Zhao Ji gave him the True Spirit Temple, which is not far from Wanshou Palace.

At that time, I also wanted to give him some maids and eunuchs, but he refused.
Is called a few gods clouds sent brother aside squire.
At this time, he is preparing to stop here. If Zhao Ji doesn’t speak, he will go to Baodi Palace to find someone to talk about.
Seeing Zhu Guang’s inquiry, I couldn’t help asking, "What can I do for you, brother?"
"If you have time to come to Hangzhou, if I have something to show you, I’ll ask you something by the way." Zhu Guang didn’t say it directly through the moth.
The sound method is not absolutely safe
Ling Qing saw that he said he was cautious. It was hard to say anything difficult when he met. "I’ll go there."
After the break of the league, Lingqing first told Lin Lingsu that he would leave a wonderful way for the Emperor to leave the treasure palace for other methods and left Tokyo directly.
I found a secluded place and went to Nanjing Jiankang House directly through Jiuchong Qingque to display the skill of a thousand miles door.
Then put away Qingque and go to Hangzhou.
At this time, in addition to some temples with a long history and the longevity palace in Shenxiao, Hangzhou
The base has been occupied by Manichaeism in Fang La.
Even if some Taoist temples can still stay, there are only three cats and kittens left.
Most of the people here have joined Manichaeism.
Therefore, Lingqing changed her dress early and met Zhu Guang on the west lake for a study tour.
"Ding Rinrin!"
Lingqing was walking along the lake embankment when he heard a metal collision.
He looked up and saw a monk in front of the crowd.
"Ding Rinrin!"
The monk disappeared with a mord in his hand.
Lingqing walked over and saw that there was an oil-paper umbrella lying on the ground.
When he saw the passers-by, he thought of the monk just now as if he hadn’t seen him.
Guess he left it to him on purpose
As soon as he raised his hand, he took a pat on the air, and he was born with a ban.
Reach out and pick it up and find it strange.
Wanted to think, then conveniently put it into a tiger skin bag and stepped forward.
Since the second couplet, Ling Qing and Zhu Guang met each other at a restaurant in Baoshishan on the north shore of the West Lake every three or five days.
"Brother is in a hurry?" Lingqing looked at Mr. Zhu Guangxiao and asked
It’s quite appropriate for him to put on this outer end for nothing.
"It’s nothing too urgent. There’s one thing you can’t ask." Zhu Guang poured him a cup of tea and said.
Just like what he said, Zhu Guang is in no hurry.
After all, it’s impossible to have an accident. It’s just a coincidence that he had an accident when he thought of Lingqing there.
Besides, Lingqing still appears around him well now, which proves that there is nothing unusual, and it is nothing to be early or late.
"Brother, ask" Lingqing ate some snacks with tea.
So Zhu Guang took out his Jing Ming Treasure Sutra and put it in front of Ling Qing
When he leafed through it, he said all his thoughts and doubts one by one.
Lingqing took the scripture in his hand and looked at it very carefully.
Combined with what Zhu Guang said, I also learned about the general teachings of Manichaeism. Zhu Guang was worried.