"How long did it take for the inserted wing tiger to die? How can those escaped monsters come back so soon?

Why do you think we are in such a hurry to search for the territory of the winged tiger? Is to catch the monster beast before returning to search the territory of the inserted wing tiger again and then enter the area surrounded by several big demon territories. "
After listening to this explanation, the talent reacted.
Of course, this is not the only person who is white at this time.
It’s not that the man was stupid enough not to think of this reason
But all the previous experiences have made those people a little "frightened"
They think there should be a lot of monsters here, but they meet a few, which is a bit unusual.
As the saying goes, there is always a demon in the abnormal situation. It is natural that these people are anxious and difficult to think in that direction.
A wise man reacted happily and said, "The monster escaped? Well, we can search for the territory of the winged tiger and don’t worry about the monster beast attacking. "
Many people nodded in agreement when they heard this.
This is an episode of the search road to adjust an anger.
They soon went deep into the territory of the inserted wing tiger, and suddenly someone exclaimed, "There is a stone tablet there."
"Stone tablet?"
Everyone was slightly surprised.
Monsters can’t set a stone tablet. It must be someone who sets a stone tablet.
They immediately ran to the front of the stone tablet, which was entangled in vines and hidden in the bushes. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t find it.
Ling Youdao wielded a sword to remove the surrounding shrubs and stone tablets, and the vines revealed the stone tablets inside.
Pu Yang looked at the stone tablet with disappointment and said, "This stone tablet is so weathered that all the words have disappeared. There is no news at all."
Ling Youdao shook his head and said, "I still got some news."
Many people looked at him in doubt, and he explained that "the stone tablet will definitely not stand in the wild mountains. At least this stone tablet says that we are looking for the right direction."
Upon hearing this, everyone thought for a moment and felt that Ling Youdao made sense.
Ling Youdao turned around and said, "Let’s go and keep going. The target we are looking for must be ahead."
The appearance of the stone tablet excited everyone and followed Ling Youdao closely.
When they walked for another wick, they found a few more stone pillars.
These columns are similar in diameter, but different in length. They are as beautiful as the stone tablets in front.
"There are stone pillars here. Haha, even if it doesn’t fall to Fushan, it must be a relic."
Everyone is very excited, because the ruins represent treasures and practice resources.
"Go ahead."
Ling Youdao can’t stop being excited with a wave of his hand.
On the other hand, the team led by Tang Kun, Gu Jinghui, Xin Wansheng and others have found some obviously artificially created building debris.
They always look happy when they see these things.
"We’re going to climb the mountain, and in front of it is the area surrounded by several demon territories.
Now I have found a lot of buildings on the other side of the mountain. There must be more buildings falling to Fushan, and it is very likely that there will be. "
It seems to everyone that Fushan Mountain must be heavy. If it falls, it should fall into the ground.
"When we get to the top of the mountain, we will stay there for a while. When everyone is here, we will go over the mountain and enter that area."
Tang Kun also has his own considerations. He thinks it must be dangerous over there. Everyone must be reunited.
If that team goes first, it will probably become a target.
He is not stupid and will never be enemies.
After all speed up for half an hour, Tang Kun led the team to the top of the mountain.
However, when he reached the top of the mountain, he found that someone had already come first.
Looking at this search team leader Tang Kun was slightly surprised.
He glanced at the other person sitting on a stone and thought, "It seems that these people have arrived here for a while and have not chosen to climb the mountain and enter the area, but have chosen to stay at the top of the mountain and wait for other teams."
This person does not generally have a big picture. "
Only to see that the team leader came over and handed over with a smile. "Haha, Tang Daoyou came late and let Lingmou beat us to it."
Yes, this man is Ling Youdao. After they found the stone pillar, they rushed to this side as quickly as possible.
He knows that he can’t be targeted, and everyone is not allowed to flip through the peaks and enter the opposite area, but stop here with everyone and wait for someone.
Tang Kun laughed. "Ling Daoyou really got here so badly."
Immediately, the wind changed. "By the way, Ling Daoyou, have you found anything about your route?"
Ling Youdao didn’t want to hide it and said directly, "We found a stone tablet and several pillars, but it has been too long since the past. These stone buildings are all in full bloom, and there are still edges and corners left. You can’t see anything informative."
Tang Daoyou, did you find anything on your way? "
He believes that the other party must have found something, otherwise the other party could not have come so fast.
Sure enough, I saw Tang Kun nodded. "Although we have a pool there, it has been filled with soil, but we still found it.
I planed the soil department and found that there were still some laws banned there, but those laws were too bad to work. "
On hearing the residual law Ling Youdao, he was slightly excited and said, "It turned out to be the residual law. It seems that we are very close to the falling Fushan Mountain, and most of them are in the area surrounded by several big demon territories across the mountain."
Tang Kun nodded. "That’s what I thought."
As time went by, various search teams came here one after another.
These teams all met some first-order monsters along the way, and a dozen teams also met one or two first-order monsters.
That is to say, the monks came here at a loss
But not all the teams are as lucky as the team led by Ling Youdao and Tang Kun, and all of them have encountered the residual buildings.
They were all excited when they heard about the damaged buildings.