Be given Jiugong real day at this time in situ some tybalt slain.

He was reincarnated randomly in the incarnation of the heavens, but now he is actually reincarnated as a real person in the ninth house of Huang Feihong.
This is really unexpected.
As is surprised, he didn’t feel disgusted with his identity.
Although Jiugong real person is a magic stick, in the plot, Jiugong real person is full before he dies.
In the original plot, the villain died, and Huang Feihong’s real ideal of the Jiugong with a stick head and his villain identity really didn’t match
The real wish of Jiugong is to drive those bullying foreigners out of China, so that the Chinese people can live and work in peace and contentment and will no longer be oppressed by the government.
If I really wake up in my ninth house today, he knows exactly how to realize this incarnation wish.
Calling for the heavenly believers to see the sky and have no response, once again called out "Please pay tribute to the master of the worse heaven, the real person in Jiugong".
God, this just came to him, and an idea flashed in his heart and he jumped directly into the altar.
"Left Qinglong Right White Tiger"
Heaven poses while calling for dharma protection.
Before he watched the movie, he felt that the Jiugong real person was very imposing. Now it is his turn to become Jiugong real person, and he still feels very happy in his heart.
The two guardians of Qinglong and Baihu cooperated with the call of heaven to fight in front of the altar, showing their power and prestige.
Before sitting cross-legged on the altar of heaven, write a prayer and say,
"It’s not the first day of September in every calendar year. I sent my stone-born mother, Master Jiugong, to the Chaotian Temple to try to build an altar to show my magical power and carry forward my great power."
Day after reading his left Qinglong right White Tiger, the two dharma protectors were naked with a knife in one hand and a bundle of incense in the other, and then they burned the incense and bit it into their stomachs.
Looking at this scene, it is absolutely reasonable that the White Lotus Sect can gather so many believers in my heart. At least the skill of protecting the law is as good as that of juggling the overpass.
After the performance of protecting the right and left, the believers cheered loudly that "the magical power protects the body from fire and water"
At this time, I glanced at my prayer and said, "It’s urgent to have an old mother!"
As the spell fell into a flame, the prayer party appeared and burned it clean.
It’s not surprising that the flame burns from the sky to the sky.
This skill is much more bluffing than the real Jiugong in the original plot.
The protector of the left and right made another respectful ceremony to the heaven, "I respectfully ask the Jiugong real dharma body."
Day will hand a flame, and then move smartly up after he avenue.
"The birth mother supports the master’s nine palaces, and the golden body is as hard as stone. She is not afraid of a thousand cuts and cuts, and she is not afraid of weapons, artillery, knives and guns."
Days after reading the lines, I jumped straight into the big basin of hot coals in the middle of the hall.
When the charcoal fire burns, the sky will continue to read the lines.
"Forty-nine days have turned the sky upside down, and God will treat me like a bone, like a Tianzhu skin, burning like mud and dust."
"The miraculous enemy shows great power."
"White Lotus Saint teaches to subdue demons and demons"
Then the sky jumped to the ground.
When the left and right protectors saw the sky fall to the ground, they each read a sentence, "Thousands of knives are cut to thousands of knives, and thousands of knives are cut to thousands of knives."
Then the two men took the knife and cut it toward the sky.
The two of them are professionally trained in protecting the law. In the eyes of others, they seem to be cutting the sky with a knife, but in fact, they are just the same, and the roots of the blade will not touch the sky.
In the final analysis, it is just a trick with high technical difficulty.
In the original plot, Jiugong real people also showed off their skills in the face of the left and right dharma knives, but they didn’t move there.
This makes the custodian of the left and right feel puzzled.
It’s not heaven that fools ordinary people. They also help heaven fool them. They know everything about heaven.
As a result, the performance today is somewhat out of line.
Really strange
However, when the day is over, they can’t go on strike. They all cut their knives to the sky, and at the same time, they also hit the stereo with gold and iron.
"All right, long!"
Heaven raised her hand to signal the protector to stop.
At the same time, he ordered a gun to grow.
The custodian of the left and right looked at the day with amazement. Three people with guns and hexagrams directly formed a column in the front row, aiming guns at the sky.
"artillery fire is like flying sand and weapons as water points."
The day read another line and then directly said "gun"