Breaking through the four Zen realms in a row, the knowledge of Baiyun Building has not fluctuated at all.

The word "willing to give up" in the depths of one’s mind seems to resonate when practicing four Zen.
Miss, know, and escape into the dream. Baiyun Tower has won the position of Siraitia grosvenorii.
At the same time, the branches of the young tree of Lingtai Bodhisattva gently shook and scattered a lot of Buddha’s light, which led to the gathering of merit and glow behind Baiyun Tower Method.
The rebirth of the Bodhisattva Tree is a great contribution to Bai Da-xing. At the same time, Luo Han Guo won a circle of merits and Buddha’s light.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and thirteen Dragon honour person
Buddhism has added a statue of merit Lohan, which attracts the Buddha’s light from the outside world to congratulate him.
Just then, there was a sudden boom at the peak of Lingshan Mountain, and then there was a broken enchantment in Lei Yin.
The Buddhists were surprised to see a golden dragon rushing out of the attic at the top of the mountain.
The dragon roared in the sky and spread out golden Lei Guang. Lingshan was going wild.
"Jinlong is angry again when it’s really wild …"
"Now manjusri statue of lingshan is so good …"
"Those who have treasures should be in the way."
Gv 10 Baiyun Tower slowly opened his eyes and his mind was full.
Seeing a group of Buddhists eager to look at the roaring golden dragon at the summit, I couldn’t help but feel happy.
Vivid and energetic life should be so wonderful …
The venerable master’s state of mind is quite similar when he is cultivated into an immortal soul, but he does not feel it.
Outside the gv 10, the treasure elephant venerable has already fought a golden dragon.
Jinlong seems to hate being trapped in the attic, but it is blocked by the Buddha’s light barrier in the attic.
Bodhisattva also has an enchantment to protect the golden cicada and the Buddha’s light sinking into the realm of enlightenment without being affected at all.
This is an extra-territorial dragon. It seems a little grumpy … Baiyun Tower looks quite kind.
The dharma phase moves with the mind, and behind it, the Buddha’s shadow handprint appears, which condenses itself into a Buddha’s light and the dharma seal falls with it.
When France and India came out of Baiyun Tower, they realized something. After Luo Han Guo’s throne, all Buddhism had become normal.
The bottom of my heart soothed the dragon god, and when I read this dharma seal, I fell with it.
Perhaps there are many bodhisattvas in this French seal, which almost brought Jinlong into the realm of epiphany.
However, I saw that Jinlong’s body was slightly sluggish and his eyes were vacant. After waking up again, his eyes’ tyrannical meaning had dissipated more than half.
Without anger, Jinlong was somewhat listless. After hitting a tail in the attic on one side of the peak, he turned around and swam to the outside of Bodhisattva.
The Golden Dragon God gently swings his huge body and looks at the side, holding the multiplier treasure. The Buddha turned to look at the small Buddha in the enchantment.
Baiyun tower smiled and stepped out of the gv 10 barrier and came to the dragon god. Although its size was smaller than that of the dragon god, its momentum was not the same.
"Meet is also predestined friends this crystal bead to send friends …" Speaking of Baiyun Tower, I raised my hand and took out a huge crystal bead scattered with radiance.
As soon as Jingzhu came out of sight, the tail golden dragon lost its pride, accompanied by a loud roar and dragons, and the huge body instantly converged into a handsome Terran teenager.
It is the two golden dragon horns on the top of the head that are inclined to the sky, which not only shows the identity of the dragon god, but also is born with some pride.
"Dragon Ball!"
Jinlong’s teenager exclaimed that raising her hand would grab the crystal bead floating in front of her, but she withdrew her palm halfway.
"Send the Dragon Ball … What do Taoist friends want?"
Upon hearing this, Baiyun Tower smiled and couldn’t help but think of the goodwill for this golden dragon when it first appeared in the morning sun.
"Originally, it was to send Taoist friends …" Halfway through the words, Baiyun Tower turned and said, "But since Taoist friends asked, let’s exchange it for a hundred years of freedom."
"A hundred years … but I should have taken a nap. Haha …" Jin Lingchang couldn’t wait to grab the Dragon Ball and play with it.
Just now, I learned about the general position of this golden dragon from a group of Buddhas.
Thousands of years ago, the Buddha passed by the ancestral land of the dragon, when the whole dragon had been eroded by magic gas, and most of it had already turned into magic dragon.
The Buddha is still awake after being saved, and the Buddha’s light washes away the evil spirit.
Although these dragons’ evil spirits are eroded by evil thoughts, their temperament becomes violent and irritable.
Therefore, the Buddha sealed these dragons into the Buddhist sutra pavilion, and the breath of Buddhist scriptures gradually changed.
It is the dragon that has a long life and likes to sleep for a long time, which slows down the process.
One of the dragons belongs to this golden dragon. It is the youngest and most violent, but its talent is extremely high. Every time I wake up, I have to make a fuss. Manjusri Bodhisattva has always tried to appease me. It has never been like this.
Today, this man who was awakened by Bodhisattva’s Qi-qi went out, which was the only way to spread his sex.
"That’s it. In the next hundred years, this Lingshan Buddhist Scripture Pavilion was guarded by Taoist friends."
Seeing Jinlong’s joyful Baiyun Tower nodded slightly, he immediately spoke of the Dragon Ball in other words.
"The sutra depository … is the attic with a cover? That mask can’t even break the statue. What is there to protect … "Jinlong turned to look at the peak of Lingshan Mountain with the Dragon Ball, and muttered quite otherwise.
"My Taoist friend … should keep the dragon" Baiyun Tower replied with a slight smile and easy.
Jinlong’s face was slightly stiff for a moment and then he replied, "Respect is a promise."
"South Amitabha Buddha … Taoist friends are really trustworthy!" When Baiyun Loukou recites the Buddha’s name and speaks with great approval, he throws a treasure bag in front of Jinlong with his hand.
"Since the Dragon Ball can suppress evil thoughts, send them to Taoist friends. I think I can help those dragon people in the Sutra Pavilion."
Upon hearing this, Jinlong’s eyes were wide open and he grabbed the treasure capsule. When he shook it, it suddenly glowed and hundreds of dragon balls, large and small, rolled all over the floor.
"Ahhh … it’s all honour and honour …" Jinlong’s body flashes and picks up the bluestone crystal beads at an extremely fast speed, and he keeps chanting.