After the mage saw what the princess he saved was like and what virtue it was, it was rare for the first generation of Five Sacred Riders and Gavin Rudd to curse women.

"Bastard! Give me back my beautiful dream! Damn it! What kind of princess is this? Ah-I don’t believe in love anymore … "Gavin Rudd’s only consolation is that he is not the idiot who personally recruited Princess Misslyle and then was beaten by the princess.
"Ha ha ha! Gavin Rudd, why don’t you meet your precious princess! " Queen Bush bent down heartlessly and burst out laughing.
"Whoo!" Iluxia covered her mouth in a lady’s way, and she was also smiling.
Only Duke, who had already seen through everything, comforted the poor baby. "Dear paladin, have you forgotten the virtue of paladin? Paladins don’t act out of greed, or do you need to seal what will be ordinary humans? "
"No, I don’t think it may be the high elves who are not recognized by Silver Moon City …"
Gavin Radma received a black eye from the Queen of Greece. Apparently, the first generation of five paladins was taught by the Queen of Greece to teach him that his horse was flagging.
Duke gave Gavin Rudd a look of’ You are a man and you can’t be a coward’.
Gavin Rudd rolled his eyes. Can you do it?
Duke curled his lips and looked at his mage badge. I’m a sven.
Gavin Rudd rolled his eyes for the second time. Your sister …
"The army on the southern side of the tribe is going to be miserable …" When the orc cavalry flying around in the sky saw this scene, there was such an idea left in their hearts.
Trapped in the huge rock wall, Red * black hand suddenly realized that he and others had been severely pitted by Duke. This nonsense princess is definitely an elemental creature, and whether he and his hand are willing or not, they must have a hard fight with this female giant.
Reid turned to open his mouth and shouted at his department in surprise and anger.
It’s a pity that an element call caused the smile of the giant in the harsh khaki light to drown out all the orc sounds.
Shouting and cursing, making drums and trumpets, everything was covered up by the beautiful but overbearing voice of the giant woman.
"Ha ha ha! Can you stupid green-skinned humans get treasures from me? Well, I’ll show you the princess’s baby. "Princess Misler laughed and waved her arms as if she were stretching.
After a strange explosion, all the orcs closed their mouths. Everyone saw a lot of water giants and fire giants appearing around them. Everyone saw their companions’ faces frightened and saw their mouths open and closed, but they couldn’t make that heroic cry.
Without the victory "lkar"
There is no giant heart "grash" symbolizing courage.
There is silence and despair.
No one can make a sound except when clenching their teeth.
At last, the disadvantages of the tribe’s fighting capacity decline appear suspicious at this time.
If this is the first place where the black hand led the elite who suffered many battles, then at this moment, they have copied their weapons and rushed hard.
Even if it’s death, it’s absolutely not cowardice
If the leader is a well-known chief in the tribe, a heroic beast like Hellscream or Dead Eye, the people will also have a backbone.
It’s a pity that this is Red’s black hand, a small chieftain who has not yet proved himself to be a new clan. Maybe he has excellent blood, but no orc will recognize Red’s bravery before he has a record.
Red shouted with his arms raised, but it was lost because the sound was masked.
[Stone Edge Exile]
These are that summons of princess Misslyle.
Different from the original, these stone edge exiles composed of various elemental creatures have also been strengthened.
The magic circle of the huge element increase is Duke’s handwriting. Duke not only enhances the princess, but also enhances the princess summons in disguise.
Otherwise, the princess will unseal the seal of the original stone fence and won’t come out at the feet of the orcs. As the most professional horror, Duke even predicted the orcs’ reaction, and their evacuation from the core area led to Mister Lyle.
Moreover, Duke attached a magic model to the magic circle in order to make the door concrete and hit the dog. Well, only a traveler could understand the big move from a king.
Now, Miss Lyle’s little brothers are out of control.
Fiery fireballs with screaming explosions crisscross this closed battlefield. There are not only death [Fireball Art], but also Frost Nova and Flash Shield. What magic has been painstakingly learned by high elves and human beings is just elemental biological talent.
Of course, it doesn’t make people’s elemental creatures smooth enough.
Whether the huge fireball hits the grass or not, it is immediately mixed with blood, flesh, soil and chaotic wind.
No matter how brave the orcs are, they can’t help but consciously move one by one. The shock wave of terror or white or yellow seems to drop one by one when it rains, and the bright rings of water droplets on the calm lake spread one after another.
However, a circle represents death and destruction, whether it is a burly orc or a huge wolf weighing more than a ton, it is lifted by the shock wave of elemental magic explosion and flies backwards. If it is unlucky to touch several shock waves at the same time, it is a real dead body to be continued.
Chapter 339 Ryan smile (April ticket)
According to Duke’s instructions, Ilyushia is doing a magic message live.
On the other side of the mirror came King Solas Torbern’s voice, "Duke, you are our forever brother in Riptide Castle."
No one knows better than Bisolas what it means for Duke to take care of this batch of orcs. The more elite orcs Duke kills, the easier it will be for them to defend Rapids Castle.
Riptide Castle is really easy to defend but difficult to attack. No isolated city can be trapped forever.
To the west and south of Riptide Castle, there is a cliff facing the sea. Actually, the bottom of the cliff is a beach that controls the sea. The Alliance can still go to the east beach of Nanhai Town through Hailu, and supply support to Riptide Castle through the secret passage at the bottom of the cliff.
Suo Riptide Castle is definitely not an isolated city.
Duke snapped his fingers smartly when the spiritual world came to show that "you look at the rapids constantly [worship]"
"Let’s go"
"go? Where are we going? " Sylvanas windrunner asked.
"It’s time to go to Hinterland. I think there’s almost news there."
"So … what about this earth princess?"
Duke glanced at the mage’s eyes to reflect that Mister Lyle was killing Duke, and an evil cock twisted around his mouth.
"Second sister, you have been with me for so long that you should learn to trust me, right?"
"get out! Who is your second sister! " If I hadn’t seen how many people around Duke were public and had a bad influence, sylvanas windrunner would definitely want Duke to look good
It’s not just that the Queen doesn’t understand Ilyushia and all the knights don’t understand.
It is Gavin Rudd who knows Duke’s deeds best here.
"Ahem!" He knows that it’s time to kiss up to the dog’s leg. "Marcus Pavilion is the most sophisticated. If I didn’t guess wrong, the magic circle’s blessing for Princess Missile is time-sensitive."
No one in the field is a fool, and everyone knows it at all.
Damn it! Sure enough, it’s insidious to let an earth princess who has been sealed for many years and is obviously not a good thing fight to the death with the tribe, and then cancel the bonus directly when the tribe fights with the princess almost …
This, this, this is really despicable!
But …
We love it!
Duke and his party left lightly. He didn’t confirm the result again. He just walked in front of the tribal dragoons. sylvanas windrunner took a bow and sat on the roof of the carriage. Whoever dares to come over will shoot you.