Yun Fan’s eyes are a little serious. He doesn’t know Cao Tianling, but he can tell by Cao Tianling’s horrible momentum that this is an enemy, and his strength is much stronger than that of the seven true Danes he met before.

Even at present, this person is much stronger than the former seven true Dan in the later period.
This must be a true strength of Dan in the peak of the top big strong!
Xunfu all the fighters felt Cao Tian Ling’s overwhelming power of terror and looked up to heaven one by one.
Cao Tianling is the most promising master of the Da Luo Sect to break through the spiritual sea realm. Even the fighters outside Xuanluo Prefecture have many people who know him.
"I sent Cao Tianling in person!"
"Cao Tianling claims that the Da Luo Sect has the best hope to break through the spiritual sea. The genie is the Da Luo Sect’s personal brother!"
"He was the first elder of the Luo Sect. His strength was unfathomable, and he swept through the true Dan territory. His opponent was known as the first master of Xuanluo Prefecture."
"Yun Fan that armor is severe, even kill seven true Dan condition later I’m afraid true Dan condition also difficult to rival? I wonder if Yun Fan’s armor is powerful or Cao Tianling, the first master, is powerful? "
"That’s to say, of course, Cao Tianling’s armor is a foreign object, but Cao Tianling is about to become a master of Linghai. Can that be compared?"
The fighters were surprised and talked about in succession. The fighters in Yun Fan Erli Congjian Xunfu said that he heard something and knew the identity of the true Dan in front of him.
Da Luo sent the first elder!
He sent a palm to teach his brother!
The first master of Xuanluo Prefecture!
-Cao Tianling!
Chapter 131 Yun Fan fights Cao Tianling (the first! One! More! )
Yun Fan’s eyes reveal murder.
Cao Tianling, the first elder, is the main wanted by the Luo Sect in Yun Fan.
Yun Fan joined the Luo faction but was almost killed by Cao Ketu, who was forced to kill Cao Ketu and wanted by the Luo faction. Cao Tianling wanted to kill him again.
For Cao Tian Lingyunfan, although I have never seen it, I have already hated it in my heart. Seeing today is naturally a big murder and excitement in my heart.
This Cao Tian Ling Nai Da Luo Sect is the first elder and the future successor of Da Luo Sect. His status is not comparable to that of other elders, and he has great characteristics.
It’s normal for him to wear the secret of achievement method.
Just like father Cao Ke’s body, he took the secrets of the "Gui Yuan Pian" achievement method of the collection of treasures.
According to the rules of the Luo Sect, this is obviously not allowed, but Cao Ketu just brought it, which is sure that his son Cao Tian has a great height.
Cao Ketu can carry the secret of achievement method with him. Cao Tian Ling himself is more likely. Yun Fan’s eyes are bright and looking at Cao Tianling is like looking at a treasure.
Cao Tianling looked at Yun Fan for a while and saw that Yun Fan was not afraid. Instead, he looked at his eyes flashing with murder and snorted.
Cao Tianling shouted, "Where are the elders of the seven sects in Yun Fan? They? "
Yun Fan Yingying smiled and said, "Elder Cao has heard a lot about you. Why don’t I take you to see them?"
Speaking, Yun Fan pressed the 31 bracelet button and equipped it with 31
Cao Tianling is powerful, and Yun Fan is afraid of coming or not. A is naturally the first to equip.
See Yun Fan was suddenly covered with a steel armor Cao Tianling eyebrows a wrinkly, somehow some feel as if missed any opportunity.
Equipped with 31 Yun Fan, facing Cao Tian Ling, he is even more confident, and he does not feel the overwhelming oppression of Cao Tian Ling at all.
Cao Tianling showed disbelief and said, "Have you seen them?"
Yun Fan sounds from 31: "Yes, and they want to take my life, but they lost their own life. Cao Tianling … Did you come from Xuanluo State to Tianyuezhou to die?"
Cao Tianling’s mind was shocked, and it was unbelievable.
Seven factions, seven true Danes, the strong in the late period, and seven people joined hands. Most true Danes, the strong at the peak, can’t be enemies.
Even if Cao Tianling’s strength kills seven true Dan in the later period, it will take a turn of hands and feet. Will they die in the later period of Yuan Dynasty, Yun Fan?
But if there was no accident, why didn’t you see the late figure of the seven true Dan?
"You don’t believe it?" See Cao Tianling a face of suspicion Yun Fan way
See Cao Tianling a big hand to the ground and grasp the surging qi swept out. A Yuan-bound fighter was immediately screamed with fear when the qi was swept up to the sky.
The Yuan-returned fighters kept flying in front of Cao Tianling and Cao Tianling shouted, "Is what he said true?"
This belongs to Yuan Jing fighters, who have already looked frightened. Cao Tianling drank a lot and even nodded his face in horror.
Cao Tianling looked disgusted, and with a wave of his hand, his surging qi wrapped in the Yuan-bound fighters suddenly flew out hundreds of meters away from the sky and fell to the ground, and his body twitched.
Cao Tianling glanced at the fighters on the ground and shouted, "Did the seven true Danes of the seven schools in Xuanluo Prefecture die in Yun Fan in the later period?"
The fighters in Xunfu are not frightened for fear that Cao Tianling will catch himself and nod.
Cao Tianling was shocked in his heart, even if he didn’t believe it again, but the words of all the fighters could not be false
How could it be possible to kill seven true Danes in the late period of Yun Fan’s returning to the peak of Yuan territory?
Cao Tianling can’t figure it out.
Just as Cao Tianling’s mind was shocked and his attention was slack, Yun Fan on the roof manipulated 31 and shot out like a shell and took the initiative to attack Cao Tianling
Cut the real sword, hold it high, split the air like a curtain, and be chopped. The real sword is cold and flash, and it is cut to Cao Tianling with extreme terrorist force.
31 great speed such as strength, amazing cutting speed such as real sword, and sharp cooperation together, even if the spiritual sea master is cut, the body will be separated and die. Cao Tianling suddenly felt a fatal threat.
Cao Tianling looked shocked and waited for him to react. 31 chopping out the real sword has been less than three feet before him, and he has come to dodge.
"He’s amazing!"
Cao Tianling drank a lot and burst into terror, and the true qi surged out in an instant. He saw that his hands were like a long dragon dancing around him.
Cutting the true sword is extremely sharp and breaking the true Dan’s true qi. It’s easy to be abnormal, but it’s a resistance to chop into this true dragon.
Although cutting the real sword didn’t stop, it still broke the real gang and split to the side, but Cao Tianling was on guard when the speed slowed down.
Cao Tian Lingzhong’s one-step transverse movement instantly appeared dozens of meters away and looked at 31 with horror and an epiphany.
Yun Fan, wearing this steel armor, can burst into such a terrible strength. The speed and strength, even the peak strength of the general true Dan condition, can’t compete to kill the true Dan condition in the later period. It’s really not difficult.
31 Yun Fan look stunned this Cao Tianling really extraordinary.
31 speed and strength to cut the real sword, sharp in the face of the real Dan territory, the strong should have a crushing advantage
Just now, if the sword can’t dodge the true Dan, that’s how it is before the strong roots live. Seven true Dan strong people are chopped and killed, and one sword is unstoppable.
But before Cao Tianling, Yun Fan occupied the sneak attack advantage and was still evaded by Cao Tianling. It can be seen that Cao Tianling’s strength is really unusual.
No wonder some fighters talk that he is the first master.
Yun Fan hit a blow and immediately showed a killing trick. In 31, he turned to Cao Tianling and rushed to cut the real sword and swept it out.
This time, Cao Tianling had a sword in his hand.