This vicious is not mean.

People have reached Moxiao City before the boxing wind, and the scalp is numb by this sharp boxing wind. The other party is obviously a superior player, even better than the dead stabbing blade!
Taiji hammer
Hurriedly MoXiaoCheng elbow hammer turn toward each other.
A depressing collision suppressed the place to the extreme. A voice in Mo Xiaocheng’s face turned white and even took three steps back, but the man took a step back and looked at Gao Li’s sentence.
It seems that MoXiao City is worse than him.
Otherwise, without saying anything, the man ran right against the face and took the lead. At least, he gained strength and strong momentum, and beat Mo Xiaocheng in a hurry and didn’t eat a dark loss.
"Who are you?" Mo Xiaocheng swallowed his breath and stared at the opposite man, who was also a master of strength.
As far as MoXiao City is concerned, when he was fighting, his body was extremely difficult from the opponent’s fist. I’m afraid he would have been hurt if he hadn’t reached the point where he could melt his opponent and increase his physical strength.
MoXiaoCheng eyes a clot breathing a big body floating qi and blood by his two breath calm, he said slowly "serial cotton palm? Combining rigidity with softness, fast but not chaotic, slow and constant, just but not stubborn, soft and soft, it is not simple to practice the cotton palm to such a point. It is not easy to change the realm of strength. "
Just now, the other party played the serial cotton palm of Roche, Hebei Province, which is both continuous and long in Tai Ji Chuan and has a long fist. It is also a rare fist in China Wushu. Unfortunately, there are not many people who have practiced this fist since decades ago. It is not easy for Mo Xiaocheng to meet and reach his general strength today.
The man is ignoring MoXiaoCheng words with proudly said, "who are you? How dare you kill my man? Fuck you! You found my hand! I think you are also a master of strength. I don’t know if I can walk through ten strokes! "
Mo Xiaocheng laughed. "I don’t want you to be a master. You have a master style but you are so arrogant. This is your life! Ten tricks? Joke! Even if I become a powerful man, you can never beat me with ten strokes! "
Ceng Tao eyes get cold "MoXiao city? You are the Mo Xiaocheng who dares to claim to be the first master! "
MoXiaoCheng hold out a bosom proudly said, "good sit don’t change my name line don’t change my name I am MoXiaoCheng! It’s not that you have never killed a master of Hua Jin when you came to my Moxiao City. My hand never dies. "
Recently, Ceng Tao has also heard that Moxiao City’s famous brand said that the master of the sea has defeated the old master, Gao Ye, the master of the sea. He wanted to come to the sea for a while, but he didn’t want to see a few pounds of water in Moxiao City, but he met here and saw the other side kill himself, an S-class killer in Hong Men.
At the age of 40, although he practiced the soft cotton chain palm, on the contrary, his character was not feminine, but he was hot and he was about to suddenly attack people if he didn’t like it. Many people in Hong Men also ate his fist.
Today, Mo Xiaocheng’s words have already provoked his heart to kill.
"You fuck! With what you just said, heaven and earth can save you! Remember that the man who took your life told Ceng Tao to report it to the king of hell! "
"Come to death!"
Ceng Tao glared at King Kong’s body and squatted on the plate. He made a firm effort to pounce on Moxiao City again.
And when Ceng Tao Moxiao City stuck together, more than a dozen people came in from outside again.
One of them is over 50 years old, dressed in a Tang suit, clean and meticulous, with a shiny hairstyle and full of energy 2.
His name is Wei Dongsong, one of the many hall masters in Hong Men. He came to the sea this year at the age of 55. It was Xia Wanting, the so-called spokesperson of green gang.
He is not a practitioner, but a native of Hong Men. He inherited his father’s business. After his father died, his qualifications were not low, so he naturally became a master of Hong Men.
Wei Dongsong’s prestige among the visitors from all over the world is not low after he became the main seat of the hall. Plus, he works conscientiously in Hong Men, which is also considered to be among the many hall owners.
Just a few days ago, he had information that he retreated to Taiwan Province and green gang decades ago and was involved. First, he sent a woman named Xia Wanting to Haihui spokesperson to secretly solicit instructions from experts and went to the sea.
Speaking of the sea is Xiao Junliang’s territory, although there are also Hong Men nails, there are not many people here. He and Xiao Junliang have had several encounters before, but they also know each other. Later, Xiao Junliang somehow became a forbidden area in Hong Men because he awarded Hong Men his own self-reliance door to start his own business in the sea. It is generally unnecessary for Hong Men to send someone over.
Today, he didn’t want to go straight to the sea as soon as he got off the bus.
But when it comes to Ceng Tao and MoXiaoCheng playing together, both of them are rare experts. This time, the destructive power of World War I is not small, and it is a fixed point on the sea. Every time two people are entangled, their strength will cause a shock to the floor, and then the cruise ship will shake.
"Good tai chi! I’d like to see you get some essence from Tai Chi, that is, softness is just softness, and there is no difference between the two! "
Ceng Tao’s palm is lingering, and sometimes it is as soft as water, and it entangles Moxiao City to the extreme. When it relaxes, it becomes heavy and hard, and Moxiao City is hard to shake
Generally speaking, his style of play is not unique, and it changes with the situation, which is puzzling.
This is not only the most important thing, but his fists are extremely confusing, which makes him fight against the enemy, so he can’t help but follow him and gradually assimilate him.
It is extremely dangerous to play with others. Once you are pinned down by your opponent and passive by your opponent’s fists and feet, you are doomed to failure!
Therefore, people should respond to the enemy with heart, even if they want to hit, don’t follow others’ routine, otherwise the words will be defeated.
Now Ceng Tao is the misleading person Mo Xiaocheng, who wants the other party to talk to himself unconsciously, and the other party’s routine can finally settle the other party with his own control.
"Good cover-up! It’s a good idea for you to fight, but I won’t follow in your footsteps! Give me a break! "
Mo Xiaocheng sneered repeatedly, and his eyes saw through Ceng Tao’s conspiracy and fist to break each other’s trap.
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