Liu Yu’s face is angry and the dragon will die if it touches the scales!

"Come again!"
Luo Yu has been completely insane. He lifted the Lei Yin multiplier and directly killed Liu Yu. He can kill this thing three times and must have three strokes, otherwise the consequences are unpredictable!
"I’ll show you what a real multiplier is today!"
Liu Yu drinks one low!
Invisibility is hidden!’
As soon as the drink fell, Liu Yu’s figure suddenly fell by disappearing.
Before the other party can react, Liu Yu has leaned out of the jade hand and directly flew Luo Yu’s fan for several meters. Even the fan gave her crooked teeth and almost collapsed, accompanied by blood spraying out of the body.
"Monster, you monster!"
Luo Yu endured great pain and roared.
He is now aware of the threat of death from death.
How can a man who can be directly invisible fight Nima? Besides, this guy turns out to be a fighter, and his strength is even more profound!
Liu Yu’s figure appeared and then she fell.
"Ah ~ ~ ~ poof!"
Luo Yu’s chest was trampled down, and several ribs were broken one after another, such as being trampled by the colossus, and then blood mixed with dirty debris was finally ejected.
"Now you can say it or you will die!" Liu Yu’s expression is as sharp as two oil lamps in the dark.
"Who … gave you the multiplier?"
"Oh, there are three seconds when you think about it."
Luo Yu was scared. "I said I said I bypassed me …"
In the face of death threats, he was completely unintelligent, and then he was kicked from the Cape of Victory to the bottom of the valley. Life and death have been mastered by others.
"Is a colleague introduced me to a master and lived in Tian Casino …"
"This multiplier is where I bought it from him … more than one hundred? All my savings …"
In order to avenge Liu Yu’s death, he almost spent all his fortune, but there was no egg. Liu Yu’s strength far exceeded his expectation
He underestimated his opponent from the beginning.
"Ah ~ ~ ~ You are so stupid. Is this stupid thing still worth one million?" Liu Yu couldn’t help mocking the so-called Lei Yin multiplier, which is just a simple engraving of a flawed circle with more than ten jade materials.
One million?
Gee, he’s still looking forward to this opponent, but he’s just a guy with a shallow academic background.
Now he is not only a doctor but also a refiner. He is slag here.
Luo Yu was completely forced by the whole Meng until he was pawned. No wonder this thing can’t split and die. This little Wang egg mother actually played a trick on me …
"Get up and take me to Tian Casino"
Liu Yusong let go of his foot, and then the other person applied several stitches to his body, and then the pain disappeared.
"I can keep you alive for 30 minutes, but if you continue to play me, you will die suddenly!"
Luo Yu’s cold sweat shows that he has understood what he has always looked down upon in his eyes, and the body is a complete monster.
Driving a taxi this time, he didn’t dare to play tricks and send Liu Yu to the place-Tian Casino!
This casino is half-day and the night is the’ feast’
Liu Yu got out of the car and knocked on the trunk to let the taxi driver out.
"Lao shifu, you’ve suffered and it’s all right now. Take the car directly to the police station for a while."
The driver was tied up in the trunk, but he could hear a thing or two just outside.
"Young man … this field casino background big you be careful!"
The old driver woke up and then drove the criminal Luo Yu straight to the nearby police station.
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host for installing a righteous awe-inspiring reward of 5 experience value, loading force value and charm value of 1"