Now, Zhao Xiaocai wants to double-cultivate the immortals. It can be said that Zhao Xiaocai is indeed very lucky, and the chance has reached an outrageous level.

Of course, all this is thanks to da ji, but compared with losing your life, Zhao Xiaocai will never thank her.
The two men are in perfect harmony and have already reached the state of self-forgetfulness. Zhao Xiaocai’s soaring Yun Shangxian is not behind.
It’s almost forty-nine days after the evil law was run, and Yun Shangxian broke through!
That is, if you want to break through the great power realm of the immortal emperor in the later period of the immortal statue, you need to accumulate it, which is absolutely horrible. What’s worse, there is still a big realm barrier to stop it.
It can be said that even if Zhao Xiaocai’s accumulated fear is not enough from the time of fine repair to the early stage of the present immortal statue, it can be seen how difficult it is to make Yun Shang Xian break through smoothly and become a immortal emperor.
Chapter 224 Xiandi Leijie
Chapter 224 Xiandi Leijie
Immortal breakthrough Immortal Emperor is a hurdle, and there is not enough potential for many people to get stuck in this hurdle in a generation.
Da ji, this evil law, actually regards this hurdle as a horror.
The realm of the immortal emperor is the highest realm in the fairy world. A breakthrough is bound to lead to a vision.
First of all, Lei Jie was baptized into the realm of Immortal Emperor, and Immortal Yuan evolved from liquid to solid again, but it was not a partial transformation of 20%, a third of which was the initial transformation of Immortal Emperor, and half of which was the middle transformation of Immortal Emperor, which was the late transformation of Immortal Emperor.
Few people know the realm of the immortal emperor, that is, the great power of the immortal emperor in his early days may not necessarily know what realm the immortal emperor is.
After the baptism of Lei Jie, it is the blessing of heaven, which is a great chance. If the average fairy touches a little, this blessing breaks through several small realms in a row, it is easy to see the blessing of heaven, which is a great chance.
Although Yunshang Fairy is a magical fairy mainland, she broke through the realm of the fairy emperor and was sensed by the celestial heaven.
That’s because of her long life in the celestial world, and the other is that da ji deliberately leaked her breath.
The magic fairy is no longer surging outside the mainland. Seeing the rapid gathering of dense clouds, this is the test and baptism for Yunshang Fairy to achieve the immortal emperor.
What celestial heaven wants to do whatever it takes to bring thunder to the magic fairy continent? It’s not that it’s full. It’s for a purpose!
The realm of the immortal emperor can be said to be a kind of heaven and earth fruit. If it is not blessed, people can’t repair the corpse fruit. Can it be promoted to the celestial heaven because of this realm?
The achievement of Leijie, the immortal emperor, is a horror, which can be borne by the magic fairy mainland heaven, but it can’t but bite the bullet and fight hard, because if it can’t resist the magic fairy mainland and destroy it, it will also be destroyed.
"Zhao Xiaocai!" Heaven roared, because all this was brought about by Zhao Xiaocai’s fate, otherwise it wouldn’t have suffered such a terrible thunder robbery.
Although the thunder robbery is not aimed at it, it has to help resist weakening. Because of this kind of terror, the thunder robbery will come to the magic fairy continent and it can casually break through the magic fairy continent. This is not the result it wants to see.
Terror, thunder, robbery, magic fairy, gathering terror outside the mainland, intimidating people can resist, and even Yuan Gang, the demon fairy, is scared to shit.
Even Yuan Gang can’t bear this kind of coercion, not to mention the fact that shit is a trivial matter. Some small creatures are directly crushed to death by coercion.
This is a catastrophe in the magic fairy continent. The source is the demon-eating cave around the Yanyang mountain range, and the culprit is da ji, the ancestor of the fox family.
No one but da ji can hear Zhao Xiaocai and Yun Shangxian’s double major. Li Yanran and Charm Ji have already been in a coma. Other creatures in the magic fairy mainland have been suppressed by coercion and fainted.
Da ji smiled at the system with an evil smile. "It will be a great supplement for you to help her resist that level of lightning robbery when Yunshang Fairy lands!"
Now Yunshang Xiangen can’t resist Leijie. da ji has already figured out that letting the system help her absorb Leijie can make the system accumulate exchange points and make Yunshang Xianxian a safe achievement.
Looking at the magic fairy mainland life casualties, heaven could not bear to be able to separate a point of energy and try not to let them die in this catastrophe.
Looking at the horror of the outer space, the thunder robbed Tian Dao Nai. "Zhao Xiaocai, this is the cause and effect after you owe me hope!"
This is a catastrophe for the magic fairy mainland heaven, but it is not necessarily a big chance.
After the thunder robbery, the strength of Heaven is bound to suffer hundreds of thousands of years of penance, fearing that it will turn into a battle, but it is all worth it.
The barriers between the magic fairy mainland and the celestial world are thick. If the celestial heaven does not eliminate the general Mahayana period, it is difficult for monks to soar. This is why the magic fairy mainland practitioners have no roots for soaring;
However, this time, the celestial heaven has been thunderstruck, which means that it is expected to weaken the magic fairy mainland that is protected by the thick barriers of the two worlds and then soar after the fix-true.
Those who fix the truth can soar, and they can absorb the celestial fairy spirit. Although they have lost hundreds of thousands of years of practice, the loss is nothing compared with being able to absorb the celestial fairy spirit.
Whether heaven is forced or not, it has to help carry thunder. After it figured it out, its enthusiasm for helping carry thunder became even higher.
But it doesn’t know that all this is arranged by da ji and the beneficiary will be da ji. If da ji is unhappy, it is afraid that it will be doomed to be erased in the future.
"Do you think Zhao Xiaocai can break through the realm of the immortal emperor by absorbing Yun Shang Xian?" Da ji seems to be talking to herself, but everyone knows that she is asking Tong.
"I don’t know if Zhao Xiaocai has a strong accumulation. I’m sure I can, but I’m not sure about him!" Tong said
"Oh, you are not known as the heavens and the earth? How can you not even speculate on this? " Da ji frown said.
Tong argued, "I don’t have a brain fusion, so it’s normal to speculate!"
Tong Hua can already feel its dissatisfaction from the side, but da ji dare not let it merge with the brain now. Because of Zhao Xiaocai, she dare not ask for more.
Wouldn’t it be a slap in the face to help Zhao Xiaocai escape from da ji after the integration of the brain?
Leijie finally came. Heaven did not dare to rely on big profits and celestial heaven to help Yunshang Fairy resist the six layers of power. Can Leijie resist the remaining four layers? That is not its concern!
Zhao Xiaocai didn’t know what was happening outside when he was single-minded and double-rooted.
There’s a slight brush on Yunshang Xianxin’s mind, but she still hasn’t woken up.
Leijie broke the defense of da ji Palace and hit Yunshang Xiangen directly. da ji woke up and the Taoist system directly possessed her, and she feasted on Leijie
Ray is also a kind of energy. Zhao Xiaocai absorbed a lot of conversion points in the face of the heavenly punishment.
The celestial thunder robbery is even more horrible. If it is converted into a redemption point, it will be a very horrible redemption point.