Wu can’t help but say that Dayu is so calm and he is really excited. I don’t know how Been put up with his cautious personality.

Zhu Rong said happily, "Wutianting has vacated at this moment, right? When Qi Tianling moved in?"
Zhu Rong just finished talking about Guanyin and quietly said, "No!" Zhu Rong stared at Guanyin. Although he didn’t speak, he said in his heart, where are you talking?
Nazhiwu went on to say, "Master Guanyin is right!"
Zhu Rong asked in surprise, "Why not?"
Enlightenment: "Sister, I’ll tell you more about this matter later. There are still thousands of jade in Kunlun Fairyland. If you don’t get this matter, you will naturally have a disposal for heaven."
Dayu pointed to Zengcheng Road on the ninth floor, saying, "Bodhisattva is helpless when there are exotic animals in it."
Xuan Nv glanced at the old gentleman and asked, "Are thousands of beasts so good?"
The old gentleman said, "The beast listened to Lu Wu’s order, but Lu Wu was the queen mother. Now that the queen mother is dead, who can do anything?"
Xuan Nv said, "Did I go into the city and kill Lu Wu?"
The old gentleman asked, "You can do this with a mud plow?"
Enlightenment "I make the invisibility method into it?"
The old gentleman mused, "Invisibility method … this can be tried, but the beast’s eyes are nine heads and ten eyes. If you hit the beast’s eyes, you must show your true colors immediately. Are you sure you can hide from it?"
Wu thought about it. Xuan Nv said that there are thousands of animals in this city, that is, thousands of eyes. Who knows where the animals look? I’m really not sure I can do it.
At this time, Hou Yi said firmly, "Lead Lu Wu to kill me with an arrow!"
I don’t want to say "good idea!"
Everyone in Houyi God’s Shooting Range has suffered a great loss even with the mud plough. It seems that this is the most risky method worth trying several times.
The old gentleman said, "In that case, I’ll call Lu Wu. I hope I can coax him out with this old face."
Laojun drove the clouds to Zengcheng, the ninth floor, and said, "Old gentleman, an old friend of Lu Wu Xianjun, only asks for a meeting."
After a while, I heard Lu Wu from the city saying, "Is it a demon when the moral heaven is respected?"
The old gentleman laughed. "Xian Jun said seriously that I am a Taoist who has always adhered to heaven and earth. There is a vein of nature outside the city, an ancient great god, a martial unicorn and an evil demon!"
Lu Wu hummed, "I don’t even know what you said. If it weren’t for the demon martial arts, it would confuse people?"
Old gentleman suddenly some would face with too old gentleman’s face to cheat Lu Wu out which know Lu Wu who also don’t know what you old gentleman Zhenwu he wants to keep nine floors Zengcheng.
The old gentleman forbeared, "Lu Wu Xianjun, I know you have hatred in your chest, but Emperor Haotian and the Queen Mother of the West are both ruined and I am waiting for you?"
Lu Wu said, "What are you doing here? What are you doing here?"
The old gentleman simply admitted, "I have to deal with the Tathagata even if I am a common enemy. How can I destroy my door and clear my reputation?"
Lu Wu "Kunlun Fairy Island is a Taoist holy land. If this jade becomes a desert island, do you mind?"? Have you ever really thought about it? "
Lu Wu seems to be rough and bold, like a headstrong man, but he is thoughtful and articulate. If you talk about the old gentleman, you will not allow it or show up.
This car has long been angry with Kirin and shouted, "I’ll get him out if he doesn’t come out!"
Kirin without saying a word slammed into the nine-story Zengcheng gate. How can the gate stand up to him? There was a loud noise at the corner. There were many beasts in the hole of the gate, but Lu Wu was not seen.
Kirin took advantage of the situation and flew ten feet away, but it was stared at by many beasts and roared together. Kirin’s body suddenly stopped his eyes and showed an incredible look like a broken kite falling straight.
Guanyin rushed to Yang Liuzhi and stretched out a hundred feet long to pull Kirin back, but as soon as Yang Liuzhi entered the city, he was pegged by the beast and it was difficult to move forward again.
Everyone’s frightened eyes are not only effective for people, but also for magic weapons, so even Hou Yi’s arrow is afraid that it will be difficult to enter the city!
It is said that Wang Yu’s personal magic weapon to cut the circle of gods was bounced to the sky by the white jade palm. This magic weapon is important to him, especially given by Xuan Nv. Can he give up easily?
A finger force of white jade palm is really amazing, and the circle of gods flies faster and faster. Wang Yu can’t catch up with him. Even if he doesn’t catch up with the circle of gods, he will eventually fall.
He has been getting closer and closer to the zenith, and the wind has become more and more fierce. For a moment, Wang Yu can’t go any further. Wang Yu is discouraged and has to wait for the beheading circle to fall.
It’s a quarter of an hour, but there’s no sign of it. It’s very costly to stay in Gangfeng. Wang Yu gradually backed out. He can go back and ask Xuan Nv to help him if he doesn’t have this matter to go further.
Thought of here, Wang Yu moved back to read. At this moment, he suddenly felt that he had broken the connection with the circle of beheading gods and came back. Is it that the circle of beheading gods fell?
Wang Yu stared at him, and suddenly a strange feeling spread in his heart, so he was ecstatic to see a figure falling from the sky, and it was not his beheading circle in his hand!
The fourth volume The cat was Chapter DiSiQiQi Yin and Yang.
The sky is high and the sun is near, and the dazzling light reflects the white light through the beheading circle. Wang Yu clearly sees an elf who is eccentric and has ears as big as a round ape falling straight.
He hasn’t seen this monkey before, but Wang Yu knows that he is the God of Yin and Yang because of his unique induction. Where did Yin and Yang go and how did they come from heaven?
However, all these things are hard to think about. Wang Yu has been embraced by the Yin and Yang gods and apes with a familiar smell after tens of thousands of years. At the same time, Wang Yu was surprised to find that Yin and Yang Xiu was much higher than he did not know.
At that time, the handsome and handsome monk of Tang Dynasty, who was holding the chicken to learn the scriptures, has now become an exquisite and lovely but natural ape. In the eyes of others, it may seem that the Yin and Yang gods are apes, which is far less pleasing to the eye than Tang Priest, but this is the most natural thing in the eyes of Wang Yu.
The Yin-Yang God Ape handed the beheading circle to Wang Yudao. "It’s a good sword!"