Beishan County has successfully made him completely despise the so-called human empire. Now he has some doubts about the ability of the beast king. It seems that my father is really old after a long attack by a mere empire!

"All human beings should obey your feet!"
Ding Lian hurriedly echoed with a smile. He smiled at the thought that the orc king had promised him some benefits.
What can he do in this heaven-given empire, waiting for the people not to go to the orc empire?
Ding Li ‘an doesn’t feel anything wrong with betraying human beings.
At this moment, a mob soldier came to the door and said, "Boss Ding, a few people are coming outside to visit you."
Ding Li ‘an was stupefied. He remembered that he had reached the city curfew after occupying the county.
But at this late night, someone came to visit him, the new owner of the county?
Ding Li ‘an looked at Andrew with searching eyes.
Andrew slightly thoughtfully eyes motioned Ding Lian.
Ding Lian know hurriedly asked the soldiers outside "how many people are there outside? Did they say their names? Who is it? "
"There are a total of twelve people outside the back door of Ding Laohua. The first one is a white-robed man. He didn’t say his identity, but said he would visit Ding Laoda."
The soldier paused and continued to respectfully say, "I don’t think that the public is distinguished and dare to delay Ding Boss’s report."
Extraordinary public?
Late night visit?
"Maybe it’s a county aristocrat. I want to come to the team overnight to be nice."
Andrew smiled faintly and his tone was full of disdain.
No matter which empire, there will always be such a group of swing
"Adults say it’s me. Let them come in and see who they really are."
Ding Li’ an said to Andrew, then turned to the soldier outside the door and said, "Go and bring someone in for me!"
Soldiers go respectfully.
In a short time, twelve people outside were taken to the door of the hall.
"Adults have brought it."
Soldiers sound up
"Let them in."
Ding Li Anlang said
He and Andrew have already changed places. At this time, Ding Li’ an is in the main seat, and Andrew looks like a servant. His black hood is put back on to cover his face.
Twelve people outside the door are Su Yu and Seibel who travel in paperback.
The soldiers pushed open the rooms and Su Yu stepped in indifferently.
"Who are you? Is it important to come to the official? "
Ding Li’ an sat in the theme and claimed to be an official, so he asked Su Yu and others with dignity
Whenever Ding Li ‘an feels comfortable all over at this time!
It’s hard to extricate oneself from the pleasure brought by the huge gap between his two identities, who were a lowly common people a few days ago but now he has become the owner of the county.
Su Yu glanced gently at Ding Li ‘an, who was sitting on the theme, and then smiled indifferently and said, "I heard that the owner of Beishan County had changed, and Wang didn’t come to visit at the moment. Today, I came in a hurry to have something to trouble Yiding Boss."
Call yourself king?
What is this person’s identity? Why am I still loud?
Ding Lian expression suddenly indecision uncertain sink to Su Yu asked "what is it! Let me talk about it first! "
"Well, it’s not important either. Not long ago, Wang heard that Boss Ding kept a lion. I don’t know if Boss Ding is interested in giving up what one favours. I am short of a beast to watch the house."
Su Yu smiled faintly and slowly.
As soon as he said this, Ding Lian and Andrew suddenly changed their faces!
He came here to catch a lion?
What does this mean?
This is deliberately aimed at the orc emperor!
You know Andrew is an orc lion!
"Who are you?"
Ding Lian suddenly got up and raised my hand and pointed at Su Yu. He lost his questioning and his eyes were full of panic and fear.
Is the owner an orc and his identity has been exposed?
Ding Lian didn’t dare to think about it. He was afraid of being severely punished by Chengtian Empire!
Communicating with foreigners and murdering mankind is a heinous crime!
Su Yu’ s words made Ding Li’ an’ s heart full of fear and fear at the moment.
Chapter 9 Black-clad Werewolf
"It seems that Boss Ding’s ears are not so good."
Su Yu smiled indifferently and stepped aside and sat in a chair smiling and said, "Didn’t I say that? I came to your house to catch lions. "
"I have no lion here! Get out of here! Get out! "
Ding Lian surly, pointing to Su Yu roared.
"How dare you talk to your Lord like that!"
Seibel stepped forward, with a dark face and an angry look.
Ding Lian one leng.
"Wang Bucai is the Lord of Blackstone County"