Of course, there are three people in Lingding Mountain, Lingyou Xianling Youdao, which are much better, but they dare not be careless.

They picked the stone forest for two hours, and also met three third-order elixirs and more than 30 second-order elixirs during the mushroom period.
Of course, I also met many first-order monsters and third-order monsters.
Everyone guessed that the stone man should be the best part of this stone forest occupied by Wang, that is, the peripheral area of this stone forest center was divided up by many second-order monsters
Living in the territory of the first-order monster beast is the second-order monster beast, but the first-order monster beast also has territory division.
A group of people in a pine forest are looking for pine needle grass, which is a third-order panacea.
Zhang Jiang asked doubtfully, "It’s strange that I’ve been in this pine forest for a long time. Why haven’t I met a monster?"
Many people look dignified when picking pine needle grass, and their eyes are also scanning around to prevent monsters from fighting.
It stands to reason that there should be a monster beast here
But all a monster beast did not meet this is a bit abnormal.
As the saying goes, there must be a demon when there is an abnormality, and everyone knows this. From the very beginning, they are extremely vigilant.
"Sasha Shasha!"
Suddenly there was a sound in the forest. What was the sound of creatures passing through the leaves?
Ling Youdao three people first found the abnormality and immediately stopped and got up to perceive the surrounding area carefully.
For a moment, more than one person also heard this sound, and his eyes were puzzled and a little frightened.
Suddenly Ling Youdao shouted, "Back off!"
As soon as this statement came out, many people showed frightened expressions and immediately retreated outside the forest.
But it’s too late!
Swish swish swish swish swish swish swish …
Soon they were surrounded by hundreds of monster beast.
"Is this a squirrel?"
Ling Youdao shook his head and said, "It’s not a flying eagle mouse."
"flying eagle mouse?"
"The flying eagle mouse is a first-order monster beast, and they have the ability to glide in the middle."
In front of many flying eagle rats, there are one or two flying eagle rats, and the height is more than one foot, which exudes terrorist strength.
Just by emitting this momentum, it is not fake Dan’s real momentum.
And behind the flying eagle rat is more than thirty. In the second order, the flying eagle rat reaches a maximum of seven feet and a minimum of five or six feet.
Behind many second-order flying eagle rats is the 711-order flying eagle rats, which are about three to four feet high.
The flying eagle rat leader grinned at the crowd, and hundreds of flying eagle rats kept calling to put pressure on more than a dozen people in the center.
They all look dignified. Although their strength is very strong, the comprehensive power of hundreds of flying vultures and rats is stronger, which is that Ling Youdao’s fake Dan power is also difficult to deal with.
Ling Youdao whispered, "Listen to me later and order everyone to rush out together."
Smell speech all gently nodded his head.
Just then, the first flying eagle mouse king roared "Boo!"
Instantaneous more than 30 flying vulture rats pounced on thirteen people in seven hundred followed.
At this moment, Ling Youdao suddenly shouted, "Go!"
After saying his word, Ling Youdao, Ling Youxian, Ling Dingshan, the first three people followed him closely and then rushed outward instantly.
They held a spirit device and plunged into the flying eagle rats.
At that time, the flying eagle rats flashed and blood splashed.
"Give me death"
"yi yi!"
Ling Youdao squinted at the front and saw a second-order flying eagle mouse pouncing on the Mu Yan Ran key. Mu Yan Ran couldn’t think of it.
"Yan ran"
Mu Yan ran one leng not white own husband what suddenly called himself.
However, before she reacted, a sword of Yin and Yang Xuanguangjian had been beheaded.
See this desire to start a surprised glanced at the sword light cut to the local heart flame also dark call had a narrow squeak.
Just at this time, Ling Youdao actually retreated to his side and stretched out his hand to hold Mu Yan ran and rushed towards the front together.
While Ling Youdao’s position was shared by Ling Youxian and Ling Dingshan.
Yan rushed back to Yan Qiong and said, "Thirteen sisters are going to lean over to Mu Daoyou."
Smell speech YanQiong way "good"
Speak she has even killed several monster beast near the desire to start.
At the same time, Yan Hui also killed two monster beasts near Yanqiong.
So I longed for Yan Yan, Yan Qiong, Ling Youdao, Yan Hui and two women on both sides respectively.
While Lingdingshan Lingyouxian longed for Yan Ran, Yanqiong, two women in front, followed by six other monks in the construction period.
Yes, one person has died, and the flying eagle rats have besieged it.
The flying eagle rat leader didn’t dare to start work with Ling Youdao, but attacked from behind and died before. It was the flying eagle rat leader who killed him.