The crime of being a husband is guilty of being a bride.

The baby’s meaning is very white, and Su Ying should know it clearly in his heart. He nodded, "Master, don’t worry."
"That’s good. Even the immortal master has coveted it, but that’s not the most important thing. If you rely on it for a long time, what are the consequences? I don’t need to say more, do I?"
Sue should nod and say with smile, "Don’t worry about it."
"Well, it’s good that you know. You slowly turn off the practitioner. It’s okay. Don’t bother me." Just shoot the baby and disappear directly.
After returning to the room, Su Ying did not meditate, but put away the hammer of brute force and began to watch the brute force method.
The so-called brute force method is a pure martial art, which is simple, direct and violent.
There are nine changes in each style, and a total of 72 strokes are used to cooperate with the brute hammer to display the enemy.
Su Ying should read the classics and know that Man Shen Sect is equally expensive, but it is tens of millions of miles away from the holy Sect in the far south. This Sect’s younger brother does not practice magical powers and magic to cultivate the flesh.
Therefore, their martial arts are also simple violence, and they can often strike back the ordinary monks with a single stroke against pure physical strength.
After watching the moves of Man Shen Fa, Su Ying got up and went to the courtyard to start a drill with one move and one style.
Unlike the avatar, the moves do not need to rely on the mind to understand, but they need to be familiar with the drill process from unfamiliar to familiar. Only in this way can a martial arts practice enter the room.
As time went by, Su Ying gradually became proficient in brute magic, and suddenly his moves suddenly changed.
In an instant, all kinds of cultivation methods of brute divine method are like a fleeting glimpse, and Su Ying’s mind rolls back and forth.
"poof! Poof! "
The ancient demon body runs blood vessels and meridians, and it weighs hundreds of thousands of pounds. Su Ying’s hand is as light as a thing, and he dances with his divine power. His arms are filled with the savage hammer, and his hand changes dramatically from a humble small hammer head to a powerful explosive and fierce hammer! Fine runes emerge and linger, and finally glue together to form the embryonic form of various fierce beasts, which appears like a mirage at Su Ying’s arm!
"The magic tiger growls!"
Hoo hoo!
As Su Ying angrily drank a thrilling roar, he saw that Su Ying was holding a brute hammer arm and rushed out of a black-striped magic tiger virtual shadow, which directly bombarded the ground as the hammer rushed!
The tremendous force was deafening, and air billow exploded, and his center rushed out hundreds of meters before stopping.
After the smoke and dust, Su Ying’s feet suddenly showed a huge pit of tens of meters in Fiona Fang.
Su Ying smiled at her mouth when she saw the effect she had caused.
"The first type of brute divine law has finally become!"
Chapter 135 Send practice
As the name implies, there are two types of brute force, namely, the magic tiger roaring, the angry bear crashing into the mountain, the python piercing the ground and the dragon going out to sea, and the last type of brute force.
This martial art is an extremely deep cultivation method among the wild gods, and each style is both a hammer method and a fist method, and the hammer makes it famous, and the hammer is a brute fist.
But it is a very strong martial art.
Su Ying didn’t hesitate to continue practicing the second type, and then the third type and the fourth type didn’t stop until the broken blow.
He stood looking at the hammer in his hand and wondered, "Is it too advanced to be pretty angry?" Is my current strength still practiced? "
He practiced the brute magic method in one breath, and the first seven forms were finished by himself. Otherwise, if he had changed ordinary people, his muscles would have been broken.
Wanted to think, Su Ying didn’t try so hard to move her mind, and she was held by him when she got back to her hand.
He cultivated the ancient magic body and refined the magic formula in the brute magic method, but instead, the ancient magic body was added to him. Su should exert the brute magic method power by increasing it tenfold. If he meets Huayu and others again, he will immediately smash the magic weapon and die.
"What I have learned is that one law breaks all laws and one hand drops ten meetings. This pretty magical move is simple and rude, and it is tailor-made."
Although he was a little sorry that he didn’t make the last move, the first seven forms were enough for Su Ying to make.
Micro-motion in his heart put away the hammer of God, saying, "There is a lot of experience in the hundreds of thousands of miles of San Zongyuan, but I need to finish my first avatar in order to break through the avatar, just to take this opportunity to go out for a walk and see a genius brother of his sect."
Su Ying has been in the Holy Sect for a long time, and he already knows something about the geography near the Holy Sect. There are many dangerous places around the Holy Sect, where there are demons and ancient relics, but these are all deliberately left by the Holy Sect in order to cultivate my brother and improve his strength through life and death experience.
Miss this Su Ying beckoned, and Huahua, who was practicing martial arts not far away, suddenly froze, then pointed to herself in disbelief and looked around again. Seeing Su Ying nod, she suddenly ran over with joy. "Big Brother, what can I do for you?"
Huahua stared at him, making Su Ying blush all over and coughing suddenly. "Huahua, I want to ask you something. If you want to go out and experience, what good place do you think is near Shengzong?"
Huahua scratched his head and thought for a moment. Suddenly, he flashed and smiled. "Got it! Master elder brother’s strength is profound and ordinary. If you want to experience, people suggest that you go to the ruins of Shura outside Wan Li, which is 300 meters southeast of Shengzong. In ancient times, there were various relics in the ruins of Shura Sect, monsters and demons, but there were a lot of treasures, and you can meet many right brothers at the junction of Taixuan Gate. Then the elder brother can show my Shengzong’s great power and beat them to pieces! "
Su Ying looked at Huahua’s mouth and Baba explained that the powder fist was clenched and made a split gesture. It looked aggressive, but it was very cute. I couldn’t help but swear at the corner of my mouth, "I said that Huahua’s place is good, but 300 Wan Li. Do you want to kill me?"
Although he can fly at a very high speed now, 300 Wan Li is too far. I’m afraid Sue can get there by flying for a year without eating or drinking.