Yuan Hui was surprised and said, "My Lord, what does this mean?"

Lin Yi gold finger Yuan Hui nose badly "meaning? That’s what you shouted at that time! I cann’t believe you asked me in turn! At that time, you were in a hurry and asked those assassins to kill Tai quickly.’ Fat pig’ is what you call Tai privately! You this group of bold rebel thief … "
All the guards with gold belts are loyal to the new emperor. Only after listening to Lin Yi’s words did they know that the conspirators had privately called the new emperor "fat pig"
These guards are angry and stare at Yuan Hui by glaring.
As if to spit his flesh and blood.
Yuan Hui doesn’t care if Lin Yi is a golden-faced bodyguard at the moment. He shouted, "You are a dirty lie … you want to add guilt!"
Lin Yi drink a way "Yuan Hui! Open your eyes and see who I am! "
Chapter 42 Second guessed (3)
Lin Yi reached out and slowly picked the golden face!
Show respect
Lin Yi was pardoned by the imperial edict of the first emperor, and a bunch of Song evils were also detained. The conspirators naturally knew that although the conspirators had speculated that the achievement of the Golden Guards was pardoned by Lin Yi, it had not been confirmed, so it was difficult for them to make a fuss about it.
Now Lin Yi really surprised Yuan Hui.
Yuan Hui said, "It’s you … it’s you … otherwise, who in Putian can stop so many Tibetan masters with one hand and kill two Lin Qin by four Tibetan monks? It’s really Lin Yi!"
"It seems that General Yuan is very familiar with those Tibetan masters!" Then Lin Yi quipped, "I used to be a prisoner, but today you kneel on my feet, General Yuan. You never know. I’m so honest. You also confessed truthfully, so that I can put in a good word for you before the new emperor without bringing trouble to your family."
Lin Yi changed from a prisoner to a sworn brother of the new emperor, and was sealed as a golden bodyguard, which really made Yuan Hui feel ridiculous.
Although Lin Yi shows respect for Yuan Hui, how can he easily plead guilty?
Yuan Hui is a three-life official and a man who has experienced storms.
Yuan Hui cried, "I blame me for what I did! Lin Yi, you are taking revenge. I want to see Kang Wang. I want to be holy … "
Lin Yi said, "Well, since you and I said I hated revenge, I can’t bear this name for nothing!"
Lin Yi said the three guards beside Yuan Hui made a gesture.
Two of the three guards pressed Yuan Hui, and the other took out a one-foot-long steel cone from the bosom, then thrust it into the crack of Yuan Hui’s back bone and forced Yuan Hui’s bone to make a "crunch" sound.
Yuan Hui is a piercing scream.
The body is also twitching in pain.
Tears and runny nose
The gold belt bodyguard pulled out the steel cone and changed it to another part. Yuan Hui screamed endlessly, and the great pain made him shit. Huang Chengcheng’s urine mixed with shit soup ran down his thigh, and the room suddenly filled with a stench.
Although Yuan Hui was dead at the moment, he still refused to talk.
Mouth shouted wronged also scold Lin Yi lynching.
Lin Yi, of course, don’t believe that he is wronged Lin Yi toward the three guards.
Three people stopped punishing Yuan Hui.
Yuan Hui collapsed and kept convulsing.
Lin Yi way "you don’t recruit? !”
Yuan Hui vomitted blood. "I didn’t do it … you can’t let me talk at random."
Lin Yi clapped his hands and said, "General Yuan is really awesome."
Yuan Hui hissed, "Lin Yi, although you are a golden bodyguard, you lynched three officials without conclusive evidence. Do you know what the crime is!"
Lin Yi said, "No matter how big my crime is, it’s not as good as your crime of killing the king. Since you don’t recruit, I can create a method for General Yuan."
His method?
Yuan Hui looked ignorant.
Those guards also don’t know.
Lin Yi’s side is a deputy commander of the Nighthawk Guard.
Lin Yi said to him, "How many people are there in Qinghong Yuanfu?"
Qinghong said, "There are a total of 110 people in Lord Lin’s Yuan House, except for the maid servant of Ding Ding Nursing Home, his mother, three wives, nine children and his younger brother’s family, all of whom live in the house and are now under control by the brothers."
Lin Yi said, "Let’s recruit brothers and let them wear black clothes and cover their faces as assassins, and then let them enter the house from the back door as the back door. Brothers and assassins are in cahoots, and then let these assassins enter the house and kill us. People can’t resist watching Yuan Fu die."