At present, stealth aircraft is relatively invisible with the help of the latest technology and materials in anti-bioscience, and it is expensive to paint it to absorb radar wavelengths, but it can not completely absorb but reduce reflection.

The stealth plane is not really’ stealth’
Lin Chong’s "white iron" sent back to Earth has made the military see the hope of breaking through the technical limit of the current stealth aircraft.
What’s more, it’s not’ white iron’, which can protect the structural integrity of the object in various unknown magnetic ray cosmic environments.
Seventy-four materials scientists believe that in the next few hundred years, it will be thousands of years before earth science and technology can manipulate the four basic forces of the universe before the birth of cosmic materials.
At present, the military and members of the project team have suggested that white iron research should be the most important agenda and hope that you can send back more white iron in ten months.
"But this is one of the studies. Now 74 project departments are expanding, and ten project teams will be set up to correspond to each project. I believe you can see fruitful research results in a short time."
The chief engineer painted a scene for Lin Chong, which made Lin Chong deeply intoxicated and felt as if his chest was overflowing with pride. His motherland was more human.
The project team led by the chief engineer will focus on the chip system of Hua Yao Dan. Because of the experience of Pig Yao Dan and the talent of Hua Yao, it has been judged that the scene of Hua Yao Dan should be AR field.
"You will see a surprise in half a year at most."
The chief engineer sold it to Lin Chong.
Lin Chong expressed his great expectation.
Then Lin Chong received the link diagram of Flower Demon Dan and Scorpion Demon Dan, which was analyzed by the chief engineer. Three kinds and one kind of gifted magical pendant diagram were attached to the diagram.
It is also accompanied by speculation and drawings on the earth, such as making weapons
It is not convenient enough to make mines and grenades like wind and fire mushrooms.
In the history of the earth war, the derivative weapons of "Lei" always play a supporting role and occupy the leading role. The leading role in World War I and World War II is still …
"This thing … is amazing." After reading the drawings, Lin Chong couldn’t help but marvel at 74 imagination and creativity. If you have this thing, what kind of magnetic gun do you need?
Lin Chong’s plane wall is not far away. He is practicing Dapeng King and tired of playing. Think again about the little tiger who just saw the drawings and felt a sense of pride in his heart.
Let the other world see what is the art of explosion!
Chapter one hundred and twenty A pair of precious pants
Lin Chong entered the research and development of new weapons.
This thing is quite difficult.
If the difficulty of mushroom thunder is two, then this is ten.
The structure map given by the earth is not necessarily correct. After all, they are inferring that it is not from another world. Lin Chong has to read the progress bar slowly while experimenting, but Lin Chong believes that it is all worth it.
Once this weapon is born, it will shock the whole plane.
Maybe we can break our wrists with the Great Sage of Bones.
During this period, King Dapeng occasionally hunts in the mountains. Although he has never hunted those great demons, he will also bring some materials from time to time, such as all kinds of game, salt, grease and clothes.
Salt is coarse salt. Lin Chong asked the earth to make fine salt by filtration, and it can still be eaten.
It’s just that coarse cloth is spun into clothes. I can’t stand it. It’s made of kudzu. It’s made of kudzu stems and skins to dry clothes. It can also weave ropes and sandals. It’s like wearing a mat.
It’s a pity that there are no towns in Fiona Fang near here, otherwise Lin Chong can expect that Lin Chong, the general manager of Ling, Luo and Satin in the Tang Dynasty, will extract large mushroom fibers to make clothes, which is also a careful job.