He said, he took Jiang Cheng’s arm into the yard and came to the acupuncture room.

Let Jiang Cheng sit Li Chu and run to the duty room and pour a glass of water.
"Cheng elder brother uncle and aunts? Are they all right? "
After Li Chugang asked, he saw Jiang Cheng with a smile, and his expression quickly became very low.
A bad mood rose in Li Chu’s heart.
Jiang Cheng reluctantly smiled. "When your family went to Beijing, our family went to Nanfang Bureau. My father died in Yangcheng in 52 when the enemy spy was eliminated. My mother became ill after receiving the news and died the next year."
Li Chu closed his eyes. He didn’t know what to say. The aunt who was kind to him in memory left like this.
When I was a child, scenes flashed through my mind like a movie.
Although he didn’t have that experience physically, his original memory made him feel the same, and his heart seemed to keep twitching.
"Well, it’s been so long. I’ve long been used to it. I also saw the deeds of my uncle and aunt in the honor room of my station. Our parents’ generation, they are all heroes, and our children should be proud."
Jiang Cheng comforted Li Chu, and then jokingly said, "Why don’t you ask another person? You won’t forget her, will you?"
"Alas," Li Chu heaved a sigh of relief and opened his eyes again. Looking at Gherardini Jiang Cheng, he asked, "Where is Lily? She should be married and have children. "
The little girl with two croissants is so deep in his memory.
Jiang Li Jiang Cheng’s own sister, the three of them and Wang Shujia’s eldest brother and second child grew up together. The deepest memory of the original body is that adults said that Jiang Li was his kannika nimtragol.
He believes that if it weren’t for Jiang Cheng’s family coming to the south, his daughter-in-law would probably be Jiang Li now.
Jiang Cheng nodded and shook his head again. "Lily is married, and it’s true that she has children, but now she’s divorced. When I recovered, I took her and her children over."
"Divorce? What divorce? " Few people will choose to divorce if the day passes these days.
Speaking of this, Jiang Cheng’s face is very calm, and his mouth corners with a strange smile.
Li Chu’s heart is pounding. He knows that Jiang Li’s ex-husband will definitely not have any good games.
"When did you become a soldier?" Li Chu stopped asking about it and asked about himself instead.
"I went to the army not long after my mother died, and I was assigned to this unit after I recovered last year."
After thinking about it, Li Chu asked, "Where do you live now?"
"I haven’t been assigned a room yet. I rent a house. Lily lives with my children."
"You’re not married?" Li Chu felt a little strange that Jiang Cheng was two years older than him.
Jiang Cheng didn’t say anything. He pulled his left arm shirt sleeve a little and held out his hand.
Li Chu was a little stupidly moved by him. What does he mean? Just want to ask, I will see Jiang Cheng stretching his arm towards him again.
This is to let yourself feel the pulse? Li Chu hesitated for a moment or reached out and grabbed his wrist to feel the pulse.
Just feel the pulse without a minute Li Chu swish together, like a needle general lost Jiang Cheng wrist.
"What’s the matter?" Li Chu stare big eyes looking at Jiang Cheng.
Jiang Cheng bowed his head and adjusted his sleeves, then looked up at Li Chu and said calmly, "The injured side was cut."
As if to talk about other people’s business, look without a fluctuation.
Hearing his words, Li Chu fell into his chair and kept chanting "How did this happen? How did this happen?"
Raised his eyes and stared at Jiang Cheng. No wonder he always felt a little strange. In his memory, Jiang Shu was full of beard and beard. How did he get to Jiang Cheng and become a white beard? So that’s it.
"When did it happen?"
"It’s early. I was shot when I was fighting bandits in Xiguang, and it was completely rotten. The doctor said that I could cut it. Fortunately, I didn’t get married and had no object at that time, or I would have killed all the girls."
I can see that Jiang Cheng is really relieved now. Maybe it’s because of the long time. What can I do if I can’t figure it out?
He’s physically damaged, and that thing is directly gone. No matter how high Li Chu’s medical skills are, it’s impossible to grow one out of nothing.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Clutter
"Alas," Li Chunai sighed.
"I have nothing left. Why are you sadder than me? You won’t let me comfort you, will you?" Jiang Cheng said cheerfully.
"I didn’t expect all of us to change so much in more than ten years," Li Chu suddenly felt a little sigh with emotion
"ten years is not short, so great changes have taken place in our country, not to mention us people.
Hey, Chu, are you married? Do you have children? "
From this Li Chu face, a smile appeared. "I have been married for a long time, and the child is almost two years old, a boy and a girl."
"It’s so small or you can do it. When can I meet my sister-in-law and the children?"
"I’m sure I want to see you. Is it all right today, Brother Cheng?"
"There’s nothing to do today. Why take me to your house today?"
"Don’t worry about going to my house for lunch. Take me to see Lily first."
Jiang Cheng nodded. "No problem. She must be very happy to see you. When she first came here years ago, she said she wanted to see you. If she hadn’t followed Liu Zhu to see you that day, we wouldn’t know when we would meet."
"I haven’t asked you yet. How did you recover and be assigned so far here?"
"Well, when I recovered, the head of our army asked me what unit I wanted to go to. I casually said that I had never seen the capital since I was so big. As a result, our head arranged for me directly. He was a comrade-in-arms with a leader of my current unit." Jiang Cheng explained.
Arrange for demobilized soldiers to go back and forth where they usually go. There are few such cross-regional arrangements.
When Jiang Chenggang came to settle down, he also checked to find this small hair. Unfortunately, because Li Chu and Li Qin’s files are confidential, his level is not enough, so he has never been able to find it
The appearance I met that day is still very different from that when I was a child. At that time, Jiang Cheng didn’t dare to make friends.
Later, when I went back, I thought for two days before I asked a master Liu, and I was sure that I had grown up that day.
I have been busy these two days, so I haven’t had time to go to the hospital to find a meeting to send Liu over today or Liu told him that Li Chu was on duty here today, and he didn’t find it.
Two people chatted with each other as children’s playmates. Later, it was far apart, so it was really difficult to meet again.
Jiang Cheng followed Li Chu to have dinner in the canteen at noon. Liu Zhu will report to Li Chu one day today, so he is not worried that the leader can’t find him.
"Chu, I didn’t expect you to become a doctor. Look, you always remember what you said when you were a child."
After dinner, they were walking in the shade of the lake, and Jiang Cheng suddenly remembered that Li Chu was a doctor.
"That must be, men, they must do what they say."
"Then when you were a child, you said you wanted to marry my sister when you grew up. Why didn’t you do it?" Jiang Cheng quipped.
Li Chu shook his head with a wry smile. "Brother Cheng, don’t joke when I was a child. How can I know what it means to marry a daughter-in-law?"
Jiang Cheng looked complicated. Li Chu had taken his family to the south if it wasn’t for his father’s work. Maybe he was his brother-in-law, and his sister wouldn’t be so hurt.
But what’s the point of this?
"By the way, Brother Cheng, what is Lily doing now after she came to 49 cities?"
Jiang Cheng gave a wry smile. "What else can I do? Just look after the child at home. I just came to class and haven’t got her mouth."
"How old is her child?"
"My girl is six years old, and her mouth can be said to be a good boy, but she is such a scum dad."
Li Chu nodded and didn’t do it. He prepared to go over after work and see if he could help him. He would certainly help.
Jiang Cheng, who returned to the duty room near the class, didn’t come with them. They had already made an appointment to wait for him at the gate of Li Chu after work.
Jiang Cheng won’t be able to come over until the leaders send people back after the meeting.
Li Chuxian called the hospital and told his daughter-in-law that he would be late for one night.
Wait until Ben went to the canteen to buy some food, otherwise he would have followed Jiang Cheng without him.
Jiang Cheng came running after waiting at the door for less than half an hour.
Li Chu asked Jiang Cheng to ride the car and take him to rent a house.
You can ride a bike at most in the hutong. There are boards everywhere, and it is messy to build a simple house privately.
There are even many families who cook in the aisle and block the road for you.
It was like a maze, wandering around in a narrow road for a long time.