That’s as difficult as making a supercomputer chip by hand in a rural handicraft workshop.

It can be said that the manufacturing process is no different from the myth for this planet.
On the spot, I showed the manufacturing staff autism.
Even the face formula symbols have to be interpreted against their own words to understand.
Monkeys are at a loss in the face of the spaceship manufacturing manual
At the moment, it is vividly displayed.
“? ? ?”
Three question marks represent all their thoughts.
In the face of this unexpected situation, Charles also had no choice but to give some blood in exchange for some that could be eaten by human beings in this world. nz4 gave them emergency intelligence points on the spot.
Although it is temporary.
In this situation, they can barely understand the manufacturing drawings.
Followed by a series of problems such as the planet’s backward equipment, the inability to find a variety of raw materials, and the serious shortage of manpower.
Charles, that’s a big deal.
After years of accumulation, it was directly declared bankrupt in just three days.
He had to be transformed into a talented person to complete all kinds of crazy.
After a busy period
In addition to worrying about sending the door photo, Charles
It is also necessary to solve the problems brought by governments.
After all, it is impossible for those countries not to notice anything when he moves so much.
In addition, there is another problem, that is, if we don’t work together, Charles and his forces will probably not be able to build this gateway even after 20 years.
He can’t stand the fact that spending money is like running water.
Necessary negotiations can be avoided!
Finally, after a very complicated struggle
Each country finally reached a tacit understanding to a certain extent and put all kinds of resources into the construction of stargate.
And in this link, Charles can be said to have spent careless efforts.
More than revealing part of his "special abilities."
Let them know that they have the ability to replace special objects after completing certain conditions, and keep their dominant position in the matter of stargate.
And gained some extraordinary status with the trend.
After successfully getting rid of some annoying things because of the pressure shared by various countries
Charles put his focus on the starting point of completing all kinds of efforts to earn money.
After all, he mainly relies on his special ability to make up for loopholes that others can’t solve.
The point of hoarding is urgent.
This time, with the help of governments, the efficiency has been greatly improved.
Walk around at will
Charles’ steps lagged slightly when he passed a little girl.
Turned to closely follow the genus behind ordered "to buy ten cakes for that little girl …"
The other party immediately brought life.
Pass Charles’ orders.
When they slowly leave.
Soon a steam car pulled up next to the little girl.
Accompanied by the car door being hit, two burly soldiers walked out of it.
In the puzzled eyes of the little girl, they respectfully handed her a strawberry cake that was still steaming, and then held nine strawberry cakes left. They said very politely, "Miss, congratulations on winning the special surprise prize of Berry Cake Shop. Do you want to help you move home?"
It wasn’t the little girl who froze, and even the people around her who witnessed the scene couldn’t believe it
Did you understand what the fuck this is?
And Charles, who has gone far, has also received the notice of completion at this moment.
Arrive directly at 2 o’clock.
He is very satisfied with this.
Although the number is not much, it will be done in one sentence.
"Go and buy him a pair of slippers."
"Go and buy him breakfast."
"The cat gave it a beating."
"There is an evil spirit in the opposite room. Go and get rid of him."
"Change this vase to …"
Dozens of pieces encountered in the whole day have been solved, and Charles has gained nearly two thousand points without even moving his hand.
He was delighted by this suspicion that he had no time to harvest!
According to this efficiency.
Even if those researchers wait until 20 years later, they can still complete the stargate through exchange.
If those frequencies don’t decrease …
In order to let the universal system directly remove the abnormal situation of this planet, Charles is not without inquiry.
But that’s a hundred times more expensive than building a stargate.
Even if it is temporarily suppressed, it takes hundreds of millions of points.
By the time that money comes together, the planet will be cold.
Running away is still the most direct way, at least you can mix a guarantee.
These points can not only build a delivery door, but also keep as many civilians as possible when Charles escapes.
Chapter 19 Vibration
I didn’t stop for Charles’ trip.
Still passing day by day
Republic of Galitt
Somewhere deep in a huge base in the mountains
This is the construction site of Stargate.
Sitting in his office chair and looking through the window, Charles was a little nervous and thought, "It’s time …"
Today is the day when he dies.
I still can’t figure out how I died. Charles, although his life has changed a lot, he still chooses to hide in the most heavily guarded base for the sake of insurance.
Prepare for emergencies.