasure it. He raised a knife.
Raise knife meaning
This method of repairing knives is not a precedent for him. In fact, it has been preceded by predecessors.
Knife-crazy white jade knife breaks the white building door. Zeng Yuan raised a knife for three years. Three years did not produce a knife. The first world war of the white building door.
Luo Changfeng’s knife repair can be said to be self-obsessed. This knife repair method is imitated.
Starting with the courtyard knife, the words are majestic, and the meaning of the knife is like a burst of water, a clear river and a torrent of water.
The knife is ringing in the ear
A straight wind mark appeared on the blackened earth.
The knife sings again.
The branches of burning dead wood appear neat cut marks, and the broken branches are broken.
The knife keeps ringing in my ears.
In the sky, snowflakes are chopped up by wind marks.
There are countless virtual marks in the virtual middle.